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Embracing Spirituality is a blog of a wide variety of spiritual topics and discussions, led by spiritualist, metaphysician, and traditionalist Obara Meji and her personal experiences. Born out of a desire to assist others in embracing their spirituality, and to lend our contribution to the ultimate goal of the evolution of mankind.
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A while ago I sat down in my room on my bed, searching for something new to watch on the television. I heard my black berry made a noise which alerted me that there was a new email, so I opened it and looked, there I found this..

Comment: I happened to stumble upon your blog through your Black Woman and Child posting. It was curiosity that led me to explore the rest of the site. I see that you have not posted in a long time, I hope that all is well with you and your family. Your postings have done something for me. They opened me up to the reality of what I’ve always felt but was not able to express. It was like finding food that my spirit yearned for but could not find anywhere else. I thank the Most High for leading me to you. As I am from the Virgin Islands, I found comfort in the patios and stories that you shared. It was something I could relate to on a cultural and spiritual level. In my head you’re my friend, someone I can come to talk with when I need that guidance or when my soul is troubled. Thank you Obara Meji.

Warm regards

Also this very last one (there were many), which was what actually gave me the lift to continue,,Than you Sasha!, and everyone for the encouragement!

Please come back to your blog. Would you believe I am here reading all your old posts from 2011. I am so drawn to you, with some hesitation though :(.  I am from a Christian background you see, not baptised as yet. I struggle with some things I want to get rid of before I do but hey as Jamaicans say “stop the coming and come.” lol. I have been saved at an early age. I found you on MET’s site. I think I’ve been reading that site for about 4 years, often recently.  I look forward to the articles that you comment on.  Please start blogging on here again, I am so intrigued. Your last post was last month!!!!hehe

I get these emails a lot from people telling me that they like my blog and asking me when will I begin blogging again and overall the feed back from the readers has been very good. This makes me feel proud, because I believe we all, {Human beings} have something to say. Embracing Spirituality has given me the medium to share some of my experiences with you and some of my spiritual knowledge also.

There is so much that is in me that has yet to come out, but of course I am human and as such have the ability to come short at times. What I mean by this is there are times when I become distracted in my real life and put something’s that I should concentrate on off to do other things. I really wish I could fix that, but that quality has been with me ever since I have known myself, but I am working on it.

When I started this blog, I wanted to not only share some of my experiences but also to connect with others and hear their stories of whatever they were going through spiritually. My own awakening was very jarring. It felt like I was loosing my mind, I was almost depressed, I had to fight depression and It was not a good feeling. All that I had been taught about God, Jesus, the bible the church etc was not so!!…I was being initiated (I did not know it at the time) taught, awakened, being brought to another level spiritually, and this was not being done by human beings, spirits from other realms and dimensions were the ones to open me up to a new world, a new life, my destiny. It did not happen in church nor did I have any mentor, spiritual god parent or anybody to guide me through it. I was a normal girl, going through life but realizing that I was totally different from everybody I knew. My life was different, the things that I was curious about while growing up were not shared by my peers. I was interested in the occult and God was an obsession for me. I wanted to know how the universe worked, and I knew that spirituality was more that the bible, I was brought up into Christianity. I felt the energy of the Ocean and of the River, the hills, valleys, streams, lakes and mountains. I was fascinated with death and also life. I knew from an early age that we were fragments of God, a supreme energy that existed somewhere and everywhere and as such we all have as humans possibilities far more than we could ever imagine. I also knew that we needed to wake up from our slumber in order to realize this. I knew things that I did not know how I knew and I was certain that what I knew was the truth. I search books upon books upon books, not to gain knowledge from them but to see if anyone else out there knew what I knew of the universe, of the realms and the many different dimensions out there.

I am back to blogging, so let us explore these things together!

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Lady T
Lady T
10 years ago

It’s amazing how Spirit works ALL the time leading us to where we NEED to go at EXACTLY when we need to. Thx again for your publications. Thanks to the Spirits that have lead you and brought you to teach, relate to and elevate others. It’s funny in another post u spoke about essence and you truly embody this essence of a mother, trusted friend and caring leader. It’s amazing how connected we feel to u just through your writing probably because it’s sincere and loving. May you continue to be highly blessed spirituality bringing clarity and answers SOOO hard… Read more »

Obara meji
Obara meji
10 years ago
Reply to  Lady T

I need these boost if confidence @lady T, because sometimes When I write I wonder if it will be received well, but I am human after all and subject to And emotions, continue to pray for me while I do the same for all if you thank you

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