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Here in Africa I have observed many of the wives and girl friends of theses African men submissive to them. When they are served their meals Nigerian women will serve the meal on their knees, Iteriba fun oko eni, as it is called (serving the husband with respect). He is her God and she treats him as such. If they  have an argument she is the one to say sorry most often, prostrate on her belly or kneel while rubbing her hands together in a pleading, almost prayerful way as she begs forgiveness, often times for things she did not even do.

He readily pack her out and drive her away to her family house if he choose to, and it is comical to see all the family members come back with her begging him to give her another chance.

In Nigeria, she will brag to people that she is “in her husband’s house”, it matters not if she contributed one Kobo to the construction of the house or the initial renting of the apartment (they pay rent here yearly or for two years before they can move in) he is Lord and master and she dares not challenge him. Now I know I have many Nigerian and Africans from other countries who reads the blog daily, and I am aware of some that are educated and modern and will say “No Obara my husband and I are in a partnership”, but while you are saying this, I am also sure you will agree that this the is mentality of most of the women here, regardless of Country,it is across the board culture in some respect.

As a matter of fact women whose roles as house wives or girlfriends within their culture who are submissive or docile can be found in other countries, like China, and Japan not to mention Saudi Arabia and other Islamized countries, Islam religion demands this, as women are regarded as nothing, so sad, Christianity supports it as women has no good place within its teachings.


Religion and culture supports docility in women, and it is evident within their doctrines, women are vilified and bastardized, while men are hailed as Kings and majestic, powerful and strong, giving them the title of Master of his domain, Man ah Yard as we Jamaicans say. Women have readily given up their power, if only just to say they have a man or husband, as most of them find it shameful to reach a certain age and not be married or have a significant other.

To have a man, many women will do anything, and they have. In doing this, they have given up their power!

As a child growing up my mother worked and my father also, although he was a construction worker, a mason by trade and a carpenter, he never had a steady job, as those work would come and go, when a job was done, he would have to wait until another on came up.  My mother. who maintained steady work at The University Hospital of The West Indies, worked to support the family when things was on a “go slow” for daddy. She was/is a very good cook and baker and she supplemented her income by baking cakes for people and occasions, also puddings, and cut cakes and greater cakes (sweets treats every Jamaican knows) and she even taught my father how to bake like her, so that when she was on her evening shift at the hospital, he could supply the demands for her products.

When my father did work however, he gave my mother every cent, and held non for himself. My mother in turn would give him pocket money, and buy him his necessities, she would pay the bills and of course provide food for us and then-some. This was fine for my dad who loved, respected and trusted my mom, and we all lived well. Never have I in all my years heard my parents argue or having a shouting match. Well there was this one time when he came home six in the morning (he slept out) and she hit him with the broom, several times honestly, I was about four years old back then, I remember , but he raised his hand to ward off the broom hits and that was the end of that. So I saw my mother in the light of the strong female running her household and taking care of the family, regardless if the man could contribute or not. My daddy never felt emasculated by her strength and resourcefulness. She honored him as her husband and he also honored her as his wife.

Some weeks ago I went to a computer shop with my husband to renew our internet subscription. The owner of the establishment knows me and and always greet me well whenever I am in town and go to his place. While we were waiting for them to what they had to do, the gentleman, a young Igbo chap began to speak to me about the upcoming Presidential elections, he was surprised at how much I knew about Nigeria,and their politics and so the conversation was very enlightening and informative.

I could tell that something was not right with Oluwo, it was evident on his face, and after a while he told me that he was going to get something to eat. It was several days after, while we were talking he told me that I talk too much, and that he did not like it, he said anywhere I go I always like having conversation with people. I answered him and told him that if some one speaks to me, not being disrespectful to me,  in my own culture it is rude not to answer them, and I believe culture, not withstanding, it is overall good manners to be cordial, I really do not know how to be rude and hurt persons feelings.

He said that he do not like it and that it makes him feel as if I am “Madam” and he is “Driver”. I was shocked at his confession, but I processed it internally and realize that he felt emasculated by my presence. Read it again, I did not say by me, I said my presence!


