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About the Classes

This page will be updated about the online classes that will be given in introduction to Obara Meji Osun University (OMOU).  This will be a School of Metaphysics and Traditional (Ifa/Orisa) teachings where students who are on a spiritual path and who are initiates (those seeking guidance on their practice), searching for themselves spiritually, or how to connect with the outer realms, that of the Universe, of nature and its cosmology, will learn their purpose their connection and also understand many things in their lives that have lead them on the path of Occultism, Traditionalism, or Spiritualism. These online classes are preparation for all those who take part in it and all those who are on a path of higher learning or for a higher purpose, it can be called a “Spiritual Preparation” (or preparation for spiritual initiation). On this page you will be updated on upcoming courses or classes that I will teach online. All “sessions” (or classes) are live and interactive.

Note: These classes are for serious people. Please keep that in mind before inquiring about them.

How the Classes Are Done

For now, all classes are online and live. You can join from where ever you are, using what ever you choose (computer, phone, or tablet). With the computer, smartphone, or tablet, you will be live using webcam or video (in built in your device). Or if for any reason this isn’t possible (although it is preferred, live interaction is always best), you can always call into the session. There will be a phone number for that particular class and you can watch everyone else on screen, while you join in on your phone. Or you can simply use your microphone (most devices have this built in), or you can simply type in the available chatroom, while watching the instructor and anyone else on screen as well.

Upcoming Courses/Classes

Course: Obeah

Description: This will be a series of classes on the topic of Obeah (voodoo/juju), focusing on what exactly is Obeah (the philosophy) and how it works. The word itself Obeah leaves a bad taste in the thoughts of people, especially those who do not understand what it is. But Obeah, although a term that sounds negative in the ears, is a good thing if found in the hands of good people. The course will teach you how bad obeah manifests, the main projection of it, and how some people can be protected from it. This series of classes will go into explanation of the people who are born to do this work, people who ought to do it for whatever reasons, and the many different ways, bad or good, obeah can be sent out by the practitioner according to how knowledgable he or she is.

Instructor: Obara Meji

Course Length: 4 Weeks or 4 Classes

Class Days: Two Saturdays (25 March / 1 April ) and one Saturday and Sunday (8 April / 9 April)

Date: 25 March 2017

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Course: African Spirituality (Juju)


Course Length: TBA

Class Days: Saturday afternoons

Date: TBA

Instructor: Oladayo

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Course: Dreams Not Available 

Description – This is a course taught by Oladayo (ES Contributor and dream interpreter – see dream interpretations page) and Obara Meji. The classes focus on understanding the metaphors in dreams, their messages, the times, and their importance, recurring dreams, how to remember them, and more.

Course Length: 5 Weeks or 5 Classes

Instructor: Oladayo

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