I am trying to gain clarity to access money immediately.

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I stumbled upon your site, and it retained my attention. I’m assuming that you probably get many variations of the question I want to ask, but I’m hoping for an answer. I need money and I need it quickly. I’ve tried praying and meditating and anything else I can think of. I keep hearing and reading that money is nothing more than energy, and freely available. How can I tap into this “energy” to make it manifest in the physical and immediately. I have nothing but good intentions for it.

Thank you.

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Money is not for everyone all the time, any time or every time. Even though it is an energy, you are guided by a higher power higher than yourself and if that power sees where money will take you off your path or make you sick or bring anything negative to you, that power will make money stay away from you, and when the time is right, it will come if it is to come for you. Although an energy, it is an illusion, something that glamors human beings.

However, if you need it right now for something, then you must focus your intention and what your aim is to that thing. When you focus on what your need the money for and devote your energy to that through prayer or even fasting (regardless of religion) then this may bring your desire. The same is true for any technique or spiritual work you choose to do to bring forth this desire. But be mindful: Those who give will receive.

I was not expecting a response so quickly. Thank you for your insight. And yes I need it for something very important, very quickly. Thanks again.

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