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The body here on Earth is something like vehicles operating by remote control.  The driver is the Overself. You may have seen a child’s toy car which is connected to the child by a long flexible cable. The child can press a button and make the ca rgo forward, or make it stop or go back and by turning a wheel on this flexible cable  the car can be steered. The human body  be likened very roughly to that, for the Overself which cannot come down to Earth to gain experience sends down the body which is us on Earth. Everything that we experience, everything that we do or think or hear travels upwards to be stored in the memory of the Overself. Very highly intelligent men who get inspiration often obtain a message directly/consciously from the Overself by way of the silver cord. Leonardo da Vinci was one of those who was most constantly in touch with his Overself, and so he rated as a genius in almost everything that he did.  …….side bar the Overself is what I Obara Meji refer to as your Astral Mate of Spiritual double.

Great Artists or Great musicians are those in touch with the Overself on perhaps one or two particular lines, and so they come back and compose by inspiration music or paintings which have been dictated to them by the Great Powers that controls us. The silvercord connects us to our Overself in much the same way the umbilical cord connects a baby to its mother. The umbilical cord is a very intricate device, a very complex affair indeed, but it is as a piece of string compared to the complexity if the silver cord. This cord is a mass of molecules rotating over an extremely wide range of frequencies, but it is an intangible thing so far as the human body on Earth is concerned. The molecules are too widely dispersed for the average human sight to see it, Many animals can see it because animals see on a different range of frequencies than humans . Dogs, as you know, can be called by a silent whistle———-silent because a human cannot hear it, but a dog easily can. In the same way, animals can see the silver cord and the aura because both these vibrate on a frequency which is just within the receptivity of the animals sight. With practice it is quite easily possible for the human to extend the band of receptivity of their sight in much the same way as a weak person , by practice and by exercise, can lift weight which normally would be far beyond his or her physical capabilities.

Everything we do is known to the Overself. People strive to become spiritual if they are on the right path. Basically, in striving for spirituality they strive to increase their rate of vibration on Earth, and by way of the silver cord to increase the rate of vibration by the Overself. The Overself sends down a part of itself into a human body in order that lessons may be learned and experiences gained. Every good we do increases our Earth and astral rate of vibration, but if we do an evil deed to some person that decreases and subtracst from our rate of spiritual vibration. Thus when we do an ill turn to another we put ourselves at least one step down on the ladder of evolution, and for every good deed we do increases our own personal vibration by like amount. Thus it is so essential to adhere to the old Buddhist formula which exhorts one to “return good for evil and to fear no man, and to fear no man’s deed, for in returning good for evil, and giving good at all times, we progress upwards and never downwards.

Everyone knows of a person who is “a low sort of fellow”. Some of our metaphysical knowledge leaks over into common usage in much the same way as we say a person is in a black mood, or a blue mood. It is all a matter of vibration, all a matter of what the body transmits by way of the silver cord to the body…..(by T. Lobsang Rampa).

As I have said in many of my posts I believe that there are truths in many doctrines, and I have quoted the bible many times despite not being a christian, here I have given you the words of   The very knowledgeable T. Lampsang  Rampa.  On Embracing Spirituality I speak about vibrations often and frequencies, it is important for the true seeker of knowledge to gravitate to these words,  as they will greatly assist in increasing your knowledge. Try to read over and over again to understand, I assure you these words will be useful to you throughout your life and I know convincingly that none of you will ever forget….. OBARA MEJI!!!

The leech that does not let go even when it is filled, dies on the dry land……Yoruba Proverb.

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Hi there it’s me, I am also visiting this site daily, this site is in fact nice and the visitors are actually sharing nice thoughts.

10 years ago

thx for your beautiful words that vibrate the power of love and the understanding of self

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