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10 Illnesses and Their Spiritual Causes (And How to Spiritually Diagnose Them)


Disclaimer: This post is not intended to discount science or any diagnosis given to patients by medical experts. It would be irresponsible for me to suggest not to seek physician if you have a medical problem. But behind all that is physical, the spiritual, too, must be observed.

As with everything there is a spiritual aspect to it, and this should never be discounted. As a matter of fact, if a problem arises, I would hope that every human would seek the spiritual meaning first before attempting to put a bandaid on the physical. As I have mentioned many times before, all things must occur within the spiritual before it manifests into the physical. The best thing about this is the fact that it gives the human time to mend or prevent the imminent danger.

The Receiver: Gifted Beings Who Save the World Through Emotions

The Receiver

Who is he or she or they? It is possibly you reading this right now. But these special people are few in particular places, but many in collective throughout the world. The Receiver is one of the “Angels” we spoke of in the Angels on Earth post.

The Christ Consciousness Visits the Earth Today (Plus New World Prophecy)

I was prepared to write a detailed post today about something else, but something is happening right now that forced me to stop writing and begin this post.

What the Color “Red” Has to do with the Coronavirus + More 2020 Prophecies

On December 31st 2019, I wrote a post of prophecies for the year 2020. In just a few vaguely explanatory words, the Spirit told us of an outbreak of illness that would come from the Eastern part of the world. One thing that was profound in that prediction was that the world would hear about it but it would not stay around for long. This, I believe, is why the Spirit did not spend too much time talking about it.

Angels On Earth: Types of Highly Evolved Beings and How to Recognize Them

I have been blogging for quite some time about the Earth’s Shift that has been in progress for some time now. The shift has been in effect before all of us who are currently here on this planet were even born. The beauty about this “time” that we are living in, is that we came in to the Earth almost toward the end of the Shift. This is a great thing because among us walks beautiful advanced Beings encased in human form that are here to assist us (or assist those who will “make it” when the shift is complete; which may not be in our lifetime).

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