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World Prediction Comes True? Could This Be The Predicted Covid19 Sacrifice?

I woke up in the middle of the night to a video sent to my phone of George Floyd’s murder. In my haze of just waking up, my eyes squinted at the background brightness of my phone, as I watched a murder happen. It was heart wrenching for me as I saw the Officer kneel on that mans neck as he cried out “I can’t breathe” followed by a cry for his mother.

How to Protect Yourself From Negative Energies (And Spiritual Attacks)


Negative energies are forces or spirits, if you will, which humans encounter everyday. They exist everywhere in “invisible” forms, in places such as hospitals, police stations, courtrooms, public transportations, your local park, and even your local church (churches often have mourning and sorrowful representations, two emotions which are especially attractive to darker beings).

QUIZ: If You Spot These Animals, What Do They Mean Spiritually?

All animals are messengers. They all have their specific spiritual messages that they carry to the human in ways of warning or good news. The messages are carried through to humans in dreams or in the awakened state. Often times, humans are unaware of the messages they are receiving, if any. This is quite unfortunate because captivities and bondage, betrayals, illnesses and even death could be averted if such mysterious knowledge had been taught.

The Grim Reality of Spiritual Growth and What Happens

Good day everyone,

Most humans are not aware that the whole human body operates off of what is called Vibration and Frequency. Of course, the human body is multi-dimensional and has many facets to it. What I mean by this is, the body itself can not function without “Spirit.” Also there are many things that make up not only the body but the spirt that resides within.

The New Earth and Why it’s Happening (+ A Tip for 5G Protection)

This morning, I awoke to a lot of texts and emails, wishing me a happy birthday. Babalawos and some of whom I have initiated called me and offered prayers that made me smile so much I felt like a child. To all people who remembered me today, I say thank you.

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