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Embracing Spirituality is a blog of a wide variety of spiritual topics and discussions, led by spiritualist, metaphysician, and traditionalist Obara Meji and her personal experiences. Born out of a desire to assist others in embracing their spirituality, and to lend our contribution to the ultimate goal of the evolution of mankind.
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Have you ever placed your keys in a drawer, the same drawer you put it in every night when you come home, and wake up in the morning and it’s not there?

Or have you ever visited somewhere, a place that you have been before perhaps more than once or twice, but one day you go and everything looks totally different? You are not able to find the street, the gate, the tree that marked the turn? For a moment you become confused, and wonder if you are even losing it?

Most often you end up finding the key exactly where you left it, after turning the place upside down.

Did you really put those keys where you think you did? Or was it never there at all? At least while you searched for it.

What if I told you that both observations are true. You might wonder how exactly is it possible for something (or someone) to be there and not there at the same time? How is it possible to have been there and yet it remains unfamiliar?

Can you imagine, or accept, that time as you know it does not exist? Surely you have heard of this before, but if it doesn’t exist, then can you fathom that although we are in the year 2017, our history and future are happening simultaneously? No? How do you describe the spiritualist who can see tomorrow? How can we see something that has not yet been created… unless it already is created.

There are a number of answers to these observations, but to find even one, you may have to stretch your imaginations a bit, and I will ask you all to open your minds a little further before you read on.

The other day I was in my kitchen slicing onions while my pot was on the stove with oil getting ready to receive them. As I sliced (it was high noon and hot as hell) from my peripheral view I saw someone walk pass with head gear on. My daughter and another person was upstairs, the dogs were in the yard, and I expected a workman to come and fix one of my doors, but to my knowledge he had not arrived yet. Other than that there was no one else in my compound, especially someone wearing African Ankara (African cloth) with head gear. I waited for the person to pass the other window, but no one did. Curious, I went to look through the window, but saw no one. I went outside and saw no one. My dogs are small, but very alert and would have barked if a stranger entered my gate, but there they were playing with each other. I called the workman to ask if he was around, but he wasn’t.

I knew it wasn’t a ghost I saw. For one thing, my dogs are sensitive to ghostly apparitions and would have barked their lungs out. I also would have had that feeling I usually have when these phenomenas enters my space. So what exactly was this?

This reminded me of a time I had an experience where I observed a woman walking in a darkened forrest. She was an African woman according to how she dressed. She was surrounded by thick bushes but she walked along, oblivious to everything around her. Up a hill, not far off from her, was a market activity. The sun was out and people milled about. Yet as I observed this it seemed like two different worlds. She was not aware of those people up from where she was, where the sun blasted but did not enter her space, which was dark. They seemed unaware of her walking down from them where it looked as if it was midnight.

I was taken out of my body to observe this. I was a non-physical observer. This was some fifteen years ago, and I had no idea what I saw, but the experience never left my mind. Over the years the explanation for what I saw came to me, but I shared it with no one. For I myself was in disbelief that I was privy to this, and wondered why?


What if what I saw was a glimpse into another reality, another world? A woman going about her way, in her realm, her reality. Was this why the dogs did not bark? I saw her but they did not even see or sense her. There are people living in another existence. Worlds so close to ours, but yet we cannot see them.

Have you ever woken up from your sleep and not recognized where you are, become slightly disoriented of your surroundings, but when you do come back to “yourself”, you chalk it up to being dazed from sleep?

It did not take me long to realize that I really did see the woman, but she was not a ghost. You see, there are more things out there than “ghosts” or “spirits”. There are things we may not have a name for, or things so ghastly we can’t conjure an image of what they may look like – or if it looks like anything at all.

There are so many things we experience in our everyday lives but we ignore them or simply do not recognize them. Yet they are very important to our spiritual growth and understanding. Do you know that we have doubles of our selves living different lives elsewhere? Either here on this earth or in another realm?

Take the fishes in the ocean or river as an example: would they know of our existence unless we invade their space? If something does not invade our space, is it not real? Or is it only real if we say so?

Isn’t this thought remarkable? We greatly underestimate this thing called thought and we still do not understand the depth of it.

