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Spiritual Secrets of Urine and Ways You Can Use It PT. 2

Greetings everyone! Since the first urine post was written, I have received many emails from people about it, some grateful for the...

2021 World Prophecies For The New Year | Spirit Says…

Peace, blessings and happy new year to all. I know it has been a while since I've posted (and thanks to all...

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There are some hidden things in life that are hidden for good reason. And then there are others that are often...

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Religion vs. Tradition: What’s The Difference?

Yesterday, I wrote a WhatsApp status that attracted many comments and questions. But I found one question in particular very important.

I saw this today while going through my blog and read it and thought to myself, this was a good one, an important one, and so I have decided to re-post. A quote from Bernard Lagat says “You seek help from the elders. A society with elders is healthy. It’s not always that way in the West.” We know that while some elders were young they were not always good, but we ought not to concern ourselves with that, we should concern ourselves with what is right. Respect the elders!


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3 years ago

Please am a pastor and how can my spiritual eyes opened when I bath and I want to feel with the Holy Spirit more please help me thank you.

4 years ago

Today as I walked into a botanica for the first time I suddenly got weak. My knees came out from under me. Then it happened once again while I was inside. Any insight on why this may have happened?

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