Correcting Negative Karma

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How does one correct negative karma?

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Hi Yeye, thank you for the question.

I do not subscribe to how the majority think about karma and how karmic debts works.

I know that there is an unalterable universal law and that is the law of causation. Every action creates a reaction.

However, every negative action does not always create a negative reaction for the offender. I have written a post on this before titled,  “Why Some Evil People Will Never be Punished” (I think that is the title, anyway you can type it in the search and read it). However regarding your question, what is your the negative karma you believe you are dealing with and how do you know that whatever you are experiencing IS negative karma?

If you are not experiencing any of this but just want to know the answer to this question, it is too broad a question for me to answer, as every offence and every being is on a different level spiritually and if depends on the whole picture not only the half.

Often times people are wicked and know they are, and assume that if they experience blockages in their way or discomfort,mental hurt, or even disappointments it is Karma. Often times it is not. Most often it is life’s way of proposing long life for them, yes, rewarding some for what we humans see as their misdeeds. It is only the human who SEES things in a good and bad light. The universe do not operate this way.

For ought we not to experience encumbrances in life?

A new born and it’s mothers shows us how painful life can be.

She suffers in agony while giving birth, and the baby cries upon entering. This alone is a huge spiritual statement we all must consider.

If life was sweet for all our days, then would not life be worth living, where would our experiences come from for us to teach? No one enjoys a sweet life in all that they do, and expect to live long. This chaotic world does not permit that. The more problem, (not devastation) the longer the life span. How? It is the problems we face in life (and hopefully getting over them while learning from them)  that are the keys to our journey and ultimate evolution.

I did not read over for typo’s, so forgive me if there is any, I am on the move.

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