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Embracing Spirituality is a blog of a wide variety of spiritual topics and discussions, led by spiritualist, metaphysician, and traditionalist Obara Meji and her personal experiences. Born out of a desire to assist others in embracing their spirituality, and to lend our contribution to the ultimate goal of the evolution of mankind.
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Love and Light dear seekers

My First Reading

September 28, 2018

Two years ago i had my first reading with Obara Meji and she told me I would be travelling to Europe along with other things that i am not going to share because they are perosnal, but this i will tell. I had never travelled before, never even been in another state other than the one i was born in. That same year I enrolled in college to go for my masters. The college offered a trip to Europe which I was a part of, and for the first time in my life we went to France, Italy and Germany on a fourteen day trip.

Thank you Obara Meji everything that you told me came through. She is real.

Avatar for KIMMY

First Timer

September 26, 2018

So I had my first reading a few days ago and it has left me feeling more whole and very centered ever since. What can I say. Madam Obara has a very special gift! I must confess that before I called in I went back and forth in my mind about it, for whatever reason. I knew deep down I had been drawn to contacting her but I never made a move until now.

Perhaps I was weary of somebody else actually uncovering so much about me (reading her blog for months has made me realize that Madam Obara is the truth!) but as the reading began I was pleasantly surprised. She surpassed my expectations as she covered every area of my life which I have been concerned about for some time and I didn’t even have to lead her. And I felt an overwhelming sense of calm as she was speaking – which to me is key.

The information I got was out of this world and my whole life has absolutely began to change as I have followed her advice. She touched on some revelation that hit a nerve with me but her being such a great teacher, she offered a solution. She physically and of course spiritually went out of her way for me to solve this problem and this has completely wowed me! She is such a super sweet lady, hearing her voice alone reassured me when I expressed worry about a situation.

I cannot thank her enough. Her selflessness is beautiful and she is truly the teacher I have been waiting for. For those who haven’t had a reading with her yet but keep going back and forth on the idea, there is a reason you keep feeling like you should. Don’t ignore it. Everyone should have a reading done with Madam Obara Meji at least once.

Avatar for Cynthia Jay
Cynthia Jay


September 4, 2018

I had my first ever reading a few days ago. From the first day I found this site, I knew I was going to reach out to Obara and I just did! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I just prayed concerning the issues I was concerned about prior to speaking to her. Lo and behold, the things she said addressed my concerns. Please, note, she never asked for any info or anything. She also gave a few warnings and asked that I reach out to her whenever they begin to unfold. She is nice like that. Lol…

I thank you Obara, for being a guide, a teacher and a mother. I am even more grateful for all I am learning from your posts. It just seems like scales falling from my eyes. God bless you ma

Avatar for Lilian

Everything on point

May 1, 2018

Hi Obara,

I would like to use this as an opportunity to thank you for my last reading. Everything you told me surrounding my work situation came to past. Your reading gave me hope which is what I hanged on to and I am glad I did. You also shared information about myself that I didn’t know but I am now embracing. Through embracing new knowledge about myself I am growing stronger spiritually.

Thanks a million!

Avatar for Moppie

Thank You Obara Meji

August 18, 2017

God in His infinite wisdom has taught us that, in everything, give thanks, so I break my internet silence to say

Thank You Obara…..

For your selfless spiritual guidance, too many to mention individually each of which has helped me to overcome attacks from my enemies.

I am compelled to single out the day I was to undergo surgery and that night, had a terrible dream, which was so direct and pointed to my demise, I called you very early that morning and you helped me, not only did you give me special instructions but you yourself did what you had to do on my behalf. BEFORE the nurses prepared me for the surgery. I literally felt the darkness roll away and a peace came over me, and in that moment I knew I would survive the surgery and all would be well.

Funny thing is, it was not a life threatening surgery, but my enemies were seizing the opportunity to do their evil work. Today I am alive and well, thanks to you, my spiritual teacher. You have earned my trust, which does not come easily, but you have proven that you care, your honesty and penchant to tell only the truth are two outstanding features. I appreciate you.

PS. I must add that in your eagerness to help save my life that morning, no time to this day, was money asked for or discussed. I thank God for using you in such a powerful way to help others. God bless you

Avatar for Pauline


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