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I have always wondered while growing up, why was it that people came in and out of my life. Of course I am older and wiser now (I think, talking about the latter), so I believe that I have figured out the answer. I have always loved human beings, but as a little girl growing up as far as I can remember I really had no friends. Yes, there were children at school, and in my neighborhood, but they were all closer to each other but never really to me, so I would sit and play mostly by myself. There were times when I would get close to a school mate or one of my mothers friends children and try as I might to be nice and play and share my toys with them, after a short while our friendship would end. When I became a teenager  it was the same, no friend remained with me. One day we would be good and laughing and having fun and the next day, they became strangers to me.  It took me a long time to realize that my life was different, way different from other normal human beings. We all came to this Earth plane with different purposes, all are destined for one thing or another. Some of us self realize from early, while others have to search to find their divine purpose. For many people there is no running away from your purpose, they  are not in control of their lives.  Others however may get the opportunity to skip or side step out of certain earthly obligations, but certainly they will have to return, (reincarnation), to rectify what they side-stepped. In my case I had to be who I became. There was no choice. My mother was always the person,( while I was growing up) who people came quietly to see whenever they had any problem. She knew so many things about herbs, and had much knowledge of many mysterious things. She knew how to set the shoes that she wore that day out at night at the door, in a particular way to keep out non physical beings, she knew how to chase negative energies that would enter our house at times, she knew how to make charms, baths, and medicinal concoctions to heal people. She was and still is a very mysterious woman. All these things she did only for close friends and family members. Christianity made her fearful of being stigmatized an Obeah woman, so my mother never really embraced her gift the way that she was supposed to. She used the power handed  to her, but she was ashamed of It. She never had a spiritual altar, she never offered even  a glass of water to her guardian angel, her ancestors her spiritual teachers. While growing up , I was always in awe of my mother, and felt she could solve all problems. Although she worked at the University of the west indies, and we had  health care coverage, we hardly went to the doctor, (we were never really ill), for anything. Whenever we would get sick, which was not very often, she would mix her own concoction and serve to us and all would be well. Out of all her children, I took mental notes of the things that she did. I listened to her talk to Miss Ruth her friend who would come and sit on our veranda with her in the evenings, about problems that the woman was having, and my mother would counsel Miss Ruth on how to solve them.  Miss Will was our neighbor and quite a nuisance, she declared herself an enemy to my mother and would try to use obeah/voodo to create problems, but my mother was very wise in her dealings with Miss Will, and so she could not prevail in her evil doings. All these things I noted in my child’s mind, little did I know that I was being groomed, not by my mother because she would not discuss or explain any of what she did to us, even if we asked, but by my guardian angels, who knew the life I came here to live, who knew my destiny. They, my Guardian Angels knew that to allow me to have friends, earthly ones would distract me from my purpose, here. They knew that “The arm of flesh shall fail you”. They knew that I was spiritually older that those who I would have been friends with. They knew that I had a long journey ahead of me as a Spiritualist/Traditionalist, and that Normal, everyday life as regular people lived it were not to be mine.!! I was spiritually awoken up by these words. “SEEK YE THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND ALL HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS AND ALL THESE THINGS SHALL BE ADDED  UNTO YOU!!”  This message I received over and over again, from random people when God decided to call me into service. Of course I do not practice Christianity now, but I came from a christian background, and so it was befitting for the message to come to me this way via a passage from the christian bible, Matthew 6: 33 Many people may have strange things happening in their lives, but every experience has a meaning behind it…. My awakening has led me to the traditional practices of IFA/ORISA, and for that I am glad…..Where will your journey take you?

Onà ló jìn ẹrú ní baba / The slave came from a home as well, he is simply far from it……Yoruba Proverb!  [The disadvantaged is human, as well]  

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7 years ago

The last line of this post has stuck with me because that is really my question. Not sure where I am going spiritually but embracing any and all things. I am open and willing. I feel confident that GOD will lead me to my purpose. Each person has their own destiny written and mine is slowly unravelling. Really excited about the journey though because with increased spirituallity I feel renewed and awesome.

8 years ago

How can I cantact you personally Obara?

Obara Meji
Obara Meji(@lila)
9 years ago

GG what’s up!

9 years ago


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