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I will share with you some books I have read which may assist you through your journey of spiritual awakening. These books are some books that contain some information that were taught to me by non-physicals, as most often I read books to see if anyone out there knows what I know.

I am currently writing several books, but one book in particular that I should have out by Summer 2017. It is a book on Obeah set in Jamaica, and is one piece ah bangarang. Of course the book is written in patois (well, the dialogue), but it will be translated to full English. Anyone able to translate this book from patois to English? If so, email me.

The books below are in no particular order. You’ll thank me 😀

  1. The Mystical Qabalah by Dion Fortune
The Mystical Qabalah
The Mystical Qabalah

This Book was recommended to me the Jamaican Oluwo who first took me to Nigeria. He is a member of Rosicrucian (whose teachings I admire greatly). There are many books on Kabbalah (Ancient Jewish Mysticism or spiritual practice) and I liken Ifa to be the practical version of Kabbalah, except a bit deeper. However, in this book Dion Fortune did an excellent job in her explanations of this ancient practice and the spirituality behind it. I don’t remember where in the book she wrote this, but there was a quote she said that I liked, and this is not exactly what she said, but I will paraphrase.

For a person to find their spiritual path, they must pass through the religion/tradition of their ancestors in order to get to where they belong.”

Check it out HERE.


2. Shaking Medicine by Bradford Keeney

Shaking Medicine: The Healing Power of Ecstatic Movement by [Keeney, Bradford]
Shaking Medicine: The Healing Power of Ecstatic Movement by [Keeney, Bradford]
In the book, the author went through different cultures explaining how when people shake (when spirit tek people), when a person has ‘ecstatic movement’ or as we say in Jamaica, when spirit lick dem dung, the author showed how the experience differs in different cultures. The author travelled through Trinidad, Japan, America (African-Americans), and different places in Africa. Often times many people who are not conscious, or even science, will see a person catch spirit and believe the person is psychologically ill, but in this book the author shows the spirituality of these ecstatic movements among persons who experience it. Very good read. This book I especially recommend for those young in spirituality or those who wish to understand it.

Check it out HERE.


3. Tell My Horse by Zora Neale Hurston
Tell My House: Voodoo and Life In Haiti And Jamaica

This is a famous author and this is her account of Voodoo and life in Haiti or the Caribbean. In this book she chronicles her experience in Haiti and with Voodoo. This book is one that I highly recommend for anyone who wants to understand spirituality from a very deep understanding. The author was very detailed in explaining her experience. Very good book. I couldn’t put this one down. For all deeply interested in spirituality, this is a page turner!

Check it out HERE.


4. Divine Horseman – The Living Gods of Haiti by Maya Deren
Divine Horsemen: The Living Gods of Haiti

This author was a filmmaker and there is even a documentary on this book. Maya Deren who, by the end of writing and documenting her research, ended up getting initiated in Haitian Voodoo despite being a skeptic at first. Similar to the detailed expression of the book Tell My Horse, this book is also detailed. She did such an excellent job explaining this religion, it humanised the practitioners, and the book to me removed fear and stigma, and I don’t think she intended to do this. She just went to film and study, and ended up humanizing this practice and removing fear so much that she even became apart of the practice.

**I’m not recommending these books to promote Haitian spirituality, I’m recommending them to ease the fear many people have of spirituality in general. These are true accounts of individuals who witnessed or were on ground or studied and then documented their experiences for the world to see. The books give clearer understanding of spirits, spirit beings, entities, energies, sacrifice, rituals, veneration, etc.

Check it out HERE.

Here is a video teaser:

5. Conversations with Ogotemmeli by Marcel Griauale
Conversations with Ogotemmeli: An Introduction to Dogon Religious Ideas

Now this book may not be for beginners, but I recommend it for those who have already been on the path to trying to understand African Spirituality. This book is not an easy read because the information that you may read here may not be of anything you’ve heard of before, therefore I recommend it to a more advanced spirituality seekers. It’s a beautiful book and it was written by two French men who I believe were anthropologists. They wanted to understand the rituals or the philosophy behind a particular tribe called the Dogon Tribe from Mali. This tribe seemed to have a certain knowledge of the Universe and also a creation story that was something never heard of before. The Chief Priest, whose name was Ogotemmeli, would not speak to the two Frenchmen about the sacredness of their tradition, and so these two men decided to live amid the Dogon tribe for at least 16 years. This was the length of time it took before Ogotemmeli, who was blind, opened up to them and told them the most remarkable story of the Universe, a creation story, and the Dogon’s teachings. This was secret knowledge that had never been revealed to another.

After 16 years of waiting, it took 33 days for them to get all this information, and what came out could prove that the Dogon Mythology seems to be older than even the Egyptian Mythology.


I know you’ll pelt me with questions after reading this. Excellent book!

Check it out HERE.


6. Flash of the Spirit by Robert Farris Thompson
Flash of the Spirit: African & Afro-American ART & Philosophy

Anybody that wants a peep into African Spirituality, deities, art and culture and how spirituality, humanity, and how everything co-exists with nature, read this book. This book opens you up to the different cultures, worship, or expressions, and the beauty of the different cultures in Africa, and it doesn’t matter the name or where they’re from, they all tie in together. I’ve had this book in my drawer for yearsss and I had no idea how great it was until I picked it up. This is excellent for anyone seeking to understand and explore African Spirituality. This book touches on how African Spirituality has crossed the oceans and made itself apart of the Diaspora. Great read.

