Iguanas and Snakes

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I dreamed of two iguanas (very artistic looking…one was all black with gold studs). They didn’t try to attack and hardly moved (except for a tail and breathing) but I was still afraid and so I crossed the street. When I did that, one of them instantly followed but still remained unthreatening.

A few days later, a snake appeared in my dream. I don’t recall the details of it but I definitely rememember it being there.

I don’t normally dream of reptiles and actually have a fear of them so what could this mean…if anything?


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You have 3 enemies. 2 are close to you and one is not so close. The two you saw together can be coworkers, or if not, they are a couple of some sort. The snake is an enemy that you do know but he is not close to you.

Though it is good they did not make after you, but they should not be present in your dreams. It is alerting you of enemies. Look out for anyone who might be a fancy dresser, doesn’t matter if he is white like chalk, beware.

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Oh dear. Nuff fi chat bout in the next reading I see. Thanks for the quick response!

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