Killfuss sat with the bishop from the Moravian Church under his mango tree. It was midnight, the only time Pastor Ebeneezer McCullum would come to visit him. Killfuss did not like the man and looked at the cringing little fellow dressed up in a suit, in the middle of the night, in the Jamaican hot weather, with disdain.

“Pastor, yuh know mi shudda inna mi bed, mi aguh mek yuh stawt come yah inna daylight time ei nuh. Mek yuh shame fi come ah mi yawd ah day?” asked Killfuss, although he already knew the answer.

“Lawd Mr. Killfuss, you know de reason. Mi an yuh done talk bout dis many times before, Lawks man, guh easy pon mi nuh man,” answered the Pastor.

“Yes man mi know, but mi yei dem full ah sleep and mi duppy dem waan guh ah dem bed,” replied Killfuss, his voice filled with irritation.

The pastor frowned. “Duppy can guh bed? Den dem nuh dead? Wha dem bizzniz wid bed again?” he asked. “Yuh mean guh lay dung inna dem coffin, like Count Dracula.”

Killfuss listened to Pastor and thought. “If ah did one time when mi did wicked, him oodah ah chump fraught yah now, bout if duppy can guh bed, frigging eediat. Fi hear him ah church ah crucify people like mi side ah Jesus.”

Talk fass man Pastor, yuh ah try mi patience,” said an irate Killfuss.

“Well,” began Pastor. “Hi have been having a little problem… Sister Sonia, one ah mi members dem, report to mi that har daughter si when mi hold har dung ah de yawd day dah day and kiss har. De lickle girl is only four years old, but she saucy and she tell har madda sey she si what happen, and de madda tell har sey is nothing like dat. But de pickney come ah church and tell mi wife sey Pastor kiss har mummy and lift up har frock, and now ah peer bangarang inna mi house from den.”

“Den how pickney fi tell yuh wife sup’n and she lika eediat believe?” asked Killfuss.

“Well, she tell mi wife sey it was the day she was outside in the car and Pastor had come in the house to drop off de bible from de bible give away drive the church was having, de lickle pickney even memba de frock mi wife wear and tell har,” said de Pastor in a crossed tone

Killfuss, who rarely laughed in front of people, could not help but laugh. It was a sudden eruption that frightened Pastor who jumped when it began.

When Killfuss was able to control himself, he wiped his eyes, and said, “Pickney mek de bess witniss, yuh goose cook Pastor,” and began to laugh again.

Pastor Ebeneezer was indignant at this Obeah man mocking and jeering his situation. “If ah never fi him powers and de threat ah scandal all de likes of dese devils would not see me enuh,” he thought.

Killfuss looked at him and his face became serious. “Yes sah, mi ah de Devil and yuh siddung ah mi foot.”

Something that sounded like an out of tuned trumpet seemed to make it’s way out of the Pastors rear end. he quickly waved his handkerchief to fan away the offensive smell, “Ah never mean anything yuh know,” he explained nervously. “But sometime when mi nuh tek mi bi-polar medicine dem, mi tink all kine ah things an do all kine ah something. Mi wife call meetings with de board of Directors fi remove mi as head Pastor and she sey she aguh tell dem wha de lickle girl tell har sey. Dem aguh question de pickney and if she tell dem de same argument, dawg nyam mi supper, caws dem nah guh only fire me, de ooman, mi wife, under de law aguh tek everyting mi have an leff mi widout nutten.”

“Den yuh mean fi tell mi sey one lickle argument from yuh wife wi mek har go choo dem drastic measures deh? Ah long time yuh ah bad pon de ooman man,” said Killfuss while looking at him pointedly.

“Well me is a real man enuh Missa Killfuss, and mi used to give har some problem. Mi get one church sister and har daughter pregnant whey cost me one whole heap ah money fi get rid ah. Mi did deh wid Deacon elder wife and mother in law and same time mi wife find out and threaten mi, mi beg har and carry har go Bahamas ah suh she get pregnant wid de last girl. Mi do sometings inna mi time, but she warn mi de last time sey if she fine out anymore she aguh disgrace me. Dissa lickle pickney aguh finish mi marriage and career and tun mi inna one lickle bare foot bwoy again like how mi grow,” Pastor began to cry

Killfuss was not pleased at the tears he saw coming from this man, and was stern when he said “No badda wid de bawling inna mi yawd an draw dung crosses pon mi, nuh badda wid it in yah!”

Pastor quickly used his handkerchief to mop the tears, and sat silent.

“Suh wha yuh waan wid mi?” asked Killfuss

Pastor sniffed and answered. “Mi waan yuh tun de pickney mout crossway, so she nuh tell dem wha really happen, if yuh can kill har meeda preffa dat.”

