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Hello everyone, so i have been seeing number sequence since last year. i get drawn to the time when its 1:11, 11:11, 2:22, 3:33 4:44, 5:55 and on rare occasions 888. sometimes i see it on house addresses and car plate numbers or receipt. it just happened a few minutes ago again and i have started even seeing this in my dreams. sometimes i almost feel as if the numbers are yelling at me. please i need to know what this means and what am i to do?

thank you

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This is a question people ask me all the time and the explanation is intricate as its different with everyone who sees this, including myself.

The Earth is going through a shift. To explain this is going to be much but a way that you can imagine what I am talking about is to think of childhood to adulthood – this is the current Earth’s shift. This shift is to take the Earth’s inhabitants into a higher conscious state. Now the people, the ones who are seeing specific numbers – this is where it gets tricky because some people see the numbers you have just related, but some numbers are specific to some people.

For example, people seeing 3:33, these people who see this number recurring are people who are shifting consciousness in their religious belief. People who see 1:11 or 11:11 are people who are conscious and still seeking to climb higher in their consciousness.

I could go on with each numbers, but as I said before it is a little too much to share here. What I can tell you is that this has to do with the evolution of the human mind through consciousness. We are traveling out of one illusion and onto a plane where in which we will be able to know ourselves better. Thus, being able to live longer and clear our paths.

Perhaps, one day I might write a post on this but still it will not answer the questions completely. If I had like minds I would have done a workshop on this, but just know that anyone who are seeing a sequence of numbers all the time – they are waking up to conscious Light, although on different levels.

Hmmm. i see the 1:11 and 1111 more plus i have always been one to question everything. i have always known about and believed that there are mysteries on this earth, cant be perceived with the eyes and takes a higher level of consciousness to understand. When i was a kid i use to dream really scary and battle-laden dreams though i won all the time and sleep paralysis aint it to me, that stuff is scary. also had out of body experiences where i will be standing in a corner watching my body lying down or being attacked… along the line they all stopped happening. i guess that is why i’m really curious about this number sequence and that was how i stumbled on your blog. i look forward to your post on this, thank you ma.

Nice topic to speak on…. I have been going through the same thing keep seeing these two numbers everywhere right behind the other…. I know it means something!!!

@Leeland did you see Obara’s comment?

I personally see 11:11 all the time.

yes I saw her comment 🙂

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