Now this is a Babalawo, a man who haS two Chieftancy titles, double Chief as they call it over here, he is the Otun Araba, soon to be Araba, as a matter of fact he is already acting the part of Araba, as his grand father who is the Araba is 104 years old is not as active as before, meaning he does not attend the Babalawos meetings as before or all the many functions he as Araba should officiate, so in many things it is the Otun Araba who have to represent and make decisions. He will sit directly beside the King in every and all events. Let me tell you all what an Araba is in our tradition.


An Araba is head of our Ifa/Orisha tradition, each town here in Nigeria have their own Araba who heads the tradition. All practitioners of Ifa, including Babalawo’s answers to him, he is the supreme high priest and he wears a crown, suggesting that he is King of the tradition. Here are the list of titles in tradition in the hierarchical order, these are the 16 most important Ifa priest, from the Araba downward;

1-Araba- (he is Otun Araba, right hand of Araba or next in line for the crown)

2-Oluwo-(which he also is also)

3-Ojubona-(he is also the Ojubona of our town, a title he will have forever)






9-Otun Awo

10-Osi Awo

11-Ekejo Awo

12- Alara


14- Owarangun



I made a point in listing this to show you the importance of my husband within his community and his tradition and to cap it all off, his name is Adekunle which means there is a crown in the house, he will be up for the crown of King of the town of which his father was King, whenever the sitting King makes his transition.


All these in his favor, making him well known and extremely respected here in Nigeria and yet, in my presence he feels emasculated. Less than who he is, all because of my inner strength which comes out through my spirit.


I realized that this as been so with all my men (the few that they were), all of these bad getten half men, all felt emasculated in my presence. I am respectful of everyone. I am not one to curse and embarrass my man, I will respond however if I am pushed, and looking back at Mr. High grade and the things he use to say to me, I now realize that he felt weak in comparison to me, to my presence, so did the wicked baby father. Notice how I keep using the word “presence”. I will soon explain.


Although I am a feminine woman, I love to dress up and be clean, and do all that women do to feel good while honoring their femininity, I am a very strong woman, who is of the no nonsense type. What I mean by this is, human beings are not in love people they cannot fool or rule. I am not that person who one can rule or even conquer. Yet I have never tried to rule any man in my life, but the “presence ” that I carry, the spiritual energy within me, and which people can sense is what makes people weary of me, thinking to themselves, “you better watch this one”.


Why would you be weary of someone who has never bothered you, unless you are a sinister, unsure, weakling, or is it jealousy in realizing that while I am around you, your light now dim. It dims because you have not what to uphold which God gave all of us. I certainly have,and I have upheld it, my integrity and my dignity, my talent and my faith in the supreme, and most of all I radiate love!


From ever since I can remember, I have called myself a Queen, (this is my truth, you can say your own, but I care not about criticism, this is who I know myself to be). Oh Forget about Elizabeth and her crown, for mine is bigger than hers and any other earthly crowns, I was born a Queen, I came from heaven as such, this I know for sure! I know it within the deep core of my being and as I traveled along life’s way people treated me like royalty. I have never treated people like minions, how could I?, I do not look at anyone as my royal subjects or less than I, I know my own truth and I logged on to it, this is who I am whether anyone knows it or not. In my confidence as royalty walking these earthly grounds, knowing who I am, it showed itself in me, in my gracefulness, in my presence, in my speech, my actions the way I live my life and even in my philosophies, in all areas of my life.

People who also are confident with who they are respect me and love me, others with self doubt, insecurities, low self esteem  and weak presence despise me!


I once went to dinner with a friend of mine and his friends, a couple who were in the entertainment business. My friend is a self proclaimed Obeah man. He and the man from the couple had come to my house the week before and we had conversations about spirituality, which as you all know is my topic to deal with on a daily basis and of which I am well versed. As with all people who I have met and have had serious conversations with the man was impressed by my speech on all things spiritual, and went home to tell his counterpart about me. We were invited to a private movie screening which the woman produced  and dinner after. While we were at the table eating, the wife prompted me to speak on many topics pertaining to spirituality, Of course I did. I noticed my friend who is very braggadocios, always wanting the world to see and know him as a very powerful person, he sat quiet as I spoke and commanded the attention of these very intelligent people.


Bloggers this is my natural character, anywhere I go, people gravitate to me, like bees to honey, It is the truth and It is my destiny. This creates bad jealousy for all people who are with me and who sees this, people sitting by me, crowd of people to hear what I have to talk about, they have no idea that it is the spirit within me, I came to earth this way.



