Has someone tried to curse me ?

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I recently met a several Jamaicans who just flat out do not like me to the point where I almost think Jamaican women just don’t like me. But the interesting thing is my best friend is Jamaican. Anyways I met her aunt a few days ago , I could tell she didn’t really take to me (which is understandable, I have social anxiety so I act weird around new people) anyways When I met her she extended her hand to me for me to shake , but she did not grip or shake my hand back. About an hour later my toes went numb and both my feet and right leg have gone numb since for 2 days now. I went to the ER and they said my blood test came back fine. They suggest I go see a foot doctor. But I remember being told years ago when you have foot problems it’s because someone has placed roots on you? What’s do you think ? Am I just paranoid?

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I am a bit lost as to what you mean by she extended her hand to shake yours but she didn’t grip or shake your hand??? What exactly did she do? Is it that she shook your wrist or suddenly avoided shaking your hand?

This is the first I have heard about one being rooted. Anyways, get all your tests done. Numbing of feet could be a be several issues including diabetes, deteriorating nerves, neurological issues, blood clots, etc. Assuming you have the means then get a thorough checkup. I’m no medical doctor so make sure you ask your doctor about all possibilities.

The tell-tale signs that may give your suspicions merit is if all tests come back saying your are alright yet the symptoms persist.

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