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When I was a child growing up in Kingston  Jamaica, I had problems with cats. They would find their way into my room at nights, and I would wake up to see them sitting on my bed staring at me. It was traumatic, to say the least. They never hurt me, but those piercing eyes would stare at me in the night, looking even more frightening because of the reflection from the moon on their eyes. I always knew that there was more to a cats existence, they (to me )moved very sinister, bold and daring and I saw in them the actions of human beings…do not ask me to explain!!!.As I grew up, (I was living in the States by then), I began to observe them more. A friend of mine, Winsome had a huge black cat living in her house, it was the family pet, whenever I visited her house the cat would jump on the china cabinet in the living room and stare at me without winking, He would not move until I left. It was as if he was seeing something with me and although he did not act afraid he seemed wary, of what I did not know,,,Then!!!…..Now I do!!.. Once when I was sitting on my porch , it was night and a very effeminate black and white cat, (I knew it was a girl, by the way she walked and switch, her posture and she was just overall very feminine), walked into my gate, I stood up and yelled at her say saying “Not tonight, do not come in here tonight, please leave!!,..” she backed up from the gate, looked up at me, (I was on the third floor, of a private house) and left. She never came back.

I was going to Africa once and I was supposed to take my small daughter with me, I had sent someone to go to the Nigerian embassy to pick up our visa and I was busy on the road with her gathering up a few things that I needed to bring with us. While driving I saw a black cat run across the street in front of my car. Let me pause for a moment and tell you all that I AM NOT AT ALL SUPERSTITIOUS!!!…I AM A DOUBTFUL THOMAS, as a matter of fact I go out of my way to walk under ladders, and to step on cracks, I love Friday the 13th and I fear nothing, but that day when I saw the cat run before my car, an eerie feeling took over my body and my own head told me that I was about to be disappointed about something. Ten minutes later, I found out that my daughter’s visa was denied. She could not travel with me to Nigeria, after all the money that I spent on her ticket and other things. Since then anytime disappointment is coming to me, I notice that a black cat would cross my path, that saying is QUITE true, but not for everybody. I had a client come to me sometime ago, he had lost one of his eyes, his story goes…he was driving one day and a black cat ran in front of his vehicle, he killed it. Three days after, he opened the hood of his car to check something, (he was a mechanic), and something exploded into his face causing him to lose his eye….he attributed the accident to him killing the cat.  These animals are high spiritual beings, they are messengers, and they can bring  good or  bad omens. They are not ordinary animals. They are highly spiritual animals, and should not be ignored. However, bear in mind that  they have NO loyalty, to anyone!!! Enjoy the article below. 

From the Ancient Egyptian temple cats to the domesticated cat curled up in front of an electric fire, cats have always carried with them an air of mystery and mysticism. Even the most visually unattractive of cats, the three-legged stray or the mat-furred mog, have an attitude which suggests some hidden knowledge, a secret which they have chosen not to share. It is no surprise, then, that the cat has always featured so prominently in religion and mythology.

Cat gods and goddesses were associated with fertility and played the role of both hunter and guardian. The cat goddesses Sekhmet and Bast, for example, were the guardians of the upper and lower kingdoms of Ancient Egypt. Cats were given the freedom to come and go as they pleased (although anybody who has ever kept a cat will know that they take that freedom rather than having it granted to them) and there was a widespread belief that all cats could ‘see’ beyond the vision of people (again, cat lovers will be familiar with those moments when their feline companions have stared into an empty space as if captivated).

Unlike dogs, cats never seem to truly belong to their owners or homes. Whilst they do show affection, it is the affection shared between equals rather than the love and respect shown to a master. Independent and out of their keeper’s control, it is little wonder that superstitions associate cats with luck and destiny across many different cultures; after all, a cat will always land on it’s feet. In Japan, for example, the beckoning cat (Maneki Neko) is closely associated with good fortune because of a legend in which a cat beckoned a man into a temple saving him from being struck by lightening. A black cat can represent either good or bad luck; the arrival of a black cat in a Scottish household is traditionally an omen of prosperity.

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Mi naw lie mi love the puss dem especially the FULL BLACK one dem.
Mi like how dem move, how dem clean and lick demself an how dem manuveur themself bout the place with a slow snake like movement…..and them very alert….mysterious… dem.


DWL….when u done yuh chat bout sey mi mad….
Puss ah chat yuh

It nuh impossible doah, caw dem speak dem owna language


Mi know dat fi sure Obara….cawse dah one deh did really protek mi…nuh affi ask nuh kwestian bout dat!!!!!

Like mi sey ah ongle ceertin time mi like dem an mi ah look inna whole heep ah tings yah nung an dem tek time ah add up


Mi believe di story based on my personal experience with cats…..Had one that I know came to protect me, as u said Obara sometimes u will see them staring into space and like they are on their guards (like when they are threatened by a dog or another animal).

Still dont like them though


The Tail of the Pusses
Soon come, mek ah sekkle dung den mi go read
Gud aftanune all

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