Suddenly, I felt water splash in my face, and of course I was shocked, I looked at him, we all looked at him, he was holding the flowers which were in a vase on the dinning table. He had removed the flowers (thinking they were fake, I will explain the spiritual meaning of this to you all very soon) and splashed the water in my face, realizing what he did and how these people who he wanted to impress were looking at him, he apologized and placed the flowers back inside the jar.



They people there may not have realized what his real reason for doing what he did was, but Mama did nor raise no fool, I knew exactly the spiritual meaning behind his action, remember I said he was a Obeah man, one who liked the bad side.


His jealousy for me and for the attention he thought I was getting from these people was so much that he, thinking that the flowers were dead/artificial, splashed it in my face, hoping that these dead flowers would quench or kill my spirit, shut me up, dim my light. This is a wisdom knowledgeable people have using artificial flowers and repeating certain psalms in their minds. God was and is always on my side and this idiot had no idea that the flowers were real and not fake. Even if they were fake it would not have affected me, cause Mama did not raise no fool!

This is another example of a man feeling emasculated in my presence. This also shows his own lack of confidence and his very harmful character.

My presence being my vibration, the frequency which emits from my person and of which I am attuned with and which radiates from me, a person may not know what they feel, but if less than what they believe they are, they will feel weak and dominated in my presence. Strong people will love and embrace me.


The little woman, is subservient to her husband, and in doing this she believes she is behaving the appropriate way a wife is supposed to behave. Now, no one wants to see a woman acting like a shrew especially to her husband or boyfriend, but to see a docile or submissive woman to husband or boyfriend is very disheartening, especially if the man is abusive.


I mentioned African women in the beginning of the post because it is here alive and well in Nigeria and other Africans Countries, and also non African countries as mentioned earlier, women really do not have a voice, or if they do, meaning if they are educated, having jobs, there is still something within them, taught to them by their mothers that the man is their King and he must be heard and well attended to and he must be served with the highest respect.


My husband once said to me, that you American women love to control your men. What they see as controlling behavior is us making sense when we speak to them or even tying to help to make important wise decisions. I do believe in giving the man the respect he deserves, I do not advocate for any woman to disrespect him, but respect goes both ways, and as I give, I expect to receive same.

Mr. High Grade once cursed me in front of my youngest child, my daughter, one day and even went as far as to kick my Ogun pot in the heat of the argument (not surprising that less than a year later it was the Police, Ogun himself who took him out of my house). The argument was because he needed money to put gas in my car (of which we had two, but this worthless gentleman had his friend wreck one, both cars were bought by my hard work), which I hardly ever got a chance to drive because he hogged it every day.



He never worked (well not never, but hardly) and he spent all his days gambling and smoking weed. On this particular day, (by this time, I disliked him intensely, but was too compassionate to send him out, thinking he had no where to go, my soft heart worked against me in this case) he was going to hang out as usual. We had an argument earlier, so he had no money, which I supplied daily (yes, I enabled him, I admit), and the car was on E. My child and I was in the living room and he walked out, he buck shuffled at the door, and I saw, but said nothing, I just wanted him to go already!. I knew he needed money but because of the argument we had earlier and also because my daughter being there (the children did not like him, but being respectful children they never disrespected him) he was too embarrassed to ask. He knew he was a BUM, but has never admitted it to himself.


He went out side and called my phone, telling me he needed gas, he did it by way of phone, because he did not want my daughter to hear. I told him, that I had no money with, me and all I had in the house was $40.00, of which I could only spare ten because I wanted to cook for the children. On the phone he began to curse me, telling me that I was saying all this in front of my child to embarrass him, he even threatened me, and ran back upstairs into the house, cursing like a market woman knowing that he could not touch me, this bastard kicked my Ogun (God of War) pot. I was glad he did, because this was how papa Ogun moved him right out of my house and my life! Iba Ogun Yayyyyyyy!


He cried the day he left, this big bad man, cried like a baby. The free ride and sweet life was over, eleven years too late, but over nonetheless, I thank God, Modupe oooooo!

