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As a child in Jamaica if a splinter ran up into our foot my mother would use kerosene oil and then scrape the inside of a green banana, mix it together with something else and tie it on the foot with a material called calico and in no time the splinter would be drawn out.

For ring worm she would rub the affected area with lime until it bled, then crush Blue (or Azure) to powder, sprinkle it onto the area and then use a bottle stopper from a beer bottle or a Jamaican D&G and press it hard over the ring worm and in no time we would be ring worm free, albeit still carrying the bottle stopper mark. My mother was knowledgeable in things the elders used to heal and make well. She also told us of when they had sent Obeah to her, the healer (‘de madda’ as the healer is called in Jamaica), upon seeing that the enemy was steadfastly pursuing my mother, had used her own menstrual blood with matches and some other things to “guard” her.

While I was apart of the beautiful Zion revival church, I once witnessed the Pastor, (a strong spiritualist) light something that was in a foil paper (we were all in church on this Sunday, when a woman who could not walk because of a botched surgery came in for healing). That “something” I dare not reveal. Rum was sprinkled on it and it was lit and placed before the lady. He then called out to us almost apologetically, telling us that we would be “working 61 Zion” today because it was necessary.

Zion is worked in two ways: 60 was for Celestial Angels (Arch angel Michael, Raphael, Sachiel and others invoked) and 61 was for the dead (others like Ruthibel are invoked, which some of the righteous Zionist rebukes, while the knowledgeable ones revered). No one rebuked him that Sunday afternoon as we all worked 61 revival. We worked on that woman all day. She left in her wheel chair and returned the next Sunday walking. This is what I personally witnessed. No one recounted this story for me. I could tell you many stories, even about myself and what God allowed me to do, but I will not. Today I want to tell you all about the unbelievable power of Africa.

Africa is like nowhere one has ever been before, and unless you travel to another realm, it is just the most remarkable and deeply mysterious place on earth.

What you have seen or have only heard of on television or through stories – what you believed was only “fiction” or “fairytale” created by some artistic European – is real here.

It is said that the Market (here in Africa) is one of the most peculiar and mysterious places. It can even be considered a world on it’s own. On the outside, it is simply a place to buy and sell produce – but it is this very concept of ‘buying’ and ‘selling’ which aids in it’s mystery. For who are the vendors and buyers? Or better yet, what are the vendors and buyers? Would you believe me if I told you that wild animals can take human form? Elephants? Monkeys? Lions? Snakes? All cloaked in the human vehicle, speaking the native tongue… Why the market? Because it has many spiritual representations and it is a very good hiding place. But no one recommends you stick your nose where it doesn’t belong. Some things are best kept a secret – not for their sake, but yours.

There was once a story told to me by our Dream Interpreter, Oladayo. It may not be the exact tale, but this is how I remember it. There was a young woman, a family friend, who often avoided him. He would greet her and she would not respond or respond curtly. He asked many what was wrong with her? But no one understood it either, the only thing she seemed greatly fond of was the television, in particular an Indian television series called Naagin, a tale of a young girl avenging the death of her snake parents. However, there was one day he accosted her on her problem, to which she simply responded “I just don’t like you.” It was to be later, when she decided of her own accord that she would speak to him, and what she told him, he had never expected.

She was different. Her family was poor, but she was always financially okay, unbeknownst to them. She tried explaining, for the first time, just what was ‘wrong’ with her.

She was a ‘snake’ – and how was she always financially okay even though her family was poor? Being a snake, she belonged to a Kingdom, and Kingdoms were always wealthy. At night, she said, she would go into the realm from where she came, collect the money she needed, and return to this world. But she could not share this wealth with her family.

Oladayo wondered if somehow, possibly, it was that series that unlocked something within her, for she would binge night and day watching it (and this is very possible). Upon hearing this story, I realized why she didn’t like him. She was of darkness, and he of light. She also suspected that he could see what she was, and so she avoided him.

As human beings, when we want to do spiritual work and we want it to manifest here, what many don’t know is that this physical world is like a picture. The spiritual world, the invisible world, is where the action is. If a person is going to take a picture, the camera must be lined up with what you want to reflect in that picture. This is how it works with spiritual work. We must do what is symbolic here so that it lines up with the spiritual world, if aligned properly, then we will see manifestation. If it is not aligned, manifestation will not happen, or another harsh unexpected effect will happen (for example: a woman can tie a man, and the man dies instead. The alignment was wrong). The physical must line up with the spiritual world, and that is how any magic, obeah, or juju, works. This is why dreams are important. If one is bitten in the dream, one has been bitten in the spiritual world. However, dreams will always be metaphoric because our frequency is lower – thus “language” will be received differently.

Africa understands this. How? Nature. Nature is their science books. The Yorubas, in particular, I like to call them poets. It is through nature and poetry that their bids manifest. By poetry, I mean poetic use of incantations by using the acts of nature as examples.

A few years ago, I was in the presence of a newly crowned King. He was in front of his palace with many of his chiefs and others. We were passing by and had to get down and greet him. He told us to join him and how could we refuse? It was about 4pm but the place was dark and dreary, rain threatened to come. The sky remained this way for hours.

