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2021 World Prophecies For The New Year | Spirit Says…

Peace, blessings and happy new year to all. I know it has been a while since I’ve posted (and thanks to all who reached out to me, caring about my wellbeing, I am so grateful). But as a spiritualist, there are times when you must withdraw from everyone and go into yourself, and become renewed.

2020 has been a year of cleansing and also a very hard year for many people. As you all know, the Earth is shifting, and we’re in the waters of where we’re heading to. But today I will commune with Spirits, and outerworldly Beings, along with my own personal guides, in order to speak the truth for what is to come for the Earth and its inhabitants this year.

May wisdom, light and love find us all this coming year! Ase.

2021 Prophecies | The Year of Femininity, Fruitfulness, and Abundance

As we leave the masculine 2020, we enter the watery feminine year of 2021.

Spirit Says…


2021 brings some displacement, or movement for many. People may find a lot of relocations in their lives. The energy of the Earth’s shift is not only shifting the Earth itself, but humans will also experience unexpected shifts in their lives. For example, moving from a job to another, monarchies could be dissolved, certain positions of power could be removed, certain people can use this year to move from their homes, celebrated peoples will experience a shift in power where their seats may be uprooted, persons who have been married could choose this year to change that decision, etc. The displacement will affect celebrated peoples and local peoples. Because the Earth has shifted, persons who have been honing power to themselves will lose it, and persons who were destined to replace them will be highlighted. “Power” also does not only refer to government or authorities, but “power” in any sense.


In some countries there will be a separate branch of militaristic law enforcement that will be formed to keep certain things in place. For instance, there are soldiers, police force, etc. A new form of law enforcement will be put into place to join that list of security. I am not sure of the reason, but it is something concocted by the upper Echelon of society to gain more access to the privacy of the citizens.


There will be war between some countries but it will not last long, but there will be devastation.


2021, a very prominent person, either in government or well known, will die a very terrible death which will come from betrayal of persons close to him or her (most likely “him” – though I am not 100%).


The spirit says to tell the world that we have come out of the Dark Ages, however you wish to understand this. 2021 is the beginning of the Golden Age. The first couple of months of 2021 will be rough because certain rules and restrictions throughout the world having to do with the current pandemic will change, and the change will not suit many people. However, the Spirit says that humans should not fight against this change. The change may appear physical and unsuitable, but it is here to enhance the lives of human beings. But from a temporal point of view, it will not seem so. Please do not ask me to explain this because I do not understand it myself, this is what Spirit says.


Many children, even people who were told they could not have children, will see children this year. Those who have never been pregnant will be pregnant this year. Those who thought they could not carry full term, will carry full term. | The medical industry will also make known a miracle or former seemingly impossible feat for women who had difficulty becoming pregnant. Amazing news is in store for such women.


The death rate for year 2021 will be way less than that of 2020 and will be recorded as such, although media propaganda may say differently.


Many natural discoveries will occur this 2021. Phenomenon things that will highlight certain countries.


Spirit says humans must concentrate on putting more iron into their system because of the Earth’s Shift. The Shift will create a lot of strokes and heart attacks, even in young people. Feed on things to build your blood count as much as possible. The Earth’s frequency has changed very much, and the frequency can not be seen but it is passing through, and its height can affect the heart. Drink more red wine (not in excess or for drunkenness, or children) but take your iron vitamins, etc.


Spirit says humans must re-visit their diet beginning this 2021! Remove sugar, and eat lighter, purer foods that will allow the human to move with the flow of the Earth’s increasing frequency. Those who do not clean up their diets, and practice a better way of living, will not be able to withstand the increased frequency of the planet, which is becoming lighter and will not be able to sustain a denser Being.


The Earth is looking for Lighter Beings. In other words, these will be the only Beings who will be able to exist on the planet. “Lighter” means spiritual lightness. The Earth is being shrouded with a light frequency and “darkness” (or denseness) will not be able to stay. People who are corroded with negativity are being subliminally taken off of the Earth. A purer heart, a more compassionate person, a person who will give up their seat to another or help another, will help with the new and lighter frequency of the Earth. We’re leaving rough waters and entering calmer waters and we must blend with that frequency.


Expect a tsunami within a country that has millions of people, perhaps towards the middle of the year. This will bring some devastation, unfortunately, but fortunately it is also apart of cleansing.


Financially 2021 will be a way better year for most people. Even people who have never made good money before in their lives will find their financial lives improved.


Phenomenon things will be apart of our skies throughout the world. Meaning that there will be a lot of reports of things unbeknownst to Man (things Man will not understand).


There will be a lot of death by drowning, and this is an energy that comes with the Shift. So be mindful and careful of beaches.


Certain places within the Caribbean and Asia will see mudslides.


