Electrical shock

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I wanted to touch my Kundalini yoga teacher after class i hadn’t seen her for awhile, just as I reached out to touch her, she received an electrical shock as she was unplugging her computer, so we both pulled. Any spiritual meaning here?

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Hi Mary. What do you mean by you both pulled? You mean you both felt the shock so you both pulled back?

I’m curious too… lol

This actually happened to me with a client of mine. So I think I understand what you mean.
So this is what happened. I was just starting look into Judaism, Jewish mysticism and Kabalah. And lo and behold I started working with a jewish family, mother and daughter, who, from my perception of their home and study library – many mystic books – they were into this. So they struck me as a little quirky, it’s like I was sensing the spirit from the moment i got there, i just didnt know it yet. The house felt like it had some old string spirits in there, i really didnt want to go back to working with them. I did however go back. And on this particular day the lady had an appointment had to take her to. We stopped at a restaurant so she could use their rest room. She had one arm in a sling n so I had to help her. As I was about to reconnect her sling, i moved her hair aside to the other shoulder and received an instant electric shock to my fingers. I jolted back and for a split second or so mulled over what the hell happened and if I had imagined it. With her back turned to me and waiting to be pinned up, she asked me if everything was ok. I didnt want to alarm her, or create a conversation about what had happened, as I felt like it would open a door I didn’t want to face. Then strangely she says, did you feel a little shock or something. I quickly said no, dropped the issue and took her home. Never went back after that. It was so fucking creepy. Even now I’m still weirded out by it.

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