My companions were a group of well accomplished Babalawos. One of them leaned over and whispered to me that the King was holding off the rain. I wondered how? The King was seated and did not move from his spot. Suddenly, I heard the roar of thunder and a flash of lighting followed it. I quickly looked at the King who was now looking upward, his eyes squinting. I wondered to myself, was he holding off the rain as he squinted? I thought this because the year before I was introduced to another man, who was told to bring the rain in my presence, the sky was bright and the sun disgustingly hot. The man asked me, if I wanted to see it? Clouds began to form and the sky had began to set itself up for rain, there had been no sign of this before. I, not wanting to dash inside and end our conversation, quickly told him no, and soon after the sun came back out in blistering force.

The Babalawos that I was with decided among themselves, that the King was holding back the rain for selfish reasons. He wanted to sit outside with all of us and drink. So the Babalawos secretly sent some of their Awo’s (students) who were with us to do some things not far away from us. A few moments later torrential rain came pouring down. When we drove away, they began to laugh and speak in Yoruba that the King must be wondering who foiled his plans. I silently wondered about the consequences of playing with nature who was the ruler of human beings, unbeknownst to them. I was brought back to the time when I was young and would witness my mother do remarkable things or when the pastor healed that girl in the wheel chair. Those things paled in comparison to what I had only begun to witness here in Africa.

A spiritualist once told me of the ability of some, who could harm another by just obscuringly pointing at him, concealing his wickedness as ordinary gesticulation. The person would be speaking to the intended victim and gesticulating while speaking, but there is a trick there. One of the fingers has some bad medicine in it (whether it was dipped into something or incantation was said over the finger prior) and so while he gestures, the bad/fixed finger will point to the victim who will then lose his one of his sense. Yet there are antidotes against these things.

Let us for a moment revisit the rain situation that happened with the King. As I said before, Africans study nature and also worship it. So the ability for them to be able to manipulate it makes sense because of their veneration of these things. There is a power within certain families where the wind can come and take one person from one place to another. I was once told of this very thing happening to a particular King in Oyo State a long time ago. Whether the story is true or not, I don’t know, but I do know of the power. The King’s enemies had come to kill him while he was on seat. But when they came, they met an empty throne.

He had used his power, or knowledge of incantation, coupled with the medicines that he had ingested, to take him from one town into another. As he sat on his throne, awaiting the enemies, he chanted. It is said that the wind came so powerfully that it could be heard by villagers. The King materialized in another town where he had allies.

However, there was a taboo, something he shouldn’t have done while in possession of this power.

But he had done it.

That taboo, unfortunately, was an ingredient that was not to be placed in his food. Eventually, this was how his enemy got him, because someone he trusted knew the taboo. Every power has a taboo. That is just the way of life. Everything must have it’s opposite or it’s reverse. This is harmony.

I have not even began to tell you all of the many different things that I have seen, heard, or have been exposed to (many of which, I will not tell. Africans pride themselves on keeping knowledge sacred, and he may even discount some things, though I have not revealed any secrets). To me this is a good thing when you think about it. Although the world sees Africa in a different light, it is when you touch the soil that you begin to realize that even in silence, you have become a different person because the energy that resides here is completely different and more powerful than anywhere else on earth.

There must be a reason why the world fears Africa, although that fear is disguised as hate.


But I will leave you all with this…

There was a well known soldier of a high rank, perhaps a General or Colonel, whose men chopped him to pieces. The men celebrated the soldier’s death the next day, and as they did, their joy halted and turned to horror when the soldier walked through the gate and greeted them all, laughing.

“Well done!” he told them. He was not a ghost, he was very much alive.

But as usual, there is always a taboo.

Obara Meji


Ọgbọ́n ọlọ́gbọ́n ni kì í jẹ́ kí a pe àgbà ní wèrè. / 
By wisely adopting the wisdom of others, an elder does not get seen as stupid.

[We can learn from anyone; don’t despise others.] Yoruba Proverb!.


Wisdom is not like money to be tied up and hidden. ~ Akan proverb


Ẹni tó ńtẹ aṣọ rẹ̀ mọ́lẹ̀, ó di dandan kó fa ti ẹlòmíràn ya. /
Anyone who tramples on his clothes won’t balk at tearing up those of others……Yoruba Proverb!

[No one will handle your affairs better than they handle theirs.]


Obara Meji

Obara Meji is a spiritualist, Ifa-Orisa practitioner, and teacher of metaphysics. Since 2011 she has used her online platform to share her personal experiences to those seeking answers about spirituality. Her teachings will expand into short stories, novels, and public speaking to continue her mission of bringing enlightenment to the world.

