Been Affected by Witchcraft

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how do i know if am been jink or affected by witchcraft?

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You can search the site, as Kay has suggested. The sure-fire way would be to consult with a Spiritualist. There can be many signs to tell and it also depends on the type of witch craft used against you.

Have you noticed that your personality has changed in a short space of time without any observable series of events causing it?

Have you noticed that the attitudes of individuals around you suddenly changed yet there is no action on your part that could have prompted this?

Are you starting to notice instances of a supernatural nature and in all cases you get an uneasy feeling?

If your answer to the above questions are yes then you may have been hexed.

Please note that sometimes this does not necessarily have to be done unto you deliberately. Sometimes you may be affected by the “evil eye” where someone has such strong negative emotions for you that them simply looking at you with very strong negative intentions could manifest in a negative fashion against you.

Also, there are malevolent spirits walking around the earth. You could be one of those unlucky individuals that happened to pique their interest causing them to latch unto you.

But again… Seek a spiritualist for a clearer understanding.

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I think there’s a post on this. Search “How to Know When Obeah…” I forgot the title but I’m almost sure there’s a post that answers this question in depth.

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