Killfuss shook his head at this man, he didn’t like him, and he also didn’t like killing children because their spirits wanted to latch onto him after they died, and they were not easy to chase away, this was because they were not able to fulfill  their life’s mission. He had killed three in his lifetime and they were all on his compound. Baby G was his favourite and his first kill of a child; the other two followed her wherever she went. If he killed this one, it would make him some good money, because he did not work for cheap, but the thought of having another small duppy working for him was not appealing.

“Sey what yuh waan fi sey and stop guh roun de bush!” said Killfuss crossly.

“Kill de pickney,” said Pastor, a look of anxiousness crossed his face as he said it.

Killfuss accepted the work and named his price. The Pastor sighed, and stood up. “I will bring it tomorrow night fi yuh,” and with that he left.

Killfuss sat in his seat under the mango tree for a while after the Pastor had left. He was glad of the powers God gave to him, he was indeed an extraordinary person and he thanked his aunty for handing down the work to him, training him from he was nine years old after his mother died. She was a very powerful woman and had told him that the path he must take was one that would feed him well and that was the path of death and destruction. She told him that most people in the world are wicked, so there would be lots of work for him. He should do it without emotion, for they will be the one to pay for it, not him.

She told him to remove sentiments. She taught him good and bad, and when he was nineteen he met a man from Ghana who filled in the rest for him. He began his practice at age twenty one, while still living in the same district with his aunty, only now he was on his mother’s compound, the one that she had left for him before she died. She still did work for people and his practice was getting on the way. His first case had been a man wanting to do a send back blow to someone he thought had crippled his wife. He worried that he did not know the person who did the job, but Killfuss assured him that the spiritual bullet he would send out would strike the offender and the worker the same time. Without reading the situation, Killfuss, who was known then as Sammy, returned the blow and told the man to wait three days, the person would die of a mighty stroke. Upon the third day the man came back to him telling him that the woman they suspected, had just dropped down in the market and was being rushed away to the hospital. Both men laughed and Killfuss told him to wait, if this was indeed the person, then they would die before the day was out.

Some time after the man had left, Killfuss heard someone banging on his gate. It was one of his police friends.

“Sammy!” he shouted urgently. “Come quick! Yuh aunty drop dung ah market today, come, come! Mek mi carry yuh go up ah de hospital deh.”

Killfuss, shocked at this, became numb and went immediately with the man. Upon arrival at the hospital, all sorts of things was going through his mind.

No sah… ah muss coincidence dis, ah cyan….. no,” he worried. He was led to a room where he saw his beloved aunt on the bed hooked up to all sorts of machine. He ran to her.

“Aunty Genie,” he said.

“So ah you…” she said in barely a whisper. Tears dropped from his eyes and spilled on their hands as he held her. She then whispered to him words he would never forget. “Mi proud ah yuh boy… Aldoe de lick reach mi, yuh ah de ongle one who cudda lick mi… you one cudda kill mi.”

“Aunty Genie, doan sey dat, please nuh sey dat, mek mi run guh home guh fix it,” cried Killfuss.

“It too late mi bwoy… too late… but yuh wi survive widout mi caws mi will come look fi yuh from time to time… but bwoy yuh kill fass eehn?” said Genie trying to give a weak smile. “Sell de house and set up shop inna one next district, never work whey yuh live, ah dat was my mistake, doan mek de same one. From now on call yuh self Killfuss, not Killfass but Killfuss, no business bout de ask question lata, it wi bring wicked people come to you, work and grow.” she continued weakly. “mi come do mi job and haffi go now”

“Aunty Genie, mi sorry… mi sorry,” cried Killfuss

“Sorry fi wha bwoy? Every start have an end, and mi glad ah mi ownna blood tek mi out an annuh stranger, fi gi dem de glory. Yes, ah me cripple de man wife, but har head stronga dan mi and use you fi lick me back. Mi proud ah yuh… and mi love yuh,” and with those words, her eyes fluttered close and her last breath escaped.

Killfuss was distraught. For a long time he wanted to abandon the work as an Obeah man, and so for five years he instead worked as a carpenter.

But one night while asleep, he awoke suddenly to see his mother and his aunty. They were both serious. He was sure he was not dreaming and he reached out to touch them. He couldn’t. The Aunty spoke first, though her lips never moved, and he heard her voice in his head.

“Bwoy is wah kine ah foolishness yuh deh yah ah do?” she asked.

His mother then chimed in. “Get up and start yuh work! Yuh haffi keep de family line strong, is wha do yuh?!”