In relationships regarding man and woman, respect must be given and it must be equal. There is nothing wrong if the wife carries the household financially, this happens to Osun women, they may not know that they are Osun’s children, and one day I will explain why it is like this, but behind it all, Osun wants her children to be independent, never to be subservient or beholden to any man, Oore Yeye OOOOO, Osun OOOOO! Modupe oooooo, Yeye!.

This is and has always been my life and the life of my mother and all Osun women (true) but in balancing out the life together, the man then must play his part in other ways, earning and deserving his wife’s love, and respect. This was the case of my mother (an Osun woman I am sure) and my dad. They had the relationship where he never felt emasculated because of her unique ability to take care of the family through working and hustling between jobs. She in turn, never belittled him and his lack of job, she did what she had to do. He looked after us, cooked for us, took us to school and loved his wife deeply for her care and dedication.

Do men want docile, submissive women?

Not quite, according to relationship experts.

Some men are more attracted to sexy, vibrant, passionate, bright professional women. They are generally bored by quiet, docile, submissive women, if not initially, most definitely over time.

Other men, are more attracted to women who they perceive to be quiet, docile, submissive and more easily controlled – such as Asian, Mexican or White women.

What a nasty wake-up call when such men discover that the object of their affection informs them that will be damned, if they let any man walk all over them and treat them like crap. So goes that stereotype!

Still other men prefer a combination – sweet and spicy.

Race also plays its part in the notion of men preferring quiet, docile, submissive women.

Some Black men – trying to justify dating and marrying Other-Than-Black women say they do so, because all black women think much too highly of themselves, have bad attitudes and are gold-diggers.

The media further perpetuates this image by portraying Black women as being “loud, neck-rolling, sharp-tongued, ghettofabulous negresses or the simple-minded video hoe – good enough to ‘hit it and quit it’ but unworthy of a serious commitment. Ever wonder why media portrayals of docile, submissive, easily controlled, abused Black women are far and few between?

So…is the docile, submissive woman a thing of the past?

Or is a new type of woman emerging…a Strong Woman who wants a man who is…

…goal-oriented and knows why he wants to be with her and what he wants to accomplish with her
…strong enough to not allow a woman to walk all over him
…capable of handling a woman ‘testing’ him more often and with greater intensity, as a way of proving that he is as powerful today, as he appeared to be when she first met him
…just as sexually adventurous, creative and enthusiastic as she is
…capable of making her feel safe, secure and happy in a relationship – which in turn makes her want to make her man feel safe, secure and happy, in turn …stronger than she is so that she can melt into the comfort of the willing, submissive role – until proven otherwise…

…a woman who is Strong-By-Day and Submissive-By-Night?



Answer these questions;

Are you the little woman? Could you be the little woman, do you evev like the term?  By this I mean docile and submissive to your man?

Are these offensive questions? How do you believe a woman should treat her man and vice versa?

How do you see yourself? I KNOW I am a Queen, how do view yourself?, please share, declare who you are with certainty!

To the men, if they come, do you like a docile, submissive woman or do you admire strength and character?

How should we teach our daughters to be?

What should our sons expect from their wives or girlfriends?

Are women the weaker sex?

Or are we equal with our men, or do we stand in front of them?

Like Nigerian women, would you serve your husband on your knees and kneel before him in greeting as culture dictates?

Why with all his accomplishments do my husband feel as if he is driver and I madam, lol? Although I show him much love and care. I do like the name Madam however, it makes my straighten my shoulders and smile, for that I am and more, him being driver is HIS problem, abi? (right?)

Let us reason today!


Ẹni tó ṣu lè gbàgbé, ṣùgbọ́n ẹni tó fọwọ́ ko ò lè gbàgbé /
The person who defecated might forget but not one whose hand was smeared with it….. Yoruba Proverb

[Those who created a problem won’t feel its impact as those who had to bear the brunt of the problem]

All religion are valid as long as it teaches peace and love…. Obara Meji!


There are no disappointments in life, only lessons learned!….Obara Meji





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good evening everyone. I have been trying to read this topic since yesterday but only got time to read all and comment, i must say i really do love the topic. Am a queen and can never be the little woman. i am someone very bold and fearless and most times my husband also feels it is because i am older than him that makes me do some certain things without giving him respect. He refers to my ex most of such times that if it were my ex, would i have done or spoken like this. i have tried calming down most times but i hate a man that is not smart. i love my men to be smart and have something up the brain, not someone that i have to teach several times. So Obara, as a Nigerian woman, yes we have such problems of submissiveness, our men want us to submit and not speak out our mind when we have to or express ourselves. I can not be docile and be a wimpy. Thank you for the post once again and thanks to all your comments that make me laugh so much.


