Spiritually, Animals bares a great significance in humans life, not only for consumption and sacrifice, but they are also here to aid us in our journey, at least the ones who doesn’t try to eat us. They cannot speak  like human beings so their intuition is heightened, you may even say that they have what is called extra sensory perception. A Dog seems to howl as if in mourning when someone is about to die. When Bees comes around they usually brings money, while Wasps creates confusion and arguments, Ants carry the message of travel, tells of rain or sometimes quarrel and the Owl bears the burden of Death. Supernatural beings, demons or Ghost can never possess a Cock, a Dove or a Lamb, says Mr. Mitchel, one of my Spiritual mentors, according to him. these animals are special to the Christ and situations surrounding him, the Cock crowed thrice when Peter denied Christ, the Dove descended on the Christ should at his baptism and the Christ is called the Lamb of the world. Butterflies represents your guardian angels,the snail represents peace and the Orisha Obatala, who is the Orisha for peace. A Fox is cunning, and a Lion represents strength. Dolphins saved the life of Elian Gonzalez, here is the story…

In 2000, a 6-year-old boy named Elian Gonzalez left Cuba on a boat bound for Florida in the United States, but the boat sank and everyone aboard drowned except for Elian and two adults. Elian and the other two survivors held onto inner tubes for 48 hours to try to stay afloat in the sea. After a while, however, Elian began to lose strength, slipping under the water and then grabbing the tube again as he fought to stay alive.

A pod of dolphins noticed Elian struggling and swam over to him to help. The dolphins formed a circle around the inner tube and took turns using their snouts to boost Elian up whenever he started to slip off the tube. For hours, the dolphins kept working together to help Elian until fishermen working in the area discovered and rescued Elian and the two adults who floated nearby. The fishermen reported that, when they discovered Elian, he was repeating a prayer that his mother had taught him before drowning, asking guardian angels to protect him.

Miraculously, the dolphins knew that a child would need more help than adults, so they focused on Elian — and they figured out exactly what needed to be done and cooperated to carry out that plan successfully. Some people believe that the dolphins were actually the angels that Elian and his mother had prayed for, since angels can choose to appear as animals if doing so would help them carry out their missions.

Seeing a Rat, indicates deception or warns you to beware of a deceiver who maybe someone close, seeing plenty cock roaches tells you that your ancestors feels neglected. The frog comes around, especially if you are of child bearing age to let you know you will have another child, as it symbols fertility….Brenda!!! It is also a representation of the water realm from whence you came.

Birds needs a Post all of their own as they are messenger of witches, same of the cat. Which I written about below.

When I was a child growing up in Kingston  Jamaica, I had problems with cats. They would find their way into my room at nights, and I would wake up to see them sitting on my bed staring at me. It was traumatic, to say the least. They never hurt me, but those piercing eyes would stare at me in the night, looking even more frightening because of the reflection from the moon on their eyes. I always knew that there was more to a cats existence, they (to me )moved very sinister, bold and daring and I saw in them the actions of human beings…do not ask me to explain!!!.As I grew up, (I was living in the States by then), I began to observe them more. A friend of mine, Winsome had a huge black cat living in her house, it was the family pet, whenever I visited her house the cat would jump on the china cabinet in the living room and stare at me without winking, He would not move until I left. It was as if he was seeing something with me and although he did not act afraid he seemed wary, of what, I did not know,…Then, but I know now Once when I was sitting on my porch , it was night, a very effeminate black and white cat, (I knew it was a girl, by the way she walked and switch and also by her posture, she was just overall very feminine), walked into my gate, I stood up and yelled at her say saying “Not tonight, do not come in here tonight, please leave!!,..” she backed up from the gate, looked up at me, (I was on the third floor, of a private house) and left. She never came back.

I was going to Africa once and I was supposed to take my small daughter with me, I had sent someone to go to the Nigerian embassy to pick up our visa and I was busy on the road with her gathering up a few things that I needed to bring with us. While driving I saw a black cat run across the street in front of my car. Let me pause for a moment and tell you all that I AM NOT AT ALL SUPERSTITIOUS!!!…I AM A DOUBTFUL THOMAS, as a matter of fact I go out of my way to walk under ladders, and to step on cracks, I love Friday the 13th and I fear nothing, but that day when I saw the cat run before my car, an eerie feeling took over my body and my own head told me that I was about to be disappointed about something. Ten minutes later, I found out that my daughter’s visa was denied. She could not travel with me to Nigeria, after all the money that I spent on her ticket and other things. Since then anytime I was to be disappointed , I notice that a black cat would cross my path, that saying is QUITE true. I had a client come to me sometime ago, he had lost one of his eyes, his story goes…he was driving one day and a black cat ran in front of his vehicle, he killed it. Three days after, he opened the hood of his car to check something, (he was a mechanic), and something exploded into his face causing him to lose his eye….he attributed the accident to him killing the cat.  These animals are high spiritual beings, they are messengers, and they can bring  good or  bad omens. They are not ordinary animals. They are highly spiritual animals, and should not be ignored. However, bear in mind that  they have NO loyalty, to anyone!

From the Ancient Egyptian temple cats to the domesticated cat curled up in front of an electric fire, cats have always carried with them an air of mystery and mysticism. Even the most visually unattractive of cats, the three-legged stray or the mat-furred mog, have an attitude which suggests some hidden knowledge, a secret which they have chosen not to share. It is no surprise, then, that the cat has always featured so prominently in religion and mythology.

