“Go To The Land Where It Is Green…” – A Dream of Reincarnation

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Yesterday, I wrote a WhatsApp status that attracted many comments and questions. But I found one question in particular very important.

One night I had a vision that I was somewhere with an old Chinese man. The place we stood seemed like a vast plain lush and green and beautiful. The old man had a look of one of those Kung Fu masters with his hair held up on his head with a piece of cloth and his clothes a light blue smock along with the pant under it. He had a quiet, wise, masterful expression, and as I stood beside him there was another me that I could not see that was watching the me that was there who seemed along with the man to be expecting something.

(In all of my visions I always experience me watching myself and wondering what is going on).

Then we saw what looked like Chinese soldiers about four of then with a young boy around the age of twenty-one, they had his hands secured behind him like hand cuffs except they weren’t the now a days cuffs they looked like they were made from a strong bark, bamboo perhaps or something like that. They ushered him to hut like structure and lowered him in through a flap on the roof and when they had secured the flap they left.

The man and I stood where we were for a very long time and then he walked toward the hut with me following behind, he climbed up on top and undid the flap and took out the boy while I stood and watched. He then freed him from his hand restraints, then he gave the boy a cloth sack and handed him and said to him (telepathically):

“Go to the land where it is green but it is not the grass that makes it green…”

The boy looked happy and sad at the same time but he walked away, while the old man and I stood and watched him go, with a sense of relief and sadness. The man and I watched until he was out of sight.

Then the dream shifted and I found my self getting out a taxi in Montego Bay Jamaica, the setting seemed like how it would be probably in the nineteen thirties or forties, there were people milling around, I saw one or two donkey carts with drivers in tow, bottle torches were burning all around and the town was very lively.

Again I was watched myself step out of  a taxi cab and confidently go inside a house. Inside the house were two good-looking dark skin fat ladies, they were sitting around a table in a small kitchen and were happily surprised to see me. There were no electricity and the time seemed to be around ten o’clock at night but they had lamps burning throughout the house.

They both jumped up and hugged me and said they did not know I was coming (all conversations are spoken through the mind), but he is asleep and they were going to wake him up, I said no let him sleep (mean while the me who is watching the vision is very curious as to who they are talking about), they insisted that he would be upset when he saw me in the morning and knew that I had come from the night before.

Same time there was a sound behind me and when I turned around I saw the Chinese boy who the old man had handed over to me, stifling a yawn and stretching walking out of a room, when he saw me he flung his arms around me and shouted mommy! I get misty eyes every time I recall that vision, because I know that God allowed me to catch a glimpse of one of my incarnations. Often times when I’m alone I see the boy some times as a young man and sometimes as an eight year old child. I believe in my heart that my eldest child who is a girl is that son that has been traveling with me through out the ages, and I feel blessed. We are all reincarnated into the same family this I know is true.

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6 years ago

So when the Chinese man said “Go to the land where it is green, but it is not the grass that makes it green.” That meant Jamaica, surely, but what else about it makes it green besides nature?


[…] My first language I spoke when I first became possessed was Chinese, often times when I hear Mandarin and Cantonese spoken I know what is being said, this is not often but it has happened enough, I still speak Chinese when I am possessed, lol, it is something to see and hear. People who knows me and can “see”, will  ask me f there is Chinese in my family, to which I would secretly smile, In my house I have a Chinese shrine with all the major deities, I am drawn to China, and Miss Chin or his wife… Read more »

Obara Meji
9 years ago

it is true, son of shango, but we switch roles.

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