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  • Hello Obara Meji,
    I sent you an email about our reading yesterday. I realized I cant call your number because my plan doesnt cover long distance. Please email me back so we can figure out a good way to do the reading, perhaps skype voice call or if your plan covers it maybe you can call me.

    Thank you!

    • I have not received any email from you. The only messages I see are the comments you are posting here. Send me a personal email using the form above, not on the blog.

  • Nunu thank you for sharing. How exactly did you use the salt when meditating? I love your dreams journal idea…I write mine down in several books or on paper…

    Thanks again, Nunu…

  • *I wanted to say (not making any excuses for certain peoples ‘unkind’ nature towards things they don’t understand)*

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