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Copyright, 1910, by de Laurence, Scott & Co., Publishing Department.
A sincere and true message to all faithful Brother Mystics and those  who may wish to join this Occult Organization which exists here and in  the Astral or unseen world.
Given under and by the direction of the great Occult Organization and Brotherhood of Magic for the never ending advancement of human souls  through Dr. L. W. de Laurence, whose supreme desire is to educate  capable and sincere brothers and sisters to act in concert with our  Brotherhood of unseen Mystics and teach them the work that they must do  preparatory thereto.
I, Dr. L. W. de Laurence, do hereby state, truly, and positively,  that I know that the existence of a powerful Occult Organization and  Brotherhood of Mystics, both here and in the great unseen world, to be  an incontestable truth; and, furthermore, that I KNOW that the Science  and Art of Magic as operated by these Mystics is worthy of faithful  investigation.
Furthermore, be it known to all the world, and especially so unto him or her into whose hands this message may come, not by reason of their  own solicitation, or by advertisement, but by their own Astral influence and Occult magnetism, that the hereinafter simple message to Brother  Mystics and those who desire to rid themselves of the bonds and shackles of gross ignorance, theology, superstition and materialism, regarding  the famous “Magic Mirror,” that wonderful Astral Instrument so long used by leading Mystics, Adepts, and Occult workers for communication and  preparatory development for communication between the two worlds, will  help all who heed.
This message hereinafter written I have given verbatim as it has come to me, under the direction of the great Brotherhood of Mystics from the unseen Astral message.
Every soul will rest at some mile-post in life
Those never ending unnumbered unknown points
All void, vacant and dark.
Yet, be still, for as it looks once more
A multitude assembled; Unnumberable Astral souls reveal a force Supreme, Invincible for human advancement, The annulment of man-made law;
The concert uplifting and educating of humanity. Listen, Oh ye capable brothers, for out of darkness Comes this Mystic Message.


