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I once use to attend this spiritual church. The church started at nights around nine and it was a lot of fun, the place was very small but lively. The mother for the church was a short fat dark skin woman who liked to control her members. I was not a member but I use to attend with some of my friends because of the fun-loving friendly atmosphere more than anything else.

This was way back then. After a while I started to have a funny feeling about the woman who something was not right, and I would go home and have visions of her looking differently than what she really looked like in real life so I started to attend the services lesser and lesser and so did my other two friends of whom I was the youngest. After a while I stopped going all together, I did not like the way she tried to monitor our movements and had members of her congregation cleaning her house, washing and cooking for her, NEVER me though, I was never easily tamed.
This defiant me she did not like and so she began to fight my friends and I with witchcraft. Ok lets stop for a minute. witchcraft is real, not a lot of the people who claim that they practice it knows what they are doing but a few does, I was always a doubtful Thomas and still am, probably due to the fact that I’m strong willed and I apply logic to everything although my spiritual knowledge lets me realise that somethings defies logic. Now back to he story. This witch sent all kinds of evil to me in all forms, once she sent a twelve-year-old little boy to me with a knife in the middle of the day about two o’clock. another time she sent a woman dressed as a bride to fight me in my sleep, but God allowed me victory every time. In future blogs to come I will explain how these entities attacked me and how I saw them. I had a very good friend who was an older man, but one of the greatest diviner who ever lived, and he had taught me how to make a medicine that I would put on certain points of my body and that of my children and it would protect us from these attacks. Each night I would apply this medicine on our bodies and I would see the demons come but they could not come near us.

One night I dreamt that the man  the witch was dating came to me and said that mother wanted to see me urgently because she had a vision about my youngest child, I immediately went with him to see her because I was anxious about whatever vision she had of my kid. When I got to her she was on a moving train and she had the vial of medicine in her hand that I used every night, shaking the bottle and studying it. B,because I was nervous about my child, I foolishly did not pay it any attention. I breathlessly asked her to please tell me about the vision, she said ok no problem but first tell me the ingredients to this medicine which I quickly did, she laughed and said the child is alright and I jumped up from my sleep and realized that she had just tricked me. My guides whispered to me and told me that I could never use that medicine again because she now knew what was impeding her from harming me. Because of my motherly attachment to my children I was tricked by a witch to give out the ingredients of my protective medicine. But Once you are innocent your defence is sure. The fight lasted for one year but I won that battle. My message to you all is to try to practice detachment, it will free you from bondage and allow you to suffer no more. It is not easy but start off slowly , try to deprive your self of things that you feel that you cannot do with out and you will see how much lighter you feel.

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10 years ago

the thing yu love r need the most be able to say no to it!! can yu do a post sharing some of these medicines Obara?

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