There will be a great tragedy on the sea before the year is complete that will cost the life of many.


As with 2020, 2021 will also usher in new technologies, some of them including newly designed futuristic vehicles.


Two major countries will have a standoff for war. It will be in all inhabitant’s of the world interest to pray that this war does not occur.


The Earth is shifting out of poverty. Poverty throughout the Earth will be diminishing this year. People will be doing much better this year.


Before the end of the year, we will hear about the Sun and it’s glare affecting people. Shades should be worn because the Sun’s rays will begin to come closer to the Earth, and it will have an effect of some people’s eyes, and children also should wear shades more often.


2021 is the year for Women! We will have outstanding women doing out standing things doing their human service throughout the Earth, that will affect the Earth’s inhabitants. From child to elder, 2021 is a feminine year.


There will be another surprise coming out of the East. May not be sickness this time, as well as it may be, but it will also be something that will impact the world as how Corona did.


Just like 2020, there are some places that will fall like 9/11 and what happened in Lebanon. But the difference, is that where these buildings stand, are in a place that has high frequencies. And because of Shift, they have to be removed, and this will be through collapse. It sound’s dark because people may be affected by this, but the Universe only does what works.


Spirit says that there will be a re-call in America of a particular food, or food-product, that will have something within it that can affect persons in a very negative way, from sickness to death.


Someone who wears a crown will die 2021.


A celebrated superstar that is athletic will also pass.


A new discovery of some very different people will be over the news before the end of the year. Perhaps a country, perhaps an island, but it is a new discovery of a set of people. When this happens, we should know that we are in a New Earth.


There is a great scandal that will hit a very great country that will cause huge embarrassment for people in power.


Something the world needs to hear will come out of Vatican City


2021 is a year of clarity and also a rewarding year that will deal just rewards to those deserving. Those imprisoned falsely will see freedom. Those accused falsely will have their accusers exposed.


2021 will also see more strange sea creatures from the bottom of the ocean surface


This year someone will write something scandalous about someone well known and it will be surprising at first, but it will turn out to be a lie. It will be first sensational and then calm down, like the tides. First high, and then low.


Psychic minds that need to be developed, with the frequency that we are moving into, children ages 7 and upwards will begin to see psychic development. Parents should be mindful of children who are extremely quiet and antisocial. These are extraordinary beings with great light.


Between now, 2021 and two years time, we will see a lot of positive breakthroughs things come out of the medical industry when it comes to organ health, those suffering with paralysis (or immobile limbs), nervous system, glandular issues, etc. These things are not exactly new, but they will be made publicly known. 2021 will work on a lot on the nerves for those who have ever had issues there. Those who have had mental illnesses (and not specifically madness, per se), will become a lot clearer to the perception of others. Some people may be suspicious of these of these medical breakthroughs, but this is the time for medical miracles. It will begin first from Europe before spreading to the Americas.


And lastly, those who are looking for good blessings should get an elephant symbol in their homes. The elephant will work well with 2021 for blessings.

These are the things that the Spirit has allowed me to say for 2021. There are others that I have not yet been permitted to write, but if I do, or if the list gets more updated, I will make another post to say the rest.

But here, I have been instructed to stop. I beseech each and everyone who will read this post today not to fear what is happening. There are going to be some scare within the news regarding the pandemic and more variants coming from it (with some of them already reported), but only fear will allow this to reach any of you. It would be irresponsible of me not to tell you to follow the correct protocols of mask, sanitizers, and social distances. Do what you can to stay safe but never forget your spirituality.

If you remove fear of what is happening, and cover yourself with Light, no harm shall ever befall you.

Love and light,

Obara Meji

And never forget to perform your human service to each other and the environment. Happy New Year.

Words do not fall into the void. Let every word you speak taste like honey against your tongue.

The Secret Power of Women and the Feminine Energy

There are some hidden things in life that are hidden for good reason. And then there are others that are often neglected, discounted, or fiercely opposed in order to hide truths that interfere with personal agendas.

Embracing spirituality

All over the world, it is evident through cultures and societies that women are not given the respect that are due to them. As such, they are often demoralized and debased. In fact, this propaganda is spread and encouraged in religious texts to ensure that the message is properly delivered, practiced and passed down.

But, today, I will share with you one particular occult secret that has been hidden in the most clever of places: right in front of you.

Let us begin with the body of a woman

The Breasts

A woman’s breasts is symbolic of nurturing, feeding, and sustenance. But this is not merely a physical meaning, it is also spiritual and symbolic. Although a child sucks milk from the mother’s breasts, the symbolism is that the child will be nurtured in every aspect of its life by the feminine energy of whose milk the child will always partake. In other words, symbolically within the realms of Spirit, knowledge, through the physical act of breastfeeding and the manifestation of the milk, sets the child on its journey through Earth.

