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Love & Light Sis Obara

Please shed some light on an experience that I had:

I was in one of my favorite barbershop everything was as it should then someone walks in of which my innerself became aware.  I felt this person was a maleovelent being then immediately I became fearful but this fear was more feeling like I was captured is the best way i can described then I reached out with my index finger and bearly touched the barber and a spark of energy emitted and i began to cry.  My barber looked at this being with a certain look and asked me if i needed a tissue.  I said no and a few minutes after i was back to myself.  After my haircut i never noticed the being.  The day went on as normal.  I never discussed with anyone because who would understand.

Should i be even looking for an explanation or just be thankful of the experience and the sense of victory that i gained.

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Let me ask you Jose, was this being in human form or you identified a non physical being walking into the place and this thing gave you that reaction? Please clarify

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