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I dreamt about walking naked in public. Is there any superstitious meaning to that? My dad said I should look it up.

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It could mean disgrace or that you are to exposed in that you make too many know too much about yourself.

Dream examples: Finding that you are suddenly naked in a public place = a secret will be revealed.
You encounter an extremely embarrassing situation where you have no clothes on = Being more defenseless.
You feel rather shocked of your sudden nakedness or alternatively, you are semi-naked in the public realm = worried in the future.
You may also find in your dream that other people are naked or that you are swimming in the sea naked = emotions out of control.
You find is that you are naked and that you are trying to cover your body up.
If you are being undressed or find yourself suddenly naked and that you are happy to be naked suggests that you regard social conventions as artificial and you are making ways to become more confident = positive dream.
If you don’t feel comfortable about being naked this shows that you are worried about being seen as foolish and not good enough = hidden problems

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