“Milk”, here, is knowledge; awareness.

In the earlier years of Embracing Spirituality, I used to have a particular image on the right side of the blog of a woman breastfeeding a child. It symbolized feeding knowledge to the unawakened, the stirring, and the seekers.

The Womb

This part of the body of the woman is where life is created. This whole system physically carries the life form into Being. The womb is where the woman carries many Great Secrets of life, the Universe and its existence that even she, herself, is unaware of.

There is a particular light within the womb that has so much power. This is when the woman is still a virgin, this particular “secret” returns to her again after menopause.

When the woman is a virgin, she is seen as pure spiritually. Beings like this attracts many pure Light beings and energies that is conducive to our world and our spiritual journey.

Women who have passed through menopause are valuable to certain medicines, again to bring forth certain energies that only the womb that has passed through the stage of menstruation can garner (more on this later).

The womb that the woman carries has many secrets hidden there and all of them are powerful, but you must know that already, since she is the one to set life in motion.

The 3 Female Stages of “Divine” Power

Women have many stages of power, including pregnancy and even childlessness, but the female has 3 main stages of power during her lifetime. All stages are to do with her major power: her womb.


At this first stage of power, the womb is dormant. Here, the feminine energy that is attached to the womb is unblemished, and can spiritually bring forth certain types of energies that are not within our world. This is why with some rituals or certain traditional customs, when there are certain symbolic artifacts or features to be held or carried, the deity will order that only a virgin can touch or carry it.

Now, why is female virginity so sacred? Purity, yes. But that is only part of it. A virgin womb is so magnificently powerful, it is “pure” spiritually, a power so pure it is divinity. In this state, a woman is akin to Spirit.

The state of virginity is more intuitive, far more spiritually connected, and more susceptible to receiving spiritual messages, as there are no boundaries between the virgin and otherworldly Beings.

The female virgin, in some ancient practices during initiations, is used as the medium/oracle to convey messages from the deity/Angelic Being that the person is being initiated to. This female virgin (often a child), now becomes that link between the guardian Angel, who is of pure Light, and the human.

Much like in the Christian Myths when the Virgin Mary was appointed to carry the “Savior of the World”, because it is only a pure womb, one as pure as Spirit, that can carry a Light as great as the Sun.

The second reason virginity is sacred is that there is a thin veil that covers the entrance of the female passage: the hymen. This hymen itself is a spirit. It is a protection of the Light that the virgin carries within the womb. When it is broken, it is the female’s first awakening.


Menstruation is the second phase of feminine divine power. A woman is her most powerful when she is menstruating. During this period (pun intended :D) she feels her worst physically, but spiritually, she is like a fierce lioness. For some women, this fierce lioness manifests physically as hormones. What she sees as blood from her body, and knows that it is a cleansing, is actually the regeneration of power throughout her whole reproductive system.

Blood is life. Blood is birth. Blood is sacrifice.

In a woman’s menstrual period, she is deity. If this woman walks into a room filled with the most powerful spiritual medicines, she has the power to destroy every one of them during menstruation.

During this time, the woman must stay clear of spiritual powers or else she can render each and every one of them naught.

In fact, in many cultures and societies, the men would drink the menstrual blood of High Priestesses in order to gain the powers of a woman, making the Man almost as powerful as the woman. The reason the power the male ingests can only reach so far, is because he does not have the womb to sustain it.

Watch This Video

This clip is from Robert Sepehr. You can watch the full video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dY0duRmqdTg


The final stage of a woman’s power is menopause. For all the women who believe that at this stage you are old and not much useful – lies. You have now entered stage in which you are even more powerful.

The womb in menopause is in its evening stage and is geared to assist those who have the knowledge of its spiritual use. In this stage, the womb regresses into rest (for all the older women who are still doing the “do”, I do not mean that type of rest, so please continue), a stage that mimics the virgin period. The Menopause stage is one where the woman has honed all of her power. She has successfully passed through all 3 main stages of the Feminine Divinity. These are “Keys”, spiritual keys that are innate to the Female. The keys she attains makes the power she has naturally, even greater.

It is in this stage that the woman must be very responsible with her words. She must be careful how she strikes out against persons she becomes angry with, for her words, in the stage of menopause, are like a cutlass. The reason I warn this, is because a person should not know this, and do it. Because whether she knows it or not, there are serious repercussions for knowing one’s innate power and using it to harm.

Did You Know?