But give consideration to this:

Beggars. Who are they? Would our world be better if we could just take them from such a lowly state?

Here In Nigeria, there are beggars by the dozen in every town (even de police lol ah doe waan laugh, cause dah post yah serious). Here in Lagos, as you pull up at a stop sign, beggars rush the cars, (it is said that women even “rent children” to inspire pity by passersby). For them begging is a career. At times I sigh about the young children.

Many may look at them with pity or scorn. Even I at times get annoyed with them leaning against my car window petitioning for money. Sometimes I give, sometimes I don’t. It gets me to see the children living that life, but as a spiritualist and someone who understands life from a spiritual perspective, I shush away the human feelings when I catch myself. I understand the depth of who they are, even if they do not.

Imagine then, that you are in a depressing state. Family issues, marital problems, or something else troubling. You leave home for work or for a walk, and a beggar stops you for money. If you become annoyed, you have your own problems and one of them certainly is not the reason this person became a beggar, so you trod on and ignore him.

Or despite what you are going through, you give what you can and the beggar thanks you, prays for you, or ignores you after receiving what he wanted.

If you look at both scenarios for a moment there is something in common: what is being given. To you, it is hard earned money, but spiritually, money is of no other value than sacrifice. It is a sacrifice because it is meaningful on earth, and if you can part with it, then you have given something in order to receive.

What becomes of a man who is constantly given sacrifices from burden-ridden strangers? What becomes of the burden-ridden strangers when they part with value? Think about it.

What would be the wisdom of someone coming in as a beggar? Remember, when we are out of this human body, we are wise beyond belief. We are not programmed with emotions, we see all clearly, so why come to earth as a beggar?


There are a lot of conversations I have with my children and others. When you are spiritual and deep, things that life gives or shows does not affect you as they would had you been asleep. There is a reason and an explanation for almost everything, other things “just are”, although this may be difficult to fathom. I say almost everything, because we are still evolving and so the questions will continue to rise, but some will not be explained. The human mind, although incredible, is not able to understand certain things beyond this world, unless we are out to the body. When we are out of the human body and exist in a terrific space as elders, we are not able to impart that which could terrify you out of your sanity.

The mad man is a high spiritualist. His human body and his spiritual self on the frequency level he has risen to, no longer operate inline with each other. The spirit has risen to heights the human vehicle can not control, and so he behaves “strangely” to our interpretation. Yet if miraculously he were to come back to himself, he would not be able to tell you all that he saw and experienced while he was away. At times they are in a malevolent world mingling with things that are against humanity and our progress (the violent ones) and other times, they are other places our human minds could not even perceive, regardless of what physiatrists says (lol).


What we believe as strange may not be strange at all, consider one more thing. Where do we go when we sleep, what happens in that world, and who are we there, why do we dream?

In the words of Buju Banton “I could go on and on”…….Everything has never been told.

If you are a thinker, and you like spirituality and the things you can learn, consider some of these questions and stretch the limits of your imagination. You might be surprised what you discover.

Obara Meji


Obì tó bá fara pamọ́, ló máa ńgbó. /
The kolanut fruit that hides itself is the one that grows to maturity…..Yoruba proverbs!
[Be modest.]


A kì í fi ejò sí orí òrùlé sùn. /
No one goes to sleep with a snake inside the roof of his house……Yoruba Proverbs!
[Attend to a serious issue promptly.]


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3 years ago

Things aren’t what they seem

4 years ago

I remember as a child (I grew up with my grandparents and my grand aunt was already in her late 70’s early 80’s when I was like 4) I always used my imagination to play by myself. And I knew then that we were not the only existence. I also knew that math was more than a subject for class. I’ve always had a soft spot for the underdog in any situation. I never thought that a “mad man” was actually bad. I always felt like there was something special about them that didn’t match the “normal” societal behaviors. Like… Read more »

4 years ago

Hi Obara, I am so happy I found this post, because I had been mystified for a while now about dreams I would have, and whether they would be indicator of my spirit living in different realms, in a different life, different names, and different bodies. I will at times have dreams that just didn’t seem to belong to me. That is, I would not be present in the dream (I’m present in consciousness, I can see and hear everything), but I, as I know myself in this realm would be nowhere to be found throughout the dream. It would… Read more »

