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The title says it all.

We spend so much time on our journey here on earth searching for our deity or for some reason for our existence and our psychological weakness of attachment lets us latch on to whatever religion or earthly confinement that offers comfort. The bulk of us do not question the religious houses we belong to nor do we try to look into the river of life and ask the reflection that stares back at us these questions. If our mind can form a thought, does it not make sense that the same mind can form the answer? To the unconscious this statement makes no sense but to the conscious this statement is profound.

The sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening, all our answers lies there. Illumination and darkness, for it is through this that the universe guides and energizes us, mind; body; and soul. When the sun rises and we are awakened and look toward our day and the the evening approaches and the sun sets we begin to unwind and our physical energy lowers and prepares us for the night, the universe continuously guides us on our quest by illuminating the night with the dimmed moon, while our spirit leaves our body and goes to find the answers that plagued our minds in the day. Often times when we awake out of sleep we might not remember our dreams or visions but that is not to say that we did not collect a lot of information or experience,but again the universe will never subject YOU, the unconscious, to realities that your mind is not ready for, to do this would be a jarring experience for you, one that could leave you mentally scarred.

Without retaliation evils would one day become extinct from the world.…..Yoruba Proverb

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