In the Western world, there are some societies, cults, or spiritual groups, that often exclude women from their gatherings. But any spiritual gathering, initiation, ritual, ceremony, etc. that is to be effective, can not be complete without the presence of the feminine energy, of which the human woman is a physical manifestation of. The feminine energy represents many things, including life, creation, and bringing something into Being. Therefore, if any spiritual gathering is formed with a desire or end goal in mind, that goal can not be achieved without the energy of creation: the feminine energy.

If you have ever heard the words “Mystery” or “Occult” or “Secrets” attached to anything of a spiritual nature, most people often think of dark things and dark forces. But as the student of the mystery climbs in rank of knowledge, the student will find that the “mystery” they spoke of, is feminine.

The reason the mystery is revealed to be feminine is because the feminine energy represents knowledge. The feminine energy is the embodiment of life and enlightenment. Think about it: who was your first teacher?

And by “teacher” I do not mean the one who teaches you how to walk, though that, too, is knowledge. Your first “teacher” is the one from whom you suckle as an infant. The milk you consume is your first taste of knowledge.

Children, no matter how old you are, be respectful. Your mother, through that same breast that you suckled from, if she is moved to hurt, anger or shame, can use that (though I pray not), to curse your enemy (you). It is done in a particular way, I will not share here. This would be hard and terrible for a mother to do, but at times people can be moved to do things when emotions becomes too much.

Please Note: In this post, I do not speak of the physical woman. I speak of the feminine energy that is embodied by the physical woman.

Never underestimate the power of a woman. Always know that as the feminine energy holds the power of creation, so, too, does she hold the power of destruction. All duality is One and walk together as One Energy. This is why the woman’s power is immense, because within her are the Secrets of what humans call God, the Multiverse and beyond.

At the core of all Spiritual Enlightenment, is the feminine energy.

“God (or knowledge) sits in the Heights (or womb) of Darkness…” Obara Meji

DIY Rituals Gone Wrong: What Happens and What You Don’t Know

It is a good feeling to have the knowledge of solving your own problems. I, myself, have told clients and you readers simple things to do to help yourselves in times of need.

But when it comes to certain aspects of spirituality, it is important to know what you are doing and when and why it is best you just don’t do it at all. I have had people tell me things they’ve practiced on their own after reading a book or experimenting. But it would be remiss of me to have this blog and not warn you all that there can be dire consequences to playing the role of Spiritualist and using DIY methods on your own life or the lives of others.

For example, did you know that even opening tarot cards can affect a persons life negatively?

Some of you dabbling into the world of tarot may have widened your eyes at that statement but every time you open a tarot deck, a door to a spiritual realm is opened. Are you able to close it?

Haiti is a large example of this. The country has experienced terrible earthquakes that they have not been able to recover from since. Some believe this to be a natural occurance, while others went into conspiracy theories, but as a knowledgeable Elder, I realized what happened. Haiti is a very powerful place with powerful people and a powerful traditional practice that I respect.

Perhaps in the years gone by, the knowledgeable Elders would summon Spirits and dispatch them properly. But in present times, while the Spirits are still summoned, they are not being dispatched. And if you call forth Spirits and use them for work or to entertain, and do not dispatch them, they have no where to go but into the Earth, and if enough of them, these strong, hot, energies, lie there for too long… they will erupt.

How does this relate to tarot cards?

If the tarot cards open up and something horrible presents itself, a person who is learned in the art of how to handle energies that enter our world, will know whether to utter what they see or do otherwise. This is so that this particular energy is not given permission to enter the world and manifest itself into the persons life. The diviner must know when to speak and when not to. When to shuffle, when to cut, and especially when to close. [Tarot is something I intend to teach in classes to come].

Often times, those who practice these things unprofessionally and without guidance, will eventually see subtle harmful changes in their own lives or explosive ones. The harm comes from undispatched chaotic energies (as mentioned in the Haiti example) that have no where to go but with who has summoned it.

Tarot is indeed powerful and should not be taken lightly. Many people might sputter their coffee out after reading this, but truly there are serious ramifications to dabbling into an invisible world you have little or no knowledge about.

(Where did I see “we fight not against flesh and blood” again…?)

I write this post to give to you wisdom, not to frighten you. There are many things that the layman, and even the professional, does not know.

There was a time when I lived with my children’s father, I once had a nanny from Barbados working with me. She observed the wretched state I was in from the treatment of this man (my enemy cried all the time) and the woman approached me one day.

Obara,” she said. “I don’t mean to be nosy… I know I am just working here, but I see how unhappy you are and I see the tension in the house, so please excuse me… but whatever is wrong, it is spiritual. But I know what to do to bring peace back into your house.

Desperate for help, I would have taken advice from a madman. I was so sad. I did not know how to fix my own life. And so I agreed.

I’m going to do some candle work for you. It’s a peace and love order. After that, everything will be well, I’m sure of it.

That’s exactly what she said to me.