Check it out HERE.


7. The Healing Drum by Yaya Diallo
Image result for the healing drum
The Healing Drum: African Ceremonial and Ritual Music

When I first bought this book I thought it would explain drumming and I wasn’t fascinated to read it, but I bought it anyway. But when I read this book, wow. The book chronicles the authors life as he grows within a tribe called the Minianka Tribe and the various initiations into manhood. The book is gripping in such a way by how the author writes, he pulls you into his world and allows you to see his journey from a boy to a man and the sacredness of his tribe’s traditions, and the healing qualities of not only the drum but the sounds, the techniques, the rhythm, and even the sacrifices and rituals put into making the drums. Everything the elders of this tribe would tell him were life lessons, but he never knew. Excellent read.

Check it out HERE.


8. The Teachings of Don Juan – A Yaqui Way of Knowledge by Carlos Castaneda
The Teachings of Don Juan – A Yaqui Way of Knowledge

Think Alice in Wonderland.

You ever watched a documentary with a tribal community who use psychedelic drugs to send them off into “hallucination”? (although it really is not hallucination). This book is about the author learning from an elder called Don Juan, from the regions of Northern Mexico. This elder would teach the author about the use of certain plants and herbs and it would send them off into the world of spirit, but the book describes it as hallucinations. But it’s almost like walking through the realms, and they would return with their experiences. This is the first of a series of books done by this author (about 15 of them), but upon the 3rd book we see where the author no longer needs the herbs anymore, he is now able to enter the world of spirit on his own. For anyone fascinated with spirituality, realms, and outer body experiences, these books by Carlos are books that you must have in your repertoire.

Check it out HERE.


Adding more soon, let me just put on my thinking cap.

    • Good morning SeaQueen lol I like your name. Makes me think of mermaids. We finally got some books. Maybe we all can share books that we have read or intend to read with each other. Just a thought..

  • Wow! ooooooieee this gives me lifeeeeeeee! I love to read and greatly appreciate you sharing these great books with me! Thank you Obara “reada woman” “Chin” Meji loooooool

  • His books on ifisims are great he wrote many on each odu’s and funny enough the first one I boubefore I became an initiate was the odu’s of Obara not knowing back then that I was Obara Meji you see how our ori works? Yoruba people, or African Christians do not know the beauty of what they have (Their traditional practice) and they have cast it away for foreign religion. They are more enslaved more that the ines who went through the Africa halocast. I did not mention his books here, I wondered if it would have been too ad an we for some but when I come back again perhaps I will. .Thanksgivings so much Lola.

    • That’s profound – Your above comment on Odu’s of Obara and later finding out you are Obara Meji. I have alot more to learn, and definitely playing a key role in my spiritual development. Thanks for connecting as per usual. You’re appreciated.

  • Congratulations to you Obara Meji again. I’m elated that embracing spirituality is ranked among the top 50 spiritual blogs. It must be a great feeling that you are reaching millions & making impact online. Then getting recognised for it must be very encouraging that your labour of love is producing results & highly regarded. Oceans of massive positive Peace and love from the universe.

    • I worke up one morning to the email the badge and the congratulatory email, I had no idea that such a website existed. They told me to hang the medal in my site, I was slightly reluctant, slightly embarrassed, not wanting anyone to think that I was as Jamaicans say “frightened”, my people love to criticize. Then I thought of the horrible year which was 2016, and the amount of times I cried and told myself that this was indeed an achievement, why no enjoy it l. Actually I am number 27 with in the top 50, So I am in the top 30 to which they have that category, next year I will be number 1 lol.

  • Congratulations to you Obara Meji on the publication of your upcoming book of stories. Thanks for sharing the book list mostly my book collection has been on personal development, self improvement and generally the books authored by Christian Pastors. The zeal to walk a spiritual path has always been a part of me but in the context of Christian practices due to my upbringing but I was hungry and never satisfied. I recall being sad and depressed as a result of job loss when the last office post i held was made redundant. Shortly after I attended a day gathering called the ‘awakening’ which i had put of attending due to work commitments in the past. The host addressed a room full of people from different religious & non religious background but the message emitting through her to me is that even if one is mentally, emotionally and physically sound – being connected to Divine Spirit was utmost. The was the turning point…..my journey to unlearn and relearn: the first book i stumbled across to help me on my journey to connect is called Ancestors Path by Aladokun and I was drawn to understanding Ifa for the first time after a brief encounter with Author of Ifism Osamaro Ibie’s son in 2004 (he shared with me 2 mystical stories living with his dad, other people around laughed it off but I was intrigued). I loosely and generally read up majority of my information online but i’mma invest in more books from the above list. It’s funny that when I mention to my yoruba friends that I’m reading about Ifa system for understanding purpose, they generally advice me to not get involved without any rationale or one person stopped talking to me altogether.

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