Good morning mi family. It took me a while to comment , but i hope this discussion continues later today because it is a good one. First, I am not a little woman but I must admit I have been when I was younger. Thinking that was what men wanted but I was constantly at odds with myself for succumbing to certain needs of the man. Especially when he didn’t deserve me. I am not offended by the term little women because it makes me think of midgets, that and I know what I am so mi nah pick up did cawn. Do i see myself as a queen? Mi name ah mi name and it nah change lol. Queen of land, sea, jungle,sky, you name it i rule it (with much grace, respect and love that is). We should teach our daughters to be strong and independent. To stay focused on their dreams and goals, because trust me if they put aside their goals for a man they will always feel a void in their life. I know this first hand. Our sons should be with the same type if woman I am raising my daughter to be strong and independent without being overpowering. A woman that lifts them up and makes them better. Women are certainly not the weaker sex, I would say we are the opposite. Mainly because we carry and bring life. Being able to sacrifice your body, soul and mind to bring life into the world is one of the most selfless and God filled acts ever. I am definitely my mans equal. I will not overshadow him and will not allow him to overshadow me. This being said after years of dimming my light to make others feel better. We will stand shoulder to shoulder in all our glory. My new motto is “Get like me!” Your husband was bitten by the jealousy bug. To some men there is a thin line between being sociable or polite and being flirtatious. As a confident man he should’ve joined in on the discussion. That’s his issue not yours. The only time I would be like the Nigerian women is of we are role playing in the bedroom!

Btw, O I am so mad that man threw the water in your face. Wishing to insert myself in your story and men him hold a proper box for that crap!


Firstly, I am not a very talkative person by nature and I don’t like to argue at all so I while I would like a strong person I wouldn’t want someone that’s domineering. I don’t think I could deal with an African man at all because while I am quiet I am not submissive to point of kneeling in greeting and serving on the knees etc. Nope. I’ve never been in a relationship but I like the idea of being independent and while I don’t have personal experience I have an idea of what I would like from what I wouldn’t just based on the relationships I’ve seen around me. Just like everything in life there needs to be balance in a relationship. Times have changed so much now, the views about women being weaker or docile is changing. I’ve noticed that the word feminist is used and embraced now a days and the socially constructed assumptions about gender roles are changing too because women are doing it all (girl power!) In this day and age girls are learning that they don’t necessarily need to look for a partner just because they need somebody to take care of them but because they want to share their lives with someone. If the day should come that she has to leave she can stand on her own two feet. Boys should know that because a women is strong doesn’t necessarily mean she’s “hagnant” or too mouthy. There is a difference between the strong/assertive woman and the aggressive/hignorant one.Don’t be afraid of a strong woman she’s there to compliment you not overshadow you. It can work!


Hey Kb how you doing, happy birthday Nunu, love, light,good health and prosperity


Thank you Kia B and thank you Sista Unruly!


Wow i am never docile but i will not emasculate my man. I hate when women bad up dem man. I am an Empress…beautiful, strong, n regal.
He needs to know why he wants to be with me and what he wants to accomplish with together. He has to know that it takes two hands to clap.
He has to confident n strong enough to not allow me to walk all over him. If i see i can , its a wrap. I dont like weak man, he has to be strong because i am strong.
I will stand beside him or behind him because he is strong n competent enough to lead me. He also knows when to let me lead. If i am behind him it was my decision and he knows mi ano puppy dawg. Lol


Obara Mel mi give you a joke, while running him down with the broken glass, by which the anger calmed down from the cold air hit my face and cramped my feet, in my head I am praying to God please doe let me catch him, because I was so tired and cold, instead of stabbing him, I would just spread whey and drop asleep pin him, lol


Greetings Unruly lol glad everything worked out for u all. Some times things just poke us n we lose our head.


Obara Meji greetings to you, and big up yuhself! To all ES massive and crew big up! Obara, once again yuh touched a topic which I can identify with. Just the other day I had to run down my boyfriend with a knife, confession good for the soul and you tell your truth so I am inspired to share mine.

