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This (the above title), consists of quietly concentrating attention on the heart and the region between the heart and solar plexus,  which is the physical correspondence of the Spiritual Heart; for there is the true tabernacle of the divine presence whose temple is the human body.  It should be the focus of our careful attention, in order that we may be able to hear the voice of our Spiritual Witness, and maintain the vital fire.


This feeling of the Presence will become a force helping us to overcome all sorts of obstacles, if we constantly intensify it by  “mediation” or meditation on the Spiritual Heart, should begin with an intense effort to identify one’s own heart with Heart of the Cosmos, which is our source of light and life, the focus and principle of all affinity.

Next, one must let oneself be penetrated by the peacemaking power of one’s own physical and spiritual heart, and by peacemaking power of one’s own physical and spiritual heart,  and by confidence in it allow it to have its full effect.  This is in no way a matter of autosuggestion or imagination, but rather of identification or direct communion with reality.

Third, one must put aside all feelings of anxiety,  rancor and pessimism, which would prevent any such communion.  This is essential because there can be no communion between rhythms or tendencies which are opposed to one another.  The heart’s tendency is to make peace by establishing such rhythms will compensate any unbalance; and the cause of tis tendency is the spiritual Heart, of the physical organ is the physical expression.  Any disposition to obstruct this tendency is an obstruction to the appearance of the Presence, because it creates discord instead of communion. So every time a feeling of aggressiveness or anxiety is over come,  the heart has won a useful victory over its opponents—-useful because this the way to Light.

Thanks to this practice the complications of daily life lose their importance, problems become simpler, and   difficulties melt away in proportion as one becomes more able to know the real from the relative and discern the few things really necessary.  This mediation on the heart is the keystone of the middle way,the only way that we can offer as genuinely effective, and not requiring, as other practices do, an instructor to make sure of its proper execution.

Further, the middle way does not require any complicated exercises Yoga, which are dangerous unless practiced  under an experienced teacher.  as for the methods designed to develop the supremacy of the Ego, to win power and assert the will, they are a great deal worse.  On the Way of the Heart the first difficulty is the simplicity of the method, for our modern minds, being trained in complication, cannot believe that a simple method will be effective.  For this reason many seekers prefer the doubtful procedures of more spectacular methods. But “simple” does not mean  “easy”, even when as here, it implies simple-heartedness and a simple technique.

Simplicity of  instruction is meant to keep the aim clear, to prevent unnecessary detours and involvements.  Simplicity of thought is exclusion of the irrelevant. Simplicity of heart means detachment from our previous intellectual riches, prejudices,opinions, and beliefs, thus leaving us free to undertake the quest of Reality with the ingenuous open-heartedness of a child looking upon the world with new eyes. Why should this abnegation fill us with anxiety?  The more the heart is an avid void, the more abundantly will the light shine into it. And as for the scientific knowledge which we temporarily leave aside, its essential principles will only be made clear by our greater discernment.  But no one will oblige us to perform these acts of renunciation. There is no Law, no commandment, no  “Thou shalt not”.  The inner voice will suggest to us what sacrifices are necessary.

There can be nothing unspontanneous on this .  Only the limit of our desire will be the limit of our progress.

Kí làǹfàní àpò tó ńsọni lówó nù? Ká má kúkú lápò ó san. /
What’s the use of a pocket that loses money? It’s better to be without pockets……Yoruba Proverbs!

[To be without something is a better alternative than to have what will make one worse off.]

Everything comes when it must, and everything happens for a reason, do not hurry your life, what is destined for you, cannot escape you, just keep the faith, be patient and be prayerful, filled with compassion, kindness and respect for all, let these qualities be among your name, God will fill in the rest…..Obara Meji!

All religions are valid as long as it teaches peace and love….Obara Meji

There are no disappointments in life, only lessons learned!….Obara Meji

Taken from:  The Opening of the Way,  by Isha Schwaller De Lubicz.


Obara Meji

Obara Meji is a spiritualist, Ifa-Orisa practitioner, and teacher of metaphysics. Since 2011 she has used her online platform to share her personal experiences to those seeking answers about spirituality. Her teachings will expand into short stories, novels, and public speaking to continue her mission of bringing enlightenment to the world.

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“Only the limit of our desire will be the limit of our progress.” LOVE THIS! The caps were a mistake but i will leave it to show the impact the quote had on me. Good morning O, Amh and the rest of the ES family weh nuh roll in yet. Life is pretty simple i always felt like we as humans just make it complicated. love and light my dears!


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Thank you Obara, this is exactly what I needed today.

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