But hell came afterwards.

The Devil with his pitchfork and 41 wives moved into my house.

The nanny sent me to buy 3 candles. One was brown (which struck me as very odd) and I do not remember the colors of the others. But while on errand, my own intellect wondered, where was the white candle if this was a work for peace? But what did I know? I was young, depressed and desperate.

Readers, if the life at the house with this man, was eighty percent bad, when the candle order was set it became a 160% worse. Almighty God!

To this day I still wonder if this was something she did on purpose or was she just experimenting with my life, either way it was a disaster. When the candles finished, and hell moved into my house, my nanny moved out and never returned.

To do practical spiritual work, it must be one’s road to walk.

And trust me, it is not an easy road.

If one is a spiritualist, one must hear from Spirits and be guided on what to do and how to do it. One must know how to differentiate what is speaking to you; is it spirit or thought?

(NOTE: To “hear” spiritually, is not the act of hearing an actual voice. It is the act of a presence of knowing, a conviction that even you do not know why you have).

What About When A Spiritualist Tells You What To Do On Your Own?

When a spiritualist gives you work to do on your own, several things happen:

  1. Your own guides have accepted what the spiritualist have given you to do. If your own guide has not accepted, then it can not happen. While you two are having a conversation, the Spiritual Heads will meet. One is asking the other’s permission, and the other is either granting or denying it.
  2. He or she had to have gotten permission from whoever guides them in their work to give this work to you.
  3. Whatever is given to you to do, know that you are not alone doing it, invisible Forces are with you. This has to do with the agreement between your invisible Forces and the spiritualist’s invisible Forces.
  4. After you have done what you are supposed to do, then the invisible Forces sent with you on this mission, will now return to the Spiritualist and report if the assignment was done and completed properly. Therefore, you are never alone when you are doing this work. And not every spiritualist will ever explain this to you (if some of them even know).

Spiritual Shops That Fix Work For Customers

I have also been in spirituals shops and have seen people fixing work and candles for customers. This is a BIG NO-NO. And if you have done it and it worked for you, it was not them but your own spirit that has made it work for you, and I will tell you why.

First, let me address the “big no-no”.

Every work has its days and hours to be prepared, hence the sacredness of it. The reason for this is because particular days or hours works with different types of energies. Also, when fixing candles especially, there are certain things that must be done before the candle should even be prepared.

And even more importantly, if the person preparing the spiritual work is not “clean” (i.e. sexually, menstruation, or mental intention) then the work will be null and void, OR will manifest in the opposite direction.

So imagine this:

The shop worker is fixing a candle work of love for you. But earlier on, Jenny, the stock person, pushed a cart and mashed the worker’s corn and did not say sorry. The Shop worker, fixing your love candle, sees Jenny over your shoulder and hatred fills her. She adds the last ingredient and incantation to your candle and hands it to you to do the rest at home.

What do you think might be your results?

ALWAYS REMEMBER intention is a driving force in everything.

Many people do not know that Friday works with the energy of love. Or that Saturday carries an energy that attracts war (so what must be done or not done on this day?). Or that in servings to Orisha Eshu, you can not share kola nut with the deity, why this can not be and what happens if you do it.

Spirituality is not mumbo jumbo. There are taboos to all things, and if you walk a road that is not yours to walk, problems can occur. (What do you do if you feel this is your path? Find a knowledgeable elder for mentorship and assistance in finding your real path).

Another thing to mention is that before trying to fix a problem, one must know what caused it in the first place? Many people want love but do not know the reason why love is not there. Not everyone’s life starts young, some people’s life starts old. And not everything is the fault of witchcraft, some things are the fault of another’s jealousy or “bad mind” (an energy which can indeed be a blockage or hindrance to the one it is aimed at).

And also, your own spirit will protect you from your own desires, and you may interpret protection as blockage, not realizing that your own life is being saved.

There was once a woman who went to a river to make a sacrifice. The river she went to is a very powerful one, I can testify to this. That river summoned me there some years ago, and told me that I had to bring her an elaborate gift. That gift turned out to be quite something, but the story is on this blog already [Read Post], jeez, what haven’t I told you guys!

The woman took a goat, I do not know the gender of the goat, but as a spiritualist, the goat given to the river must be of a certain gender.

When the woman did the sacrifice, the blood of the animal was placed into the river. After the work was done, her children died one behind each other, and anywhere she was, disaster struck. I, unfortunately, happened to be in a van that she was in, and while driving with her and a bus full of her fellow Church Members (oh – did I mention was a Christian woman?) a dog came out of the bush, and before I could warn the driver the strange black dog was struck by the van.

