I know to not claim an orisha but oya comes to me

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  1. It feels as if I’m the portal to death when spirits come to me before the flesh dies, during or after. I’ve been save by death before. It comes in my dreams, in thoughts, in feel, emotions I even see death through pictures. Conciously I’m so in tune I can tell through picture when it’s somebodies time to go it can be group picture of 10 or even more I know who have died or not. I showered and sing, that’s what I like to do. the blues song I was making up turned into a gospel of healing for my best friend cousin who was ill of cancer before I knew it I was in the shower weeping still hoping good would save her the very next day I go on Facebook and she had passesd away my heart clenched on me the gulp of air in my neck was so thick I couldn’t breathe, my tear ducts had so much pressure my head ached. That was her spirit I felt in the shower. And that’s just one of dozens of my death experiences.
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Very interesting Amma. You were feeling the transition of the friend’s spirit. Sound, song, vibration resonates far out into the Ethereal world. Spiritual messages normally comes through songs. The death of your friend was indeed the message you received.

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