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Good day to all, I will be on the road doing a lot of work with nature today, please read and enjoy this throw back post. When I was a small girl living in Kingston Jamaica, my mother and Zion Revival people use to sing a song with the lyrics “yuh cannot wrong and get right”. There are times when people are going through some hardships and they may believe that it is bad luck, or Obeah, when it is the Universe giving them back what they have put out, what they have given, or even the curse of them through the wicked hands of their mother or father or wicked mawga granny. Some people are afflicted by generational curses, and no matter what they do, it can never be removed, only if they are fortunate enough to find Ifa. Below is one of my many true stories, but within it lessons were learned, and the Universe stepped up to defend an innocent against the wolves and she wolves (some women even badda dan de man dem) of the world.

There are many ways in our lives that our God protects us.  Ways that are even inconceivable to our minds.  No one (and I shall forever repeat this) knows the mind or the thoughts of God and there are things that happen in our lives that we don’t know why they happen when they happen.  Often times enemies find us without us finding them or even knowing them and as old-time people used to say ‘bad mine wuss dan obeah’ which I find to be a very true statement. It is even while I am who I am now, that the enemies have become even more challenging and wicked, but I shall forever beat them with the rod of Correction, given to me by the almighty.

The neighbor across your street becomes your enemy because your front lawn looks better than his, your coworker becomes jealous of you because you never complain about having marital problems, your friend becomes your bitter enemy because she sees that your boyfriend is sexy and he loves you and YOU should never have him.  It can be all types of situations why an enemy, unbeknownst to you, has made up his mind that you are to be a target of their hatred.  There are diversities in human beings and it is expected that we all are different, the good and the bad all walk together and there is nothing we can do about it. 

As usual, most of these experiences on Embracing Spirituality are my true experiences which I have chosen to use as  teaching tools for you all.  Here is hoping that you gain some wisdom from any one of my posts, and if this can be achieved on any level, for at least one person then all my, Obara Meji, efforts here on Embracing Spirituality would not have been in vain.  Here’s my story of how the universe takes care of the innocent, the naive, the guiltless; a story that one might have conflicting thoughts of by how it ends, but nevertheless, things happen and it is not by fault of the innocent party, but of strong protection coming from a very high place.  The same Christian bible says in its Psalms (Psalm 105 vs. 15) ‘Touch not the Lord’s anointed and do his prophets no harm’.  Let me tell you about something that happened to me at one point in my exciting life…..

          While I lived with the wicked baby father there were some guys that lived beneath us in the basement that he did business with.  The leader for them all was nicknamed Peppa.  Peppa was a very good business man in the business that they all did.  He was the organizer and chief bottle washer of everything.  Through his connections my baby father got rich and so everything was good; money was being made, girls were coming in and out, everybody had their cars, their jewelry etc.  The baby father and Peppa became very close friends, almost like best friends.  Peppa was wild and had many women, and they would often times fight over him whenever they came to the house.  Because I lived there and they didn’t, they all wanted to be my friend; I guess their reason was because I had an everyday view of Peppa’s life and they believed that they could get stories about him out of me, which did not happen, could not happen, and would not happen, not with me!  I, however, had a reputation for anything that I said out of my mouth would come through.  For example, if I got up in the morning and declared that no one should go outside to do any kind of business transaction because there would be problems, and if anyone went against what I said, they faced the consequences to what I had predicted.  After doing this many times and predicting many different things, unbeknownst to me, they all began to fear me.  Peppa even told his women not to speak to me anymore or even come into my home, not to eat or drink anything from me; he even stopped his child from greeting me and he himself stopped speaking to me.  All of this came from the fact that they said I knew too much.  Because of my abilities to see in the future, I became the hated, the accused witch. 