Not even 3 minutes later or less, two tires of the van flew off and rolled down a hill. No one was hurt. I now know that the dog was sent by the Universe or Spirit as a sacrifice to feed Orisha Ogun so that no one would die.

The woman continued to bring grief anywhere she went, and even after my own encounter, another bus crashed and several people died. Yes, she was on that bus too.

What happened?

She offended the river, and perhaps she didn’t correlate the circumstances or she did not know what to do to settle the offense. How did she offend the river? Her sacrifice contained many taboos, including a very big taboo: blood entered the water. And as blood flowed down the river, so, too did blood follow her where ever she went.

In her sacrifice, this is the message she sent to the Universe.

This post should be longer, there is so much I had to cut due to length. But I believe it is my duty as a spiritualist, and as one that has certain knowledge, to warn some of your DIY’ers to be careful. Because often times you may accuse others of doing harm to you, when it is you who is… Doing It Yourself.


I love you all!

Obara Meji

PS: If you light a candle, a spirit appears. Spirits loves light, and they will come where there is Light. The question is: What kind of spirit? Are they Light of Darkness or Light of light? All Beings are Beings of Light, but it is not any of them that is meany for every type of work, but all are capable of any work… if you know how to.

“Forgive others. Not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace.” – Mark twain

Religion vs. Tradition: What’s The Difference?

Yesterday, I wrote a WhatsApp status that attracted many comments and questions. But I found one question in particular very important.

But first, here is what the status read:

Image Source: Obara Meji’s Whatsapp

The question later asked of me was this:

“Greetings Obara, this is a different definition to Ifa, I observe. I understand Ifa is not a religion, but what would you call the ritual aspects of Ifa… Isn’t that the religious aspect of Ifa?”

I was very happy to see this question because, as you all know, I love questions. And so, here is what I replied:

“The word religion comes out of the Latin word, Religio, which (in olden times) meant ritual, more specifically sacrifices. Present day organized religions are worships.

Ifa is not based on worship. Ifa is a literal way of life. What this means is that Ifa defines how a group of people perceive and interpret life, and therefore try to live in balance with it THROUGH propitiation and the guidance of Eternal Wisdom (Ifa). Propitiation is the act of creating balance. To put positive where there is negative. Or in some people’s cases (those who choose the bad road), to put negative where there is positive.

When the human is out of alignment with the natural forces of the Universe, the idea of “appeasement” is not a worship of deity, but the act of balancing what has become off-balanced. To appease is to pacify a particular energy which will result in a particular outcome when it manifests into the humans “physical” life.

Religion, in the modern sense, is NOT based on balance but the total and everlasting battle between so-called “good and evil” forces, rather than a balancing of the human with his environment. If the human is unaware of his imbalance with the ground, he may find opportunities difficult to achieve. Wisdom (Ifa) will guide the human to where he must appease (balance) so as to life as One with the Earth again.

Now, to translate this appeasement, a sacrifice in form of palm oil, for example, to Eshu (the deity associated with roads) might be proscribed. The palm oil is a spiritual message of calmness to a hot energy. When the Earth is cooled, so, too, is the life of the person for whom the appeasement was done for. Worship in religion is an undying devotion to an external force.

IFA is the appeasement forces for the spiritual growth of one’s self. When these forces are balanced, one’s road becomes clearer and one’s perception and understanding of life shifts to a new height. It is not a religion in the present day definition.”

People often misinterpret what Ifa really is.

Ifa is a religion” “Ifa is “fetish” (i.e. a form of evil spellwork)” or for those who are followers of the tradition probably interpret Ifa this way:

Ifa is the spirit of wisdom and oracle.” or “Ifa is an orisha (deity) that guides human beings in life.” These two interpretations are not wrong, but they might be missing some very important details.

Firstly, Ifa is the oracle and the energy associated with oracles is wisdom. Therefore, wisdom has become personified (i.e. given identity) called Orunmila. Babalawos (Ifa’s priests) are representatives of this entity. Since they are representatives, they must embody all that the entity is, and live a particular life in order to maintain the purity that is natural to the entity they represent.

In other words, they are literally human manifestations of wisdom, and must act therein. Why must they act this way? Because this is how they now become wisdom itself. Those who are “misrepresentatives” are those who have not released human desires and material attachments (for this keeps them further away from spiritual ascension). This is why Ifa priests must sit on the ground, remove their caps and shoes when divining. This act is a show of humility, a virtue that walks with wisdom.

But why is Ifa not a religion, if, it, too, has Holy Priests?

Before modern religions, every community had a priest. This way of life was what defined normal life in ancient times. It was not differentiated as “spiritual life”, a separate lifestyle from the physical. It was One Life. The tradition of Ifa maintains this mentality. When modern religions were born, their new lifestyles were built off of what was already familiar… tradition. This is what makes the similarities between ancient practices and modern religions.