Killfuss was puzzled at this and attempted to ask what was this about, but Aunty Genie took some liquid and splashed his face with it and it immediately began to burn his eyes. Killfuss woke up blind. He was blinded for seven years, and since he had no family he was placed into a home, to learn his new life all over again, when time passed by and he could have left he didn’t, he chose to stay. It was there he learned all sorts of things that allowed him to use his other senses. He never once lamented over his ordeal, he felt he deserved it for what he had done to his aunt, although she had forgiven him.

Seven years after he became blind, he had another vision. This time it was his mother alone who came. She told him that the family had agreed to restore him to his better health and she was here to remove the scales from his eyes. She reminded him that he had already chosen his road already, due to what happened to Genie her sister, and told him to use the name Aunty Genie had given. She sternly told him to follow the instructions she was about to give him. She told him to put a cloth over his eyes and wet it everyday with water for seventeen days. For the first three days, he must not go outside and after five days, he should request for shades. The cloth must go from purple to red to blue to white. He did as she told him and on the seventeenth day, while he wore the white cloth to sleep, she came again in the middle of the night and told him to remove the cloth but keep his eyes closed. He did and felt her hands like a human being rubbing his eyes. It felt rough and things that felt like scales fell onto his chest. When she was done, she told him to open his eyes, and at first they hurt and stung, water rolled from them, but he could see, things were hazy but he could see. She left.

But before she disappeared, she told him. “Son guh start yuh work.”

Killfuss had money in his bank from the sale of two properties before he went blind, and so he took the money and went to another town where he bought acres of land and he himself built his compound with high walls. He became known as Killfuss and people came from all over the world to see this man. He was true to his name. He became content with who he was and what he did, enjoying his loneliness, because he was never truly alone. Non-physicals from all over came to apply for jobs, even Mexican immigrants (duppies), he was respected and mostly feared.

An owl hooted loudly and Killfuss jumped out of his thoughts. He sat there in the darkness of the night remembering his past and how far he had come. He shook his head as he got up, now a man in his sixties, and muttered as he walked to his house on the compound. “Pastor… yuh is a wicked brute.”, he laughed as the night guided him inside.

Sandra waited for Fatty to come back. After an half hour had passed, she went in search of her mother and found her coming out of the shower.

“Is wha tek yuh suh long mama?” asked Sandra.

This earned her a cut eye as Fatty ignored her and began toweling herself off. Sandra turned her back to her mother’s nakedness. She knew better than to goad Fatty when she was in this mood. She decided to wait until Fatty spoke on her own. After some minutes she did.

“I wonder everyday ah whey mi get yuh from,” she said in a soft tired voice. “From yuh bawn yuh love yuh owna way and have dis bad breed ting whey nuh come from my side ah family. Now yuh ah twenty seven aguh to twenty eight and because mi always ah try fi please yuh, caws my madda neva like me and yuh ah mi one pickney, mi put miself inna problem fi yuh wickedness.”

Sandra turned quickly about to give a fiery retort, but Fatty was quicker to speak. “No badda wid dat wid mi today, fah mi nah guh mek yuh kill mi Sandra, ah me spoil yuh mi know, but dem bad ways deh mi doan have, Fadda God please figive me…” Fatty sniffled.

“Wha yuh ah cry fah Fatty?” asked Sandra who called her mother by her name when she was angry. “Me evil? Nuh you tell mi bout de people dem wha mi neva know and show me what was mi own and how mi fi get it?Nuh yuh bring mi dung ah de man?

“-Ah yuh request fi guh!” chimed Fatty crossly. “And ah yuh hatch de plan! Nuh lie pon mi Sandra, doan tell no lie pon mi, or at de point weh mi nerves deh, mi liable fi bawl out everting and face de consequence!”

Sandra tried to calm herself down. She needed Fatty with her on this.

“Alright mama… mi sorry,” she said and went to hug Fatty who shrugged her away.

Sandra looked at her mother. She loved her and sometimes she was ashamed of her weakness. The way she allowed her own daughter to manipulate her was weak to Sandra. Why God cudden gimme ah betta mumma? thought Sandra. All she good fah affi nyam. If she was a strong mother, she ooda bad up de eediat obeah man fi si results instead ah piss mi bed. Sandra hissed.

Fatty sat at the edge of her bed and asked God in her mind wha she do fi deserve a daughter with such a wicked heart? A voice reminded Fatty that she assisted her daughter in her wickedness and Fatty’s heart skipped a beat at the reminder. She began to pray that de Obeah nuh ketch, because she just felt something bad was going to come out of it. She wanted to escape and run, but she knew she couldn’t. She held her head down and quietly sobbed as Sandra looked on.

Sharon told her mother and her aunty that she could not use the bathroom and her stomach was hurting her since she had not gone in ten days. Maureen told her that she would boil her some Mojo herb to assist her, but she had to draw it from over night. Sharon sobbed and asked her aunty if she thinks she would be alright? Maureen sponged her down with cool water, faked a smile, and told her that all would be well soon, while she silently fretted.

