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What do we as individuals have to offer the world, what is our reason of being, where do we go when we die, is there an after life or does the body go to the ground and that’s the end of that?.. what or who is God? how does he look and, is he really a man, or is he/she some type of alien looking being, if there is a God, why does he/she allow some to suffer, while others strive, why has he allowed some diseases that has no cure which causes the suffering of human being and their families to grieve, this being worse when the sick is poor and cannot pay for health care, medication or even a funeral, God have you forgotten us?

They say you live up in the heavens way beyond the sky, while we live below and always have to look up toward your direction when overwhelmed with the pressures of life, is this the way you wanted it God?, was that why you made it so that you could look down on us?  I know, I know,  don’t question God!,  it’s blaspheme, but who am I to ask?  Who created Osama Ben laden? if he really existed? and why?? and if he did not exist why then would the super powers of the world want to torment and terrorize their citizens?, is it really to satisfy some occult demon?? is it a ritualistic practice of some secret society??, and if so then God where are you? and why do you allow this to continue over and over again? why do babies have to die? why do some people mistreat their animals, why are some people so mean and violent, why do some parents hate their children, why did pedophiles have to be living among the human race, also rapists, and serial killers,what is it my Lord, equal opportunity for all??,

Why did you allow man to invent money?? and after the invention why have you allowed the uneven distribution of it??, and why religion? why did it have to be born when it only divides, why God?, They say you gave man free will and that is good but why not moderate?, you created the angels and all the heavenly hosts  my lord, but what are their function toward human beings?, they say in order to achieve bliss on earth we have to be able to keep things in balance, HOW!!??.  Why racism?, God why?, with all the ethnicities did you allow the black man to suffer the most, the general consensus is that nobody knows what God looks like, if so then God why do you allow the world to perceive you as a White man in all major religions, when you know how the black man suffers just for the color of his skin? he has been looked at by all races as the lowest of all lows, and has even been tricked into hating himself?.

Of course if the world sees their God as white and the angels also as such, and the devil and his hosts as black it is easy to see why we are so much hated and despised, even the christians have a pictorial description of the great Archangel Michael slewing the demonic black Devil, when clearly their bible blasts imagery, idolatry in all forms, but christians carry around their picture of the beautiful Archangel Michael killing the black ugly Devil, at this I cry, because I am black, am I not comely??.  White Angel cake, Black Devils cake can you see where I am going with this my Lord?,  please let us reason, I do not want to offend you but, there is a quote from the scriptures (Matthew:7 vs, 7), athough I do not subscribe to ANYTHING there,  that says seek and ye shall find, ask and it shall be given, so now Lord I Obara Meji am asking.

I will not linger on the topic of color any longer, after all every Human Being carries a black shadow.  Even though it baffles me to be hated, scorned and scoffed at because of my color, I love my blackness and my race, I am proud to be an African, and My Lord if ever I should come back to this world when I die please be kind and send me back black, because my melanin speaks to me, it has allowed me to tap into my self and see the beauty within that others despise, and have given me the freedom to express my self to you, God, because don’t get me wrong, my Lord, I get it. I understand the wisdom of you, the reasons you created diversity and racism, animal cruelty by some, money division, sickness, diseases, famine, religion, inequality on all levels, death, secret societies and all that I asked you about God, I get it, and I thank you, because on top of all that you created love,….. which is the single most significant element of happiness…. because of all the adversities, I had to seek comfort in Love.

Love of my race, of who I am, and who I looked to as My God. I had to search for the answers to the questions I asked of  you, and seek within my being to find the them, I had to see the reflection of you or what I perceived as you, because gone are the days when my God was white.  For White people and all other races there is nothing wrong with them seeing their God in their own image, because that image is their reality, but for me, Black Obara Meji my God looks like me, and with that I am content.  Poverty, I worry not about, sickness, the same. Death, I know does not exist, and color division is for the unconscious.

Marcus Garvey I feel you sitting beside me, teaching me, Sojourner Truth, I sense your magnificence and strength around, Babalawos I hear your wisdom and I know that you initiate to bring peace to the world, not to ruin it, my Ancestors and my Astral mates, thanks for your guidance, protection and teachings, Osun my mother, Orunmila, Obatala, and all Orishas.  Bob Marley your message lives on loud and clear, Gandhi we still remember you , Jesus, your love and warmth is felt everyday and your teachings lives on.  Dr. king, you were an incarnated peace maker, Malcom X, what a power house you were and the impact you made while you visited here can never be forgotten, Oprah Winfrey, you are still among the living but you are a gift sent to us by God, we honor and thank you, because I see the real you and it is beyond beautiful, Chancellor Williams, your book The Destruction Of The Black Civilization is the black mans guide to finding his pride.

Dr. Ishakamusa Barashango , John Henrik Clarke, your teachings lives on,  Cheikh Atop  Diop, The African Origin of Civilization: myth or reality is cause for celebration, Dr. Ben Jochannan, We The black Jews which is amongst your many books which has allowed us a glimpse of who we really are. They Came Before Columbus, professor Ivan Van Sertima. Dr. Tony Martin, your great work on the Pan-African Connection, and Marcus Garvey left me wowed!!,  All Babalawos, Arabas, Priests and Priestesses,. Dr. Afalobi Epega, for your work in Ifa and your many books including The Sacred Ifa Oracle with Philip Neimark,  Ifa Will Mend Your Broken  Heart by Wande Abimbola, Chief Araba Elebiubon, Indus Khemet Kush, Khalid Mohammed, Louis Farrakhan, DR. Maya Angelou, Shirley MacLaine, thanks for sharing your light,  Dione Fortune, The mystical Quabalah, Martin Bernal, Professor Rex Nettleford, The Honorable Louise Bennet,  Mutabaruka, my Mother and Father for bringing me into this world and teaching me great morals and principles, and many many more who has contributed through songs, demonstrations, literature, speech , movements, spiritual teachings, revolution,inspirations, culture, Poems, artistic expressions, divinations and prophecy, traditional up keep through Oral traditions,  thank you for what you contributed to the world, and for some who are still here with us what you are still giving… Alafia

To the Yorubas of south western Nigeria, with the knowledge of Ifa/Orisha, this beautiful traditional practice I say thank you!!!

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12 years ago

:), me good teacha… Jus a wait pon u fi run d story dem wha u promise we…lol

12 years ago

Good evening Obara, hope all is well with you

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