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I am home today, and as usual, I love to sit on my bed, stare out my window and think. I am an Aries, this is what we do most. Think. While in thought, my mind took me back to the days when I was just beginning to become awake. I know I have repeated this often, but my awakening (like most) was jarring. To this day, I still wonder how I survived it.

I was being gifted, or rather, what I came into the world with, was beginning to unfold. I realize now that to say I was being given a gift is wrong. We all come in to this world as who we ought to be, as long as we are able to find our way and to survive it. What I came into the world with was plenty, my mission was big and so it took a while to get access to them all. Among them was the gift of mediumship. Out of everything that I am, I cherish this gift the most.

Mediumship was actually the hardest gift to unfold, and it could have traumatized everyone around me. When it began, folks wondered if my enemy [me] had gone mad; even I begged my creator to relieve me from this distress. It affected me in every way. My children became afraid of me at first, but my guides had placed a certain wisdom within my eldest (a little girl at the time) and so she assisted me and others into understanding who I was becoming…

I am not able to remember where it began. I suppose I could even relate it to this story (read here). In that story, I was surely not myself and the experience shook me, but made me become even more aware of myself, however frightening. I remember when people were afraid of me.

“You see too much,” they told me.

Friends ended our relationship because of this very fact. It saddened me, being alienated from society (friends and associates) when I was already rejected by family. While going through my awakening, at some point I began to read people. I would do this whenever those who knew me as “hot gal Obara” heard that there was something wrong with me (the rumors went out) and they would either call to genuinely enquire or to faass (be nosy) as we Jamaicans would say.

Whenever anyone would call, I used to be in a weakened state (the awakening process caused this. I cannot believe that I am writing this without getting misty, those days hurts to remember, but I may have healed). While speaking to them, well wishers or undercover enemies, I would immediately begin to pray for them. It was during the prayer that I would be able to see into their lives as if watching a video. I could see who they were, where they were, where they were going, or an impending death, and I could see it all so clearly. Automatically I would begin to tell them all what I saw and how to repair anything that was wrong there.

If they had wronged others, I would tell them that they must correct the hurt they have caused. Those days, while in trance mode and reading these people, I had no control over what came out of my mouth. If there was a message, it was delivered whether I wanted to or not.

It was then the news began to spread. Obara was not mad, as they all thought, she was gifted.

My phone began to ring obsessively. Those who called me had no idea of my enemy’s suffering – (For the new readers of this blog, when referring to myself with negative words, I replace with myself with ‘my enemy’) – When I would end the call, my enemy would be so weak and had to lay down in order to feel better. The weakness was due to my spirit guides allowing my frequency to rise, in order to reach into those peoples lives and see their destiny. I was the Oracle. The only food I could eat was liver water and Jamaican callaloo. When spirits are too close, they sap your energy and it affects the iron in your blood. Most spiritualists have iron deficiency.

People of colour have a special connection to this earth and its frequencies. What I mean by this is that we, most especially, get to experience an outward reality like an electrical shock. We call this spirit. And people of colour can connect to this much easier and faster than anyone else.

Do you know that sudden jerk, or twitch, or that language which comes out from your mouth whenever you are touched by something unseen (and which the Christians call the Holy Ghost)? There is a leap of energy which touches someone to cry out a revelation, or to stiffen our bodies and shout out to our God. There is something which will tell a certain few that they should go into that yard and dig the ground for whatever the landlord has planted there, to the surprise of everyone when it is found.

In Jamaica, in my parents time, gifted people would walk and warn. They called them “warners”. Their predictions/prophecies were heard by all and at times even saved lives. I have no idea if these mysterious people are still around, or those gift have travelled out of our island.

This post is not one of race, but of the spiritual connection of the Black man/woman and his/her God. This has to do with how the body of melanated people is programmed, spiritually.

I may be repeating this, but too many times I have gone into church, or other places, happy and well, and come out with headaches and different sorts of aches, from picking up everyone’s energy. This can and does happen to many people, not just ones with colour, but that spring into action spirits that overtakes the body, that shouts and speaks languages, the quantum leap into a terrific space that has no end, and that falls us into trances, that high vibration that takes us out of body and changes our features, our voices, our aura – this is all most common in black people.

This thing that embarrasses me at times, when I am on the plane and shout out, because something passed through my body like a lightening rod, and I am knocked breathless for some seconds, hoping that the person sitting beside me does not change his seat from fright, fear or wonderment.

We all have a point of connection programmed within us somewhere. For some people it is in their stomach, some their feet, some their head, others their hands of feet, some the teeth. Ever been hit with a tooth ache from no where, which eventually goes away by itself never to return, and you have no cavity? Or a sneeze fit you cannot control? A weird yawn that has a particular sound from your regular yawn, or even shouting from your sleep?

Someone here in Nigeria told me of his own father who was a great spiritualist, a prophet as he is called here. He had locks that touched the ground, only wore white and walked barefoot. He was a peculiar man to all who knew him. Almost nomadic in his movements. For days upon days, he would leave his house and enter the bush to fast and pray. He practiced Christianity but he was highly spiritual, highly evolved. He chose Christianity as his “house”, all spiritualist must have a cover, religion has its place. As such he was revered by his community. and was said to know the cure for many ailments.

