Frogs and toads in a mailbox

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For months how there has been either 3 or 4 frogs in our mailbox and everytime my mother gets rid of them they appear with no signs of how they are getting in etc. we have never had this problem before. Also I should mention the heat outside here in Florida.

i have been waiting to receive good news about my residency and it has been awhile. I have seen 3 psychics who have all told me  of my good news regarding my paperwork but at my last reading she couldn’t figure out what happened and why I did not receive my news yet. So now I’m wondering if these frogs have anything to do with it.

also I should mention that my boyfriend dreamed about a handprint in a cake that I came home with from the store. He asked me about I and I had no clue where it came from.

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I would say they are both warning signs. Usually the appearances of toads/frogs mean spirits are present and more so if you live in an area not frequented by these animals. Whether they mean you good or bad I cannot say. Consult with Obara on this.

The dream about the cake could mean that someone is directly or indirectly opposing something that should be yours and perhaps this is pertaining to your residency status.

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Thanks for your response . I do believe you are correct. They might just be spirits. Strange enough that I had a dream lastnight about trying to find my way out of a thinking it is the house I live in. I had documents in my hand. there was a man there in a uniform like an officer who I told I just want to leave so I could deal with the my documents I had. He told me to follow him and when we got outside there were children outside by the entrance. He said we have to run pass the kids without them seeing us. He went first then I and they didn’t seem to notice I got away.

This is interesting Kel. Houses usually symbolize you as a person or some sort of safety net. The mere fact your dream had it that you wanted to leave suggests to me that there is something about who you are as a person that you are trying to break free from.

The children symbolize innocence. Perhaps your dream is warning you to be careful on the path you are taking pertaining to your documents as it could affect innocent persons.

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