June 24, 2011 Obara Meji 1Comment

These messages are given to me by teachers from the higher astral realms, I have decided to share them with you all, please recieve them well.

As convenient as it is for human beings to allow religions or religious groups to control their thoughts or thinking, their court systems,and academics it does not curtail the fact that it is unreal. Living as unconscious people is no living at all. Religion has disabled free thoughts and has therefore cut down the spirit of man and has made him useless in his magnificent body. the mind has now has become a living dead, seeking and looking towards dogmatic doctrines as examples of laws by which to live, when we were sent here to earth with free will and sensory instincts to survive, not to be enslaved by books and mans teachings of who or what is God. The answer to which we will never know


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This is true Obara. So many many people are stuck or caught up in which I love to call “The Matrix”. People need to free there minds. Only then can anything and everything become possible.