Part One.
UNTIL YOU, BROTHER AND SISTER “KNOW THYSELF” AND THE POSSIBILITIES OF “THYSELF,” BY AND THROUGH THE UNDERSTANDING OF “SELF,” AND ARE ABLE  TO kindle the Astral fire within, there is labor for us to perform in  assisting you in your preparatory work thereto.
The shackles and chains of centuries, of cycles of ages, of  antiquity, are riven at length by their own corroding and heart-eating  rust (materialism).
*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *
Let ye, oh brother and sister listen most attentively, for no shackle or bond that comes of theology, darkness or superstition, or gross  ignorance, can ever endure the full light of inner truth nor the full  dawn of the day.
To carry this work onward to its and your own full success we must  have true, faithful, sincere and capable brothers on the Earth Plane who have common sense (sense that is not common), and who will act in full  concert with us for the uplifting and Occult Education of humanity.
No city code, or man-made law, can overthrow, annul or set aside the laws of God (SELF, NATURE).
The progressive Mystic who has received his or her Occult Education  will always act unselfishly, for they have by their education become  Nature’s (GOD’S) own legitimate and true instrument in human  advancement.
They have steadfastly met and overthrown error, superstition,  theology, ignorance, and arrogance in high and so-called holy places,  and have thus denied the so-called Divine right of Kings, Ministers and  Priests, and those who would scoff at spiritism.
They have without hesitation uprooted and overthrown the rule
p. 290
of despot and tyrant, have led true brothers and sisters with the  potent weapon of mental thought and Astral force, to triumph over  superstition and ignorance, and will finally be the means of ending the  reign of the beasts of materialism and selfishness who can exist only  for a time, and times, and half time.
Before the truths of our Brotherhood and Occult Organization the  bonds and shackles of fettered humanity are destined to melt as snow  beneath the Sun of Aries.
Do not be so foolish as to ask whether you are a Mystic or  whether you can develop sufficiently to become identified with this  great Occult Organization and ultimately communicate directly and  personally with the unseen Brotherhood.
Each and every sensible and true soul possesses within itself these  possibilities which are simply the attributes of Divine Soul Powers. Of  course you may suppress and crucify them, or permit them to lie dormant, but only to your own loss and sorrow; or you can allow them to thrive  and bloom, like the lotus blossoms on the river Nile, to a beauty and  power that will allow you to outstep those who have devoted themselves  to more inferior studies and pursuits.
Are you superstitious? Are you orthodox? Are you stingy? Are you selfish? Are you a doubting Tom? Ask yourself these questions.
These are the deep, treacherous, underlying false conditions you must combat and overcome. Can you lay aside these selfish or superstitious instincts and work for the good and uplifting of all worthy Brothers and Sisters instead of the  aggrandizement of self? If you can, then you are welcome to our Astral Organization and great Occult Brotherhood.
If such you are, then we stretch out to you a helping hand over the  infinite spaces, from the dim, forgotten centuries, and recognize you as a true brother or sister and comrade. You may rest assured, and the  future will prove the truth of this statement, that the reign of truth  and absolute justice and absolute unselfishness ultimately will come to  every planet. To such culmination the progress of earth life is marked  with every vicissitude that change and man-made laws may imply.
When such a condition has been brought about the planetary forces  that previously indicated so much sorrow and suffering are discovered to be essential to perfect social organization.
’Tis thus the condition of adversity is turned into the force of  perpetuity; the disappointments of failures and obstruction and slow  decay are turned into a condition of sure, safe advancement.
Infinite force and infinite intelligence are infinitely good. If  what you read here stirs the soul and smoldering forces within you it is the responding cry of your true spiritual self—your true Ego—the Astral self, recognizing and responding to the desires and vibrations of the  eternal SELF.
It rests entirely with you whether this warning and recognition bears fruit or not.
p. 291
If you decide to act, ponder and consider well our advice. “BE  SILENT.” “Be ye wise as serpents but harmless as doves.” A seed before  it sprouts lies concealed, secret and silent in the dark earth.
It is in this condition that it finds its real and only opportunity for growth and development.
Antagonistic elements can only sweep over it while it lies concealed; its work, growth and development goes silently on. Such must be your  self-development. So must your Astral and Soul Forces develop while  silently hid in yourself.
Neither money nor position will buy true knowledge, nor can they destroy true knowledge.
Astral Powers, and Soul Forces, cannot be measured with money. Your  Magical powers and great Astral possibilities must spring to life within yourself. Jesus, the greatest Master that ever lived, said: “Seek ye the Kingdom of God within you.” We admonish you likewise.
See well to it that you heed. You may be so orthodox as to think that you should not heed and investigate, believing that the esoteric should not be investigated, or that your development should not be  accelerated.
There is no subject, be it esoteric or exoteric, that  is too sacred for true investigation, and it is the peculiar province of the True Mystic to desire to reason on all bidden and Astral forces  with the utmost care.
The health of body, the energy and confidence that an ardor for truth and power inspires, mark his progress. No doubters, no laggard, no  dotard, charlatan, no miser, no selfish one may ever hope to succeed, or ever overtake the fleeting feet of true Occultism and esoteric truths.
The true Master, Adept or Mystic must possess a will and intelligence that develops and brightens with attrition.
No scoffer, no obstacle, should daunt him, no condition should bar  him, nothing should hinder or discourage him in his Astral development  and search after truth.
He must acquire secret Knowledge and Mystic powers as a miser does his wealth to hold—his soul his strong-box; but, unlike the miser, he  can give of his store and yet retain his all.
Steadfastness and purity of purpose and self are a necessary  requisite while traveling the rugged path of Occultism and Mystic  development.
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9 years ago

I thoroughly enjoyed this read.

11 years ago

I would suggest reading The Master Key.

12 years ago

Obara, GG, Orisa how are you guys doing? Just giving a quick shout out. I will defn try to log on 2moro. Blessings

12 years ago

Hi Gogetter! Blessings

12 years ago

i’m heerrrrrreeeee where is mainy

12 years ago

Obara- Can you please suggest a good book by De Laurence? Or may I suggest you start a reading circle? (lol u know my mind/spirit goes before me lol) LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

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