However, divisions are created to maintain power in certain places, and maintain powerlessness in others.

Ifa Is A Tradition Of Alignment Between Man and Natural Forces

“Natural Forces” are forces that are inescapable. They exist all around us as much as we do, and we encounter them everyday. One of the main differences between Religion and traditional practices (all traditional practices, including Ifa) is that Religion is an everlasting battle of good vs. evil, a never-ending cycle of evil forces disturbing the peace of Holy Religious people.

In traditional practices, the concept of “good and evil” does not exist. Everything simply is. Man must learn his place among them to get from one phase to another phase on his journey to elevation. The more Man aligns with these Natural Forces, the more One he becomes with them, rather than a battle between he and these forces. So where he walks, the Forces of Earth protect him (obstruction = blocked roads, blocked opportunities, confusion | alignment = opened roads etc). Where there is iron, his roads are cleared for him not obstructed by this force (obstruction = police, guns, knives, prison, etc | alignment = smoother road to success/opportunities). Where there is water, his life is sweet, fulfilling, prosperous (as water naturally multiplies and spreads). But if the water becomes murky (this is the obstruction), it manifests as illness, floods, barrenness, lovelessness, etc.

All Forces has two sides to them and both opposition forces always walk together. The Negative is the elder of the Positive and will always walk before the Positive. This is where Ifa and sacrifice is imperative in creating balance.

Let me give you a quick example:

A woman, let’s call her Sally, offends another woman, let’s call her Maya, one day. It is an ordinary argument to the naked eye. But Maya, unbeknownst to herself and Sally, has a spirit that belongs to the energy of sweet water. When Sally offends Maya, driving the woman to tears, Sally skips off with victory.

But 6 months later… Sally finds she has a leaking roof. Nothing out of the ordinary, she fixes it as soon as possible. 5 years later, Sally finds she has a stomach infection.

What is happening here is not that Sally is cursed, or that she is being punished for her offense to a child of the water, but it can be explained this way for easier understanding. If Sally were to visit a Babalawo, the Ifa oracle might tell her make a sacrifice to Osun, the deity of sweet waters and she will be cured.

What happened to Sally is that the energy of sweet waters began working in the opposite way in her life, rather than positively. Swirling around in the Earth Realm is the energy of sweet water, something Sally can not avoid. So when she comes into contact with it, it will have a negative effect in her life. When sacrifice is prescribed to the energy, effects of the energy is changed to a positive one, aligning Sally, once again, with this energy.

If Sally visited a Babalawo before the offense occurred, she might have been told that an argument is on its way, and she must avoid it, and a sacrifice to Oshun may still be prescribed. The reason this sacrifice may still be prescribed is to let’s say appease the energy to prevent offending it. Now, spirit, or energy, does not have emotions but Maya is the embodiment of this energy, so when Sally offends Maya, it is the energy that has been offended because the energy is manifested in Maya.

One of the main differences between Ifa and Religion is this:

Religion in the modern definition of the word implies an organized cult-like group of followers of a particular figure.

Traditional practices uses codes to interpret the world around them. With this knowledge, the human will live his term on Earth in accordance to his understanding of the Earth. This means that Ifa also interprets religions.

In one coded interpretation (an Odu called “Ose Otura”), the Christian religion can be found. I spoke to a Babalawo who recounted Jesus’ birth in the strangest, yet most interesting story:

Yes! Of course Ifa talks about the Christians in Ose Otura,” he said. “The Jesus is called Jewesu (Jesu – Je.We.Su), it means to “eat irosu leaf” in Yoruba. When Maria wanted to have a baby, she went to a Babalawo. The Babalawo gave her the irosu leaf to eat, and told her how and where she must do it to become pregnant.”

The Babalawo laughed merrily at the story.

Many people would have thought the Babalawo to be crazy for a widely unheard of recount of the Jesus tale.

But here is what is really happening here…

Ifa exists in the Bible, as much as the Christians (and Muslims) exist in Ifa. Remember, Ifa is literally the oracle, and Orunmila is the wisdom of the oracle. This means that anywhere on Earth where there exists an oracle, there exists Ifa. For where ever there exists an oracle, there must exist wisdom. And where there exists oracles, there exists diviners or interpreters, in other words, priests (or Babalawos). So in Ifa’s recount of the Biblical myth, the oracle tells us the same Truth through the perception of natural forces, i.e. the leaf that brought forth Jesus.

Since Jesus, or Jesu, was named after the leaf, the tale is meant to tell us that the life force of the leaf became an entity.

Here, you might be looking for a) historical accuracy or b) even if it is myth, it should be the correct myth, or c) even if neither historically accurate, or myth, it should at least make sense, and there is no leaf suggestion in the Bible.