Naive as I was I only wanted to help and assist, and so when things came to me I spoke of them.  Even my children’s father began to move funny with my regardless of the fact that he had his women and my enemy was the one who was suffering emotionally because of the treatment I was receiving ostracized by almost everyone.  Eventually, because of the many problems caused mainly by outsiders, we split up and I was left on my own to take care of my children.  Things were rough.  During the time that we were together, the baby father and I had our children in a private Catholic school and so after we parted, his interest in continuing to pay the school fees was not there anymore so there was a time I remember when school was about to be reopened for the fall, that I called him asking, begging and even pleading with him to pay the fees for the children to go back to school.  By this time, there was a lot of hype with him, his friends and their many women and he cussed me like a dog telling me ‘goh fine man, mi fi gwey, him nuh have nuh money, mi fi wait’ and all type of things which was so bad that I cried because I just didn’t know what to do.  I had lost my business and he gave me no support, financially or any other way at all.  I couldn’t believe the things he said to me especially regarding his children, it was a nightmare.  I fell asleep with tears in my eyes, sad because I didn’t know how I was going to send my children to school.  Again, I had reached a turning point in my life where I did not know what to do, I had no solution.  I fell asleep, my mind disturbed, my heart displaced.

 I dreamed that I was in my room sitting on a very high chair, my head almost touching the ceiling, Regal like a queen.  In my room I had an en suite where my children’s father was showering and someone was standing outside by the tub talking to him, I don’t know who it was.  I saw Peppa come into my room, he had a cigarette smoking (he smoked a lot) and he came and stood in front of me.  I looked down at him while he looked up at me with a pleading look in his eyes, the vision seemed very real to me, and it was as if this was really happening.  He shifted from one foot to the other in a nervous behavior and said to me ‘Obara, they are coming to kill me’ confused I asked ‘who’ he said ‘the people said that your baby father and I stole from them’ I still didn’t understand what he was saying and why he was complaining to me, he hated me.  He said I should help he flee and I could see fear in his eyes and I thought to myself this guy plotted against, accused me, went on a witch hunt against me, along with my baby father and his infidelities, and his evil girlfriend, he helped crumble my enemy, (note to new readers on the blog, when I say my enemy I am speaking about me, but the sentence or word is negative and so I place it on my enemy)) life, why is he here pleading with me?’  while I looked down on him, out of my left peripheral view I saw the same man who I saw in the post that I made titled THE POWER OF TEARS WHEN IN PAIN AND DISTRESS.  I lived on the 3rd floor of a private house and the man was as tall as the whole building, he stood outside the sliding glass window, he looked like someone out of a mafia movie dressed in black, Italian looking with his hair pulled back in a ponytail.  He turned and looked through the window and beckoned to Peppa with his index finger, ‘come here’.

  Peppa glanced at me quickly and nervously, dropped his cigarette at my feet, looked to me once more pleadingly and stepped outside to him.  As he stepped outside, the man took his right hand, palm open and hit Peppa in his chest.  Peppa fell dead.  Frightened at what I just saw with eyes wide open, I stared at the man dead in his face; he mentally communicated to me that I should go into the next room, he would see me there….remember that he was standing outside the building.   I went into the next room but I did not see him; some women were there who I didn’t know and they told me to relax all is well and then I woke up.  I don’t know why I called my baby’s father mother that morning and told her of the vision to which she said nothing.  Then I called the wicked babyf ather and told him.  I told him that I had a vision that Peppa had died, he didn’t give me a chance to tell him what I saw in the vision, he just started to scream at me saying ‘dis ah why mi an yuh cyaan deh, yuh dream too (insert the F word ending with ing here) much, wha kine ah human being yuh is? Yuh nuh nawmal fi yung gyal.  Come awfa mi fone man wid yuh ded argiment’.  Embarrassed, I hung up because I felt foolish to have called him remembering how he treated me the day before.  It seemed as if I was a gluten for punishment. 

It was 6 o’clock that evening that I heard a shuffling outside my door, I peeked through the keyhole to see what it was, and there I saw my children’s father sitting on the step outside my door.  I opened the door to see what it was that he wanted, wondering why he had not knocked; what I saw shocked me.  He had tears coming down his eyes; Oh my God he was crying.  I asked him what was the problem and he just turned and said ‘Peppa is dead’.  Shocked I was, because what I had seen in my vision this morning had come through.  I asked him what happened and he said they were all hanging out drinking in front of the building where I used to live; Peppa was drinking a Guinness when he started to cough, holding his chest and began to throw up saying he wasn’t feeling too well (the same chest where I saw the man hit him).  They say the vomiting was nonstop and they had to call the ambulance, by the time he got to the hospital, he died; from what? nobody knew.  I felt no pain for my babyfather’s hurt, my heart at that time was hard to him because how dare you treat me like a piece of shit the last couple of days and even before, and now you are coming to cry on my shoulder?  And even though I felt sad for Peppa because he had children also, I did not want to deal with any of this by now, but I stood with him while he cried, mourning his best friend (Thou shall set a table before me in the presence of my enemies, thou anointed my head with oil, my cup runneth over, surely goodness and mercy shall follow all the days of my life).  The writer was prolific and prophetic with these words. 