So here is what happened, I gave birth to a beautiful set of twins last year for this guy, he and I and our children live together, and I love him, I must admit, but he have some ways about him that I believe is selfish. I work and I have his mother living with us to help out. So I come home from a 12 hour shift in the morning and he is up getting ready for work, I take a shower and head straight for the bed, he goes out to his car, in a second he returns and wakes me, his car cannot start and he don’t want to be late for work I should drive him to the train station which is twenty minutes away,
I said tek a taxi , the guy insist, I jump up and ask if he don’t realize that I am tired, please to leave me alone, he then shouts at me and a argument follow, the next thing I know this Mitch calls mi Gal, I answered like yuh Mother,I really should not have said that the woman is extremely nice, but he should not have called me out of my name , he offered me a box in my face and I jumped up and told him to do it, the next thing I know we begin to fight, I ran in the kitchen and the first thing I saw was a creme soda bottle on the counter top, in my temper I broke it and chased him from the house down the street in my nightgown bare foot.

I am ashamed of my behavior, but lack of sleep and a facety man can do this to you!
We never fight before, the Devil must have been passing through that day!

We made up and all is well, but I am certainly not docile or submissive, yuh husband sounds like Lord and master and you really are the Queen you know you are, nuff respect Obara Meji, long life and prosperity for you and ur family, you are a friend in my head and I really do love you, I quote you all the time and tell people about your wonderful blog and bloggers!

Keep up the good work.

I am always here reading everyday Obara, just you know that!


Lol Unruly mi nuh want tek serious sumn mek joke ie nuh but mi picture how di bredda muss did frighten when yuh grab di bottle an run him dung. Glad you guys work through that though


Obaraaaaaaaaaaaaaa i am here…was very busy last couple of days. I will come back this evening to read and catch up. i see some very mind stimulating post I want to read thoroughly.


Good day my sugars. O, first let me say the content is definitely not the problem. I think it is just life’s daily challenges and the time zone issue. We are all located in different parts of the world. While some ah work, some ah sleep and vice versa. That being said yuh nah get rid ah mi, but mi ago work pon mi commenting, even if nobody nuh deh yah fi respond lol. Mi soon come back come ansa yuh questions cause mi like dis topic and been trying to finish reading it all am lol


Good morning folks! I haven’t read yet. I’m going on the road so I’ll be back later. Howdy Obara, M, Joy and A


mornin pretty lady


Teach, there is a marked age difference with my Prince and myself. Everything you are saying, I am experiencing it. The Africans see us as Americans, they say we talk back. I am very feminine but I can snap in a heart beat. I cannot see myself as being submissive, i.e. does not speak up. I am grown, no time for that. I will not dumb down myself for a relationship. If I have to dumb down, that means he is not my equal.

I have no issue spending my money, but I cannot and will not support a man, who is not trying to better himself. If he is in between jobs, fine. However, if he chooses unemployment as his life long career, Sister, this chick aint staying.


Because of the evolution in my thinking I make an effort to teach my daughters to be their own women. If they find a man that treats them right they should honor him but I do not believe any woman should crawl for a man. She cares for and loves him through her holding herself up high. Our son’s should look for a woman who can not only care for his household but also holds herself to a high esteem because it reflects back on him as a man on his ability to care for and nurture his family in return.

Partnership is key, the inequality that was present (at least in American culture) is not sustainable in today’s economic and social climate. As far as the Nigerian women go, I would say if culture dictated for it to be done so, I may. I would not want to cause a rift in my partners life by being unwilling to follow a custom such as this, however, compromise would have to be made somewhere…I am unsure about this one.

Woman are in no way the weaker sex. I reference my story from the other day about my older daughter and the “sex” talk.


Morning Fam

Great Topic!!!!

I am not the little woman and i will not be and i do not like the term. its inferring that we are weaker and need to be coddled and petted. I am all for a man being a man and taking the lead however my opinions are valuable and my worth is unparalleled. I have no problem being submissive if done correctly power is in submission if one knows how to go about it. Women have been leading for centuries this way unbeknownst to men.I am woman hear me ROAR!!! LMAO

These questions are not offensive gender equality and equal rights are always in the forefront, I believe a woman should treat her man like the king he is. However a man should also treat a woman as the queen she is. A relationship is built on respect, compromise and the commitment to grow with someone throughout a period of time. Often time people in relationships feel blindsided because they feel the person has changed or they didn’t sign up for certain things in the beginning. i feel as though a woman should never dull her man’s light and vice versa. Who we are today and who we are a year from now is two totally different people and you have to be willing to put in the work.