He would walk by someone’s gate, and if the Spirit of God came upon him, he would enter, shouting that there was evil in the yard. He would proceed to dig by a tree’s roots with his bare hands until he found what was buried there, exposing the evil of whomever planted it. He was one to be reckoned with, a man with this greatness was never one to challenge, he was feared and respected. Before he died, he informed his children that he would be traveling. Three months after he had left, his son, who is also herbalist, would receive three visitors who told him that they were sent by his father. Upon hearing this and knowing that his father had died three months prior, he invited them to come in and sit down. They told him that his father had advised them to come to Lagos to see him after visiting him the day before at his home, where he entertained them under the tree he loved to sit whenever they would go to him. They told the son that they had not seen him for awhile. The father had instructed them to go and see his son in Lagos as he was not feeling well, but he assured them that his son was just as good as he was.

The son sighed heavily, and explained to them that his father died three months ago. They all shouted as Nigerians like to do upon hearing bad news, lol.

There is a different kind of spirit that is assigned to people of colour. This has nothing to do with race, but with spirituality and power. There is something peculiar when it comes to spirits or “catching” spirit when it comes to black people. It is something that seems to belong to us, something where we are lifted into another reality and cannot control our bodies whenever we become attuned. It could be even a high note from a trumpet, or a fervent prayer, something within us becomes ignited and we are lifted out of our physical bodies and met with an extraordinary encounter. We have the natural ability to be lifted high and communicate with what does not communicate well with others, things unknown or non-physical. Some people call it the Holy Spirit, some say it is God. Is it any wonder why most hurricanes start from the Gold Coast of Africa? And yet, Africa itself does not experience the wrath of nature? Think about it.

We have programmed within us something that sparks, whenever we come in contact with something greater than ourselves and we react. Spirit speak through us in a way it does not with others. I should write more, but I think I am done.


Obara Meji

jàlọ ò tóbi tó òmìrán, ṣùgbọ́n bí a bá fojú di í, a máa gb’aṣọ lára ẹni. /
The soldier ants are truly tiny (compared to a giant), but they may well compel anyone who ignores them to disrobe…..Yoruba Proverb!
[Underestimate no one.]


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We are a chosen people for sure


I like this post. Still trying to properly understand it.

I notice for me, the past couple of months when I’m going to sleep and if I’m on my back I feel extremely light as if being lifted from my body. If I’m sleeping on my side, my legs would twitch. At times I softly close my eyes and say “do what you must.”
Saturday I got up in good spirits, full of energy and life. Late evening went on the road to buy dinner for the family, in a crowded food court my whole ambiance change. My head painfully hurting like a blood vessel bursting and no life. Reach home and only had 1 fork full of food but felt full so I went to bed. BOOM! My voice was weak my mom came in and notice my body looked lifeless. I managed to say the word “pray” my family started however I was lifeless.

Today reading over your post, I’m actually getting to understand it.

Peace, light and love all


Hi Ms. Obara,

Hope all is well. Great post my dear. U had to read it twice.

Sometimes I jump out my sleep and bawl out and just fall back asleep. I always wondered about it.

Stay blessed.


Hello Ma and my ES family.
You made me laugh in one of your responses to Intellectual Bhuttu when you said “drop of milo in milk changes everything”.
For me, I was never the one to fall on the ground or shout with the touch of the holy spirit. However, in retrospect I do tend to sense things- I have a heightened awareness that a non-physical is around or some kind of energy is present. In the past, I used to get a bit scared and just thought it was my imagination and there was nothing there. Only in recent times that I’ve learnt to remain calm, trust what I’m feeling and acknowledge the presence of “others”. Mostly thanks to you Ma for opening our eyes to the true knowledge of real spirituality and the empowerment it brings.

Ms. Can
Ms. Can

Greeting ms. Obara great post asual u never disappoint on ur topic and with ur knowledge. I’ve never been one to get into spirit it doesn’t matter how much ppl get in it around all when the pastor push me forid lol no sah sometime me wonder if a pretend some ppl a pretend. But what do happen to me is that I occasionally have a twitching feeling at times dat me cah control like a electric shock slightly run through mi body fi a second.
I had a feeling that African/black have a more higher spiritual vibration and why was it they were force to accept another religion when they had there own from Africa. But I’m happy more melanin ppl are getting awake and start questioning to find the true. Great post love it. Nuff blessing and respect hope all is well with u

Intellectual Bhutu
Intellectual Bhutu

…rather, what I came into the world with, was beginning to unfold

The common idea is that we are “granted” these special “gifts” but you’ve now presented it in a new way.

We all come in to this world as who we ought to be, as long as we are able to find our way and to survive it.

At birth there is a divine destiny…however, with interference/ influence of family, society etc. the life path may change. For black people, was slavery/colonization predestined? Was that a part of our purpose?
To what extent can one’s life experience be derailed by someone else?
How do we ensure that we are honouring purpose?

I’ve never been one to get inna spirit, it just never worked for me. I’d do everything they say an everiibodi else a jump an flap an mi stan up a luk.

Its changing a bit now, depending on the situation. I can feel the chills, I sometimes make a random groan…those close to me will know why and pretty much let me be.

The kind of spirit assigned to us, that spark in people of colour…How can it be linked to our geographical location? How would it be different for a biracial person?

Thanks for the knowledge!


Obara I read again and see the answer. I won’t bawl it out lol but I got it.


Sup Obara Longtime. I am becoming more fascinated towards the left hand path and thats becoming quit disturbing. I think its my path, but I prefer the Straight and Narrow.


Alfia to you Obara! I got notified Good post. Why Do you think people with melanin are spiritually connected more? I think some of our complexion is so dark and cool the earth. Our melanin be popping!
When I attended the Christian church I would at times catch the spirit and scream out. It seems to start with others catching the spirit and it moved through the church. One time I remember the scream being from my gut and it was like I could not stop it. It sounded animalistic even. A next time I shrieked. Afterwards I would feel cleansed but embrassed for I am hot gal KTB. Lol standing up screaming like a banshee.