It was to be a year after that when I had taken a trip to Jamaica that I dreamt that I was walking on Langard Avenue in Kingston 13 and I saw Peppa across the street on a phone box and when he saw me, he hid a little and said while he was on the phone ‘I see Obara walking across the street, I offended her while I was on earth, there is nothing I can do about it now’  When I woke up I was puzzled at the vision but I know now and after much confession from my children’s father that Peppa propelled the children’s father a lot into treating me the way he did, mind you, I am not blaming Peppa entirely because if you remember the vision, the babyfather was in the bathroom bathing and Peppa had said that the people wanted to kill both of them.  I guess being in the bathroom hid him away from that same fate on that day and so he escaped it. 

I often think about what happened, but I know especially when I saw that man the second time, that mafia Italian man in black that I spoke of in another post, and he declared to me ‘the Master sent me to look after you’ that there is some force probably what we know as God or probably that of our guides or spiritual guides or our Astral Mates or even our ancestors that will protect us from the wickedness of mankind.  As long as you are clean, practice no evil, wish not bad upon anyone, obey the laws of nature, operate in your lifetime with kindness in everything you do, abandon yourself for the love of God; you will be cared for and protected by the Universe that loves you.

Be careful who you hurt in life or are unkind to, it will come back and when it does it may be something you cannot bounce back from. In Nigeria they would have said that My head (my ori or inner consciousness, which is our greatest divinity and it is through the head that the human battles are fought or how hefinds his path, it is through its permission that a spiritualist or a traditionlist gets to read/divine for you, it matters not the oracle or not he or she uses) is what defended me.

Sow good seeds, I cannot say it enough, sow good seeds, you will reap what you sow.

  As usual share your stories with me Obara Meji.

A man who has one finger-pointing at another has three pointing towards himself…..Yoruba Proverb

One hand washes the other and the two will wash the face…..Mi granny!        


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Tiffany Anderson
12 years ago

mi woulda tell yo wicked babyfather fi cum out a mi face him bright fi a cum a door crying the way he treated you mi wuda dash sum water pan him……..and him friend deserve what came 2 him period…

12 years ago

otta order him outta order

12 years ago

‘dis ah why mi an yuh cyaan deh, yuh dream too f*%#@*g much, wha kine ah human being yuh is? Yuh nuh nawmal fi yung gyal.

But seriously mi have mixed emotions cawz mi want him fi how him treat yuh but how can one hate somebody dem nuh kno

next ting fi how him ridicue u n ur gift.. now dats something weh n e body wudda tek personal

12 years ago

Obara story dem touching bad, but me nah lie me did affi laugh wen the babyfada say; (yo dream too f’ing much man, wha kinda human being you is) lmao! A so me tek bad tingz mek joke…lol

12 years ago

True ting Sharlene…..btw, whey yuh did deh? Cho…yuh nuh noe sey mi nuh feel good less mi tawk to yuh ah day time? kmt Rite nung, mi hab some fambily membas whey mi get dream fa and who mi can point in di rite direkshan but out of fear of them saying negative tings bout mi ‘mi believe inna dis an dat tuh much etc.’ mi juss hole it….whey day mi dream sey mi wake up an juss stawt get mizzareble caw mi cudden fine mi blue fi gi mi uncle wid some lime fi goh wash off himself…n e… Read more »

12 years ago

i dont know…this story is very touching…it make me waan bawl and angry and a lot of feelings in one…you know why? it make me want to cry or the harassment you received being spiritual…the way how the people dem make you feel…and when you call the babyfather and he said u no nawmal…me can relate because is not everybody gonna see u as an asset…fear is a strange thing

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