Mr. Henry, Sharons father, sat outside his yard and stared at the huge hole in his fence. He had given Carlton the money to buy the necessaries to fix it and “de bwoy run whey gone wid mi money” he thought. Although Cecile had smilingly reminded his that Carlton’s mother had died in the same week and he had to go to the country and said he would fix it upon his return. He did not know why, but the hole in the fence worried him more than ever, especially since Sharon got sick, he had a feeling with him that he could not explain, not even to himself. Perhaps he should get someone else to fix it and not wait on Carlton. He picked up his phone and called Danny. He said as much as he was thinking to Danny, ending the call with “prevention betta dan cure.”

Mad man Bugsy, who was at the gate, overheard the conversation, looked around at Mr. Henry and thought to himself, “too late Daddy… it too late sah.

All characters in this story are figments of the authors imagination and are not real people nor based on real people. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from Embracing Spirituality’s author and owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Obara Meji and Embracing Spirituality with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

Obara Meji

Obara Meji is a spiritualist, Ifa-Orisa practitioner, and teacher of metaphysics. Since 2011 she has used her online platform to share her personal experiences to those seeking answers about spirituality. Her teachings will expand into short stories, novels, and public speaking to continue her mission of bringing enlightenment to the world.

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All of them wicked, but It’s crazy… the Pastor is so wicked -a supposed man of God. Not only a cheater, but willing to harm a child. Just curious Obara, with Killfuss…any significance behind the numbers and colors when he gained back his sight?


Never know what evil some people have in their heart


HELLOOOOOOOOO unno nuh waa pawt 3 again?!?! Knowing Obara caan too type and ting unno fi come read di best seller and comment eno


Loveroflight you seet?! Sisters shoulden do sisters do smh mind di baby duppy kill killfuss first bout him a laugh and take big money to kill the likkle girl child.


Obara you know seh Sharon and Sandra a sister doah? Mr Henry a dem fadda! Or some property/money ina dis yah story Do i get a prize?! wooiieee lol

Lover of light
Lover of light

KTB I was thinking the same thing to. Sharon and sandra a sista and nasty Sandra jealous of her and mr henry so she waa kill the girl, What a wicked set a people man. Mi seh mi drop mi iPad wen the devil of a pastor seh fi kill the pickney. Bouy fatty shoulda buss Sandra ass wen she did likkle, now she nuh waa the obeah ketch.
Mi glad mi stop go a dem wicked synagogue, nuh pastor caan chat to mi. Wicked son of a bitches. Dis yah story yah tunnnnn up. Woi mi belly
Obara mi caan wait fi part 3.


Aye sah unno si why yu musn’t uphold you bad breed pikney foolishness?! When dem wrong yu must correct them. jah kno now wait and si what ago reach fatty and dutty sandra. mi caan stand a bone ina sandra crawny body


Ok when killfuss mom says the family she mean his soul group, right? mexican immigrant though Obara looooool mind Queenie call ice pon you and killfuss.


Hail Obara and peeps
hmm umm what a wicked brute! pastor a man whore, man frame, and killer! plus him scary and a buss gas! ol nasty! killfuss shoulda bind him butt mek him stop up. bout kill the child after shi not telling any lies.
Queenie i r not laughing mumz mi well waam part 3. matter fact where is this best seller selling?
Excuse you Lincoln! That assistant job is already taken sir. lool From whampi kill phillip I was hired as assistant.


Obara!!!! When we meeting with the publishers, member I am your assistant- this would sell off


Such a great follow up!! 😀


Absolutely brilliant Obara Meji. I full-joyed part 1&2. I can’t wait for the rest of parts to come. Blessings


Very interesting part two! So I have questions,I know everyone has a life path and for good to exist evil has to also. Does the universe look at obeah/spiritual workers as facilitators that propel humans on their life path? Killfuss was the end to his aunt but that work can be seen as a remedy To counteract a harmful attack. Is there no right or wrong and does it all come under the grey area in that line of work? In the case of the baby dubby who is lingering due to events do they ever transcend and move on or do they linger with killfuss until he dies?


Mums, in the great words of Mitzy with a Z, “yuh bad! Di way yuh bad mi want ICE lock yuh up!” Lmao. Excellent follow up. Mi ah beg yuh part 3 plz n thx. Don’t laugh at me KB! Lol

I guess kill fuss is serving his purpose in this realm and has come to terms with it. Mums it’s good to see the different sides of the obeah man and how he came to be. Him cold, but it is necessary considering the side of the fence he is on. He must definitely be a slender, big ear fellow from the fire realm.

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