But the Christian Bible tells of Jesus’ birth to be of immaculate conception, meaning that the Supreme God was the one who impregnated her, and this, too, is not wrong. Jesus is implied to be self-created, just as the Sun in Egyptian texts is self-created, being the only divinity without an assigned “parent” (“familial” relationships in divinities are explained by the “coming of” one thing into another, such as the sky “holding” the sun, and so the sky takes on a feminine, motherly role). Since Jesus is self-created, the Ifa tale explains that it was no human who impregnated Mary, but spirit.

In the interpretation of the energy called Otura Meji, this is known as the “Muslim Odu”. In fact, when the Odu “falls” (in other words, during divination, when this energy enters the space in non-physical form, its insignia is marked onto the divination tray) the Babalawos must salute this energy in Muslim salutations.

There are Truths in all doctrines and dogmas. This is how a cult-following is developed. Words bound together by leather making it a book tells stories of ancient times and mysterious things. However, Ifa is an oral tradition, too vast to be placed into any book.

Where Religion makes its mistake is in the idea of limiting and chaining all existence into a few pages of a book. This is impossible because life and all therein continues eternally. How can knowledge, that never ends, have a closing chapter?

This is why ancient traditions remain oral. Teachings are not for the purpose of remembering and reciting. They are meant to be lived. When you live it, it is real and this reality defines where you are and where, how and when you will elevate.

There should be no need to value one thing and de-value another, because everyone is consciously where they currently ought to be.

If a person can only view life from a lesser level, his perception is not a wrong one, it is merely how he sees right now, but he must learn that perceptions evolve and advance. The more he advances, the less “material” life appears to him, and the less affected by it he is. Unbeknownst to many people, life does not get harder, it is meant to get easier. Difficulties are only real to those who have not yet advanced their perception.

I, too, have evolved. When I first became awake, I was so staunchly against Christianity and its restrictions, historical inaccuracies, hypocrisy, politics, control, and repression. But one day I heard a voice tell me “Do not argue with them anymore. Everyone is where they ought to be.” It was one thing to know that, but it is now another to live it.

We exist so that we may evolve.

Evolution has no expiration. So there continues the story…

Obara Meji

Featured Comment:

“Iron Sharpeneth Iron and the countenance of one brightens the other” Proverbs 27:17

Light Energy Passes Through The Earth For The Next 3 Days!

From where I am sitting currently, a message was just passed to me that I believe that I must pass to everyone who reads this today.

Where ever you are, you will notice that your atmosphere is different from any other days. Pay close attention. A particular energy is currently passing through the world. This energy, its wave began to spread around 5:56AM (translate this time to your own timezone). This energy comes from the Ancestors, those ancient ones who once projected themselves to this Earth in physical form.

They have come to bless each and every Being on this Earth, young or old, rich or poor, happy or sad, good or bad, weak or strong. The blessing is that of Light and of goodness and of good things to come, and for the way to open if you catch the message in time.

I have instructed people around me to do what I am about to tell you to do to catch this message.

What You Should Do:

This wave of energy will be in our environment for 3 days. If you are able to find a quiet space, call the names of your Ancestors. If you do not know any names, simply say “Those I know and those I do not know”.

Ask them for blessings, ask them for guidance and absolutely anything you desire for yourself and those you love or like; love, joy, peace, marriage, children, health, victory, anything.

Thereafter, get a clear glass and fill it with clean water. The glass must either be clear or white. Place this glass in a clean, uncluttered space. The water should remain in this spot for 3 days.

*For the next 3 days, you should keep peaceful, let joy remain in your heart and look forward to something good.*

All the ancients have risen today and have packaged themselves in their non-physical forms as One to touch and bless those who are able to be attuned to their energy so that Light can be within your lives, as the world is currently recovering from darkness.

This is a part of the healing from Covid-19 and other darknesses that want to walk behind it (as there will be others that will sweep the Earth during this Shift).

But as simple as a prayer and a glass of water will suffice so that Light can touch you and yours, lifting you and placing you on higher grounds spiritually.

But you must remember…

DO NOT ARGUE within the next 3 days. War and Blessing walk together, so as I am telling you this, you will definitely see things to make you annoyed, but if you can remember to be calm, then Greatness shall be your reward.

Peace, love and Light be unto all of you.

Obara Meji

PS: I would advise those who can, or even if you can’t try, sing, hum or play music today. This message came to me through song, as I have always told you that messages come through music (at least for me) at times. It doesn’t matter the music you choose. It can be religious, it can be dancehall, it can be rock and roll. Many portals that are around you, invisible to your naked eye, will open up and Source of Lights will come through for you.

The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science

The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science – Albert einstein

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