6 years ago

I’m now trying to take my dreams very seriously. When I just started university I kept having the feeling that I’ve gone through it already. I remember asking persons where I knew them from cus a lot of the faces seemed familiar. Not to mention that I saw some of the places on campus in my dreams. I had my moments where I got scared cus I saw and experienced some things before n just couldn’t explain it. Another incident I had I remember one day I was so hungry and I was feeling for bread but I kept telling… Read more »

6 years ago

It took a while to read this blog but it was very interesting. I do experience ppl there and not ..also I hear voices and I look outside no one is there..love it Obara

6 years ago

Hola Obara and all. Long time I haven’t commented.

Obara, I’ve experienced all that you’ve written about. The keys are always the ones that gets me the most. I’ve leaen to stop searching and go back after a period of time to the same place to retrive them..After I curse the unknown for meaainh with me, lol

6 years ago

Hello Obara, are there places on Earth where physical reality can overlap? Like a piece of bread folded so both sides are touching.

Is it also possible that the “future” is just the most likely probable reality, but not set in stone. Or is it actually occurring and we just choose the reality we would like.

Thank you.

6 years ago

This post brings me back to a time when I was in high school (a highly spiritual being, unbeknownst to me) and had a dream of myself as a young girl between the ages of 3 and 5 years, laying on the bed I used to lay with my mom in the apartment that I spent the first six years of my life. The young girl was sleeping at the foot of the bed and I just had the thought of that being me dreaming the world that I was in at the present moment, the house I now lived,… Read more »

Intellectual Bhutu
6 years ago

This is maybe my third time attempting to participate in this conversation. It is interesting…the fundamentality of these tenets you proposed, though they may be easily described as “postmodern” thinking. How can we see something that has not yet been created… unless it already is created. This statement truly highlights the fulsomeness of our thoughts, we have been so limited by this physical existence, this knowing, by this structured reality. Creation of all things began “in the void”. The ability to see the invisible is essential – we’ve been doing it the wrong way all along. There are so many… Read more »

6 years ago

Hi Obara, hopefully I am understanding your post, as its a lot to digest…so three are different dimensions happening concurrently? Is it while we are in the present, our future is already happening? As I am sitting here doing the action of typing on your blog, there a future version of myself doing another action in the future right now in another dimension- concurrently? I can see that….History and future happening at the same time. Are we able to change what will happens in our future even though it is happening at the same time? Shifting our energy now, or… Read more »

6 years ago

Yes Ma- thank you for another brilliant post. So very true Ma. A spiritualist or seer that can see events of the past, present and future is because they are all happening at the same time in parallel universes. In the past, I tried to explain this to a friend of mine, but she just gave me the side eye like I was crazy. I would love to read more on your take about parallel universes. And yes, I agree with you, the mad man is a high spiritualist and I think even people with certain conditions like downs syndrome,… Read more »

6 years ago
Reply to  Obara Meji

I’m glad we found you Ma. If not for you, I don’t know where most of us would have been. No matter how long it takes, the truth always reveal itself.

6 years ago

Excellent post! There’s a TV show called Fringe that illustrates what your speaking about pretty clearly. In regards to the existence of parallel universes and doubles of ourselves.

Ms. Can
6 years ago

Yow this call for deep thinking fi true and if u mind nuh open it’s going to seem like nothing. Sometimes I wonder if I was here before in a particular situation becuz I have seen it played out already. When I am around ppl I’m ok with I would bawl out mi see this already lol… blessing Obara

6 years ago

A couple of mornings recently the alarm jarred me awake and I know I was somewhere different. A different world it felt different somehow even though I cannot remember much of nothing except it was festive and loud. I had this occur twice.

I see flash of movements at times and stop to look. I remember Obara saying something like non physicals or ancestors allowing themselves to be seen.
The burden ridden stranger gives away his burdens with his money. The burden is dumped on the beggar. That is the beggars lot in life.

6 years ago

Obara hi dear! I read this with a screwface “our history and future are happening simultaneously? ” Reading further I had to agree once thinking yes the spiritualist sees both past and future. Hmm food for thought..reading soon return

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