I see myself as a Queen most definitely, I am the prize and I know what I am bringing to the table. A while back a male best friend of mine told me i am intimidating to men because i sound to smart. Well i quickly let him know that i am not dumbing myself down to catch a man. I have been blessed in life to be afforded an education and my parents didn’t raise no fool, so i will patiently wait over here on my throne for said king to arrive.

We should teach our daughter to value themselves and how to bridge strength with softness. teach them to be resourceful confident and comfortable in the skin they are in. Love other and be kind, treat others how you want to be treated and stand up for what they believe in.

Our sons should expect a woman that brings out the best in them. Not everything works for everybody. A woman of strong mind, kind heart who is loving towards you and cares about your well being, mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Women are not the weaker sex!

We stand besides our men. everything in the universe has it opposite. when they fall short we are able to pick them up and they should do the same in return.

Nigerian women can keep that. I grew up in the Caribbean we don’t have time for that. Good for them not for me.

Poor hubby its tough being married to an awesome woman! Oh well how he responds to that is his problem not yours. You are his wife, his partner and he knows what the package entails,he will be alright. He knows you are in his corner and he probably wants to keep you all to him self. When you having something special people take note, and he might have been a little jealous and surprised to know how well informed you are on such topics. Holding your own in a political conversation with valid points he probably never thought of. He might have been taken aback by thoughts he never knew you had and wanted you to share that with him you never know.

off to work Im late.


Good Morning O. Good Morning all.
I truly enjoyed this post. I think in some ways I am the little woman. I have always held deep old fashioned views of women in the home. However, in the world today it is almost impossible for that life to exist. While I have always been the planner and made the household operate smoothly and as happily as possible, I had a child like longing for a strong male to take charge so I could be the June Cleaver or Morticia Addams of my day. I am beginning to embrace my role, I feel more “queenly” than I have ever felt before and my pearl wearing, daily cake baking, handing my husband a martini when he walks through the door vision of myself is becoming more and more blurry.


Good morning Obara very in stressing story


Mek a guh dun read cause mi is on mi way to becoming an African Queen. Woot, woot.


Teach, you are never alone. You have a legacy. Believe what I am telling you. You might not see it or feel discouraged at times, but you have helped us, especially me, to become a better person. We care, we share and you have created this place. Obara, just remember the ebb and flow of life. We your children, sometimes get out a orda an guh road, but wi naah stay, wi come home. Nuff love mi Chargie.


Teach, howdy. I am here. I was missing last week as I got another little roast. So I have been working two jobs. I get off work 11:30 at nights and my day job starts at 8am. Then throw in school, assignments etc. Obara, I am just in so much awe of you. I want to hug you and let you know how much I appreciate you.

Thank you for teaching me not to hurry my life. As usual mi cum in like ole fridge, mi can kip in nutten. Obara, I know I was joking with you and ask for African boyfriend. I went back and read the posts The Power of the Mind-Dec. 4, 2014 and Keeping Love Burning Dec. 5, 2014. There in black & white is Miss MTH a ax fi African Man. It was meant to be a joke. Now, three months later, I am being courted by not one, but two Africans. Obara, a wah dis fada? I like both a lot and infact, I wouldn’t mind both. Anyways, one stands out more than the other. He is everything, I dreamt I wanted in a man. The only problem is that he is way younger than me.

I am saying this to say that especially to my Little Nunu (gal mi dey tink hard bout yu). You have the power to attract whatever you want. I said I wanted an African and got 2. Most ladies say that they want white man, I want an African. Mi ES fambo, unno pray fi mi dey yah. LOL. Its been quite sometime since I have been opened to love.


Rhaatid M! Wha yuh seh. Two one time!? Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts, mi deh try sawt out miself and keep up with you. I need to figure out the direction I want to go. I like how things are falling into place for you and I pray you find the happiness you deserve M-licious!