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Happy independence Nigeria, may blessings be yours always. I love Nigeria.  I am proud to celebrate their independence with them today. Nigerians love to party and so I am sure that there will be street festivals all over. Nigeria reminds me a lot of Jamaica in so many ways. In times like this when certain areas want to have festivals or celebration they will block the roads and any cars that pass, the area boys will go up to the cars asking for donations towards their cause, (almost like a bad up thing, without the gun, just blocked road), I laugh when I see this, because my own Jamaicans would do this kind of thing, I can just see it. What do I love about Nigeria? The culture The respect given to a person even a day older than you Their resilience, when faced with poverty, although you will find poor people there ( and plenty rich people also), the people are happy and manage their condition regardless. They celebrate any and everything. They act as a community and are great problem solvers. They care their elders very well. If a person needs help on the road, help is sure to come (for a price of course, but they would not be Nigerians if this were not so).

I have been going to Nigeria for years now and have never heard a gunshot fired, or even seen a real fight, and I am in Lagos, the city. I do not just pass through, I spend months there.. Nigeria is a very wealthy country in it natural resources, the people are creative and smart and their school system is great, when you find an educated African (not only Nigerian, but African) dem brighter dan ten fire sticks. Their culture is rich and vibrant, and there are a wealth of wisdom there, almost unmatched.   I love Yoruba proverbs, I always put them at the end of each post I write mostly of the Yoruba culture because I am involved in their tradition and am among still them mostly.   Also I  have traced Yoruba to my mothers lineage, so I am where I am supposed to be. The three major tribes however are the Yoruba’s, the Igbos and the Hausas.

 ://youtu.be/8n1rbPijRrQ https://youtu.be/K0-DJufNJAM the remix https://youtu.be/Tvjqxub160w  

For easy listening please enjoy Asa (pronounced Asha, the word is Yoruba for culture), I love her music https://youtu.be/5NhQ–Sv5QE https://youtu.be/_2gc6V3UVQs

 Wasiu Ayinde https://youtu.be/Clo4RtRsviE 

https://youtu.be/DadxsC5vobg Ihttps://youtu.be/3F5COrQ2f20 https://youtu.be/3F5COrQ2f20

Ọwọ́ tí ẹkùn fi ńbá ọmọ ẹ̀ ṣeré ló fi ńkọ ilà fún un. / It’s with the same paws the leopard plays with its cubs, that it claws marks on them. [If care is not taken, a source of pleasure could become one of pain]   Mọ̀jà mọ̀sá ni ti akínkanjú; akínkanjú tó bá mọ̀ọ́ jà tí ò mọ̀ọ́ sá, á b’ógun lọ. / It is crucial that warriors know when to fight and when to run; a warrior who knows when to fight but not when to run won’t survive the war. [It’s good that one knows when to pursue and when to quit in order to win ultimately]   Kò sí ẹni tí Ọlọ́run ò ṣe fún, à fi ẹni bá ni tòun ò tó. / There is no one God has not blessed, except those who still crave for more. [We all have reasons to be grateful]   Adìyẹ ńjẹ yangan, ó ńmu omi ó ńgb’ókùúta mì, ó tún ńsunkún àìléyín. Ṣé òbúkọ tó léyín ńjẹ irin ni? / Hens eat corns, drink water and swallow stones, yet lament lacking teeth. Do goats eat pieces of iron with theirs? [Contentment is crucial]   Ẹni tó gbé ìlù rẹ̀ kọ́ apá, ayé ńbáa lùú, áńbọ̀tórí ẹni tó gbé tirẹ̀ kọ́ igi tó ṣeré lọ. / The person who hung his drum on his elbow, had the drum beaten by others, not to mention someone who hung his on a tree and walked away. [No complacency]   https://youtu.be/Jj9vJr-m9_E

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