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Truly amazing of the powers of the Motherland. Thank you for the reminder that things happens in the spiritual world and only if we are aligned… particularly for the things we desire, that it will manifest in the earth realm. Spirituality and how we embrace it is so important. Overall, so powerful, so mysterious…


Night Obara and all ES Nature really speaks to us if we listen and can be present in our life. Sister I love to hear your stories not only are they extraordinary but they are intriguing. Even though they sound far fetched within myself I know they are true. I believe Africa to be a surreal place filled with many mysteries. . I respect the secrets of Africa but boy I want hear more about the snake lady and the man who was chopped.
I love the 61 Zion videos they move my spirit and give me chills. O we can only get our taboo when we receive our life book, right? Do you think we can feel or intuitively know things we shouldn’t do or eat? I am still not much of a dreamer and at times I feel like I am missing out on myself. Obara I know you have said it is a reason for this overtime does it change?


Thanks for sharing and highlighting another informative piece. It’s just unfortunate that the information shared here doesn’t resonate with alot Africans in diaspora. A friend of mine was very dismissive when i shared a tidbit of information highlighting the significance of venerating our ancestors. A question to Obara, do we all have taboos? and is it only through divination one can find out ones taboo and the antidote.


Greetings all,

I had the privilege of meeting this rasta lady who “blind people” (I refer to those still sleeping) would class her as an illiterate or fool. When it comes to the weather predictions she was always spot on with them.

Let me share an experience I had with her. The weather reporter stated how we would be getting heavy rain for 2 days straight; . she went outside and looked up in the sky for 30mins right around our space. She turned to me and said “my dear, that reporter is wrong because over on our side it will be extremely hot. So you can wash and make the sun dry your clothes” I was shocked indeed that the woman was right with what she said and every week I kept asking her what the following week would be like and to my surprise she was correct. Yet when she speaks people say that she’s stupid because she doesn’t have an education such as diploma, degree,masters or PhD. I normally just shake my head in pity of those who react and speak to her like that because a voice in my mind always say “the fool is really you and not that person ”

Big up my husband oladayo! lol! Teach make sure you not giving any trouble


Leave of education does not equate to intellect but thats what westernization forces upon you- education especailly in the west is just regurgitating information — I listen to everyone because you learn wisdom from everyone


I agree with you Lincoln. That’s why I listen and try to remove their ignorance only if they’re wiling to learn.
You good though?


Good day Es family! Mums, your story telling ability is extraordinary. I could clearly picture Dayo backing up the snake lady about her strange behavior and her going through some kind of portal to turn into a snake. You have outdone yourself again. African spirituality is truly a wonderful thing. I have always been able to find myself at home with nature but will have to admit I don’t meditate as often as I should. But when I do get the chance (which I wish I got more often) I feel myself noticing things I would normally bypass, then all the warnings I hAve been getting from Obara and Oladayo make so much more sense. When we shed the ego we are able to move with such precision.

I would like to share an experience I had while feeding my ancestors. The place where I usually feed them is away from my house close to a wooded area. I went out to feed my ancestors and when I looked on the ground I could see millions of ants traveling underneath my feet. At that time I had nothing to aid my vision (I’m blind as a bat without my spectacles) but yet I could see millions of ants and the place wasn’t well lit. When I took a close look there was nothing on the ground but a few ants walking around. You know when there is one there area many others that follow. When I looked a littLe further up I could see the log under the tree filled with ants. Based on my studies I took it as a sign from nature that there was some form of contention on the way and I should take preventative measures. What do u say Lady O?

Btw, big ups to intellectual bhutu and her thought provoking line of questions.


Well write as always I love the fact dat u love fi share u knowledge with us. It give me great pleasure fi come read n learn. Big up urself and dats Ur be greatly bless. Thanks again. I realized often dat the cure for somethings are simple laying around the household and I have pick up from time to time on ur post. Now I learn dat nature play a very vital role as it’s the ruler of human being. I like to know when ur class for beginners begin


Nature is PERFECT!!! It keeps everything in balance- If you realize what Nature really is you will be closer to spirituality.

“Some people feel the rain, others get wet.” – Bob Marley

Teach them sister- Nature !!!


Hello Obara, and ESP members, such mystery as always thanks for sharing such valuable information. I will be reading it again.

Intellectual Bhutu
Intellectual Bhutu

Greetings Teacher,

We grew up viewing the man that lives up in the mountain as being crazy, we were taught to avoid the sun and rain, we were warned not to play in dirt. I notice that when Africans pray (even in the movies) they make direct references to the forces of nature as a vehicle for manifestation in this physical realm.
Since recently, I have found myself meditating on the five basic elements. I’ve been thinking about how they relate to each other etc. I have recognized my ignorance of nature and the importance of understanding how it works in order to develop a stronger spiritual connection.
There is a quote that supports all you’ve taught in this post – “In the West they talk about God, but in Africa we know how God works.” In your teachings, you are pointing us in the direction that we were taught to shun. For this, I am grateful.

I have two (2) questions:

1. From a spiritual perspective, what is the role of humans in relation to nature? Are we to have command over the elements? Are we seen as being on the same level/platform?

2. Is it necessary for us to have knowledge of our existence in other realms? How does it affect us either way?

Bonus Question (lol) – Similar to the girl (snake), is it possible that we have people in a similar situation among us (in the West) but they are ignorant of their status? I just remembered the post about the water people (lol) so you can ignore this ;D

When is the class on African Spirituality?

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