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I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!!! Enjoy this very nice movie with my favorite Yoruba actor Taiwo Hassan, as Adebayo and the very competent Peju Ogunmola as Remi, about destiny and how it plays out in our lives. Take keen note of the scene when Bayo (Taiwo Hassan) was praying and the evil that was sent out for him could not connect. Also pay close attention to the Alfa (Islamic Priest), when he repeated Incantations to calm a disturbed Remi (Peju Ogunmola). They say we Africans are savages, we do not live like civilize people. Look how love conquers all.


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9 years ago

Oh….mi did tink wen di madda did do har ting is try shi did ah try fi help har dawta…mi undastan now

9 years ago

Just goes to show the power of prayer….
Mi glad dem finally get back together tho…..Is because him leff har mek shi mad Obara or is smaddy dweet?

Pon a diffrant note doah…..oonu si di part whey Remi goh ask di ppl dem fi money fi buy won Giant Cockroach?……Mi sey I nearly wet misself wen mi si da part deh….

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