Cat gods and goddesses were associated with fertility and played the role of both hunter and guardian. The cat goddesses Sekhmet and Bast, for example, were the guardians of the upper and lower kingdoms of Ancient Egypt. Cats were given the freedom to come and go as they pleased (although anybody who has ever kept a cat will know that they take that freedom rather than having it granted to them) and there was a widespread belief that all cats could ‘see’ beyond the vision of people (again, cat lovers will be familiar with those moments when their feline companions have stared into an empty space as if captivated).

Unlike dogs, cats never seem to truly belong to their owners or homes. Whilst they do show affection, it is the affection shared between equals rather than the love and respect shown to a master. Independent and out of their keeper’s control, it is little wonder that superstitions associate cats with luck and destiny across many different cultures; after all, a cat will always land on it’s feet. In Japan, for example, the beckoning cat (Maneki Neko) is closely associated with good fortune because of a legend in which a cat beckoned a man into a temple saving him from being struck by lightening. A black cat can represent either good or bad luck; the arrival of a black cat in a Scottish household is traditionally an omen of prosperity.

A kì í dé ejò mọ́ fìlà ká jayé ire /
One can’t put on a cap with a snake in it, and be at peace.,,,Yoruba Proverb! 

[Crucial issues must be promptly addressed]



Obara Meji

Obara Meji is a spiritualist, Ifa-Orisa practitioner, and teacher of metaphysics. Since 2011 she has used her online platform to share her personal experiences to those seeking answers about spirituality. Her teachings will expand into short stories, novels, and public speaking to continue her mission of bringing enlightenment to the world.

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Blessings all, hello Obara just reading ur post and have 2 incidents that i have experienced at 9years old in the middle of the night living in Guyana we had a brn and white cat that was jept yo keep the rats away and one morning i awoke snd found to my dismay she left eveyone elses bed to jump up on the top bunk and have her kittens on my bed. I still quiver every time I remember not sure what that ment to this day. The other time after moving to Canada this was a black cat that came into my front yard and i chase it with a broom the next morning i woke on the hood of my brsnd new black car we noticed striches or should i say claw marks on the hood of my car one week later i was in an accident bumper damage a month later we drove to NY and the door was ripped off cant remember but sometime my eldest son took it out for a drive (no license ) and that was the end of it totaled. Now i stay clear from cats dont chase them.


Cats and I aren’t friends. At age 6 I tried to dunk one in a bucket of water under the pipe, because I thought it needed to bathe. I got a spanking for attempting to bathe (grandma sey “drown de puss”) it, plus for getting scratches in the process.

At age 15, a black cat attempted to attack me (had a quarrel with the family that owned it) and I kicked it clear across the street. Animal lovers, i apologise- it died.

I find that they like to cry and have sex under my windows, but once I speak/curse they run off for a good or for a long while.

A friend had me house-sitting, she had 3. The black one left the day I started and would return for food and leave. One perched on the counter tops and the other would go under the bed, this went on for nearly 2 weeks.

Had an ex with a pretty Persian…it would rattle the door to get in when we locked him out the bedroom and he would stare at me, sleep, wake and stare at me. During ‘fun’ he would try to deter me from having ‘fun’ by coming between

A few will come next to me, rub, purr, look at me and go away. Strange little things or is it me in their “cats eye”…lol


So today when mi go to the meeting after work, when mi park mi car fi walk in…guess what mi see? No two cats…kinda orange colored Maine coon cats wid green eyes…very cute looking…hear me when mi see dem, ” I come in peace, please send only positive energy to me “…the two cats just look di other way…I put down a piece a laughing…lol…after mi go to the meeting, I did not see them again


I know the Elian Gonzales story. Now I put meaning to everything. I do mell with cats as when I was smaller I had asthma and they said having a cat around was bad.


Obara yu caan resist Brenda eeh? All me love off Brenda to. Ty, a new baby is on the way.

In recent times my house has been overun with ants. They even went all the way on my candles and nam it up. They were even in the water I left out. Yesterday, the amount of ants I saw and when you trace it, they were not leading to nuh trail of food. My friend always tellme that they can set ants on you. Recently, when almost all of my baby’s underwear were eaten up by ants. Teach, I am looking about a work and study program, so mi well waan move. Question: Do I spray the ants or just wet them up. SHould I try to get rid of them?

I work in the New Kingston area and I see some rats that are almost as big as dogs (well, actually cats) even in the day time. No later than this weekend and Iam going to get a bird. I have no animal at my home (except for a million ants).


Lol at Brenda


I loved the story about the dolphins. They area amazing and intelligent creatures. I have two cats. I’ve had cats all my life. They are good companions despite what some may say. Their personalities are interesting. My boy.He is so stubborn, he does like to be picked up or petted. Only on his terms. He’s gentle though. Never hisses or scratches. The girl, oh boy. Follows me everywhere, bathroom and all. She “talks” a lot. I can truly say that they are really sensitive towards my feelings. Blessings in my life really.


Big up Brenda…my water queen…there is also a chinese legend of frogs holding 3 coins in their mouth to bring luck and money and so in asian shops you will often find these by their cash registrar..

I love animals and grew up with animals…my father bred horses and still is around horses…as you all know mi house loaded: one dog, 4 love birds, and 3 fish…If i had more land, I would have even more animals…

Cats on the other hand, mi nuh really fancy…I only like when them massage you…I used to work with a guy who had a cat in the office…she would come out, sit in my lap, and stay with me the whole day…she would massage me too…he felt jealous because she was his cat, so you right, them have no loyalty…

Obara meji
Obara meji


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