August 23, 2017 Obara Meji 45Comment

In this post I will attempt to show you (real students) how the practical part of spirituality, healing, cleansing or clearing works – or manifests. I always find it best to teach in story form such as with the the story of Frankie and Mawga Dog, (read here). However, with this post I will give a few scenarios and an exercise for your better understanding. If you have been reading my blog and learning anything at all then the exercise should not be too difficult. This blog is a school of life. For those who are willing to participate, do so, because there…

February 6, 2017 Obara Meji 50Comment

It doesn’t work. At least not how you think it does. Some time ago, I was speaking to a woman who was telling me a dream she had. I think she wanted my opinion, although she didn’t ask, (she says she is very spiritual and can do things herself). After she told me the dream, she mentioned that when she got off the phone with me she would “smudge” (here smudging means a smokey fire) the house using Sage. I smiled in my mind at her saying this because she was Jamaican, land of spirits, spirits who can come up to…

October 1, 2016 Obara Meji 51Comment

Obeah is something that is real and woe be to the ones who constantly say they do not believe. To me, this is either ignorance (which can not be faulted) or a psychological attempt to block out all negative possibilities. The thing is, the realness of Obeah should never be taken for granted because many people’s lives are affected by wicked hands who have the ability to manipulate energy. This really is what Obeah is, good or bad, the manipulation  of energy which is very possible. There was a time when I traveled with some people. We were going on…

July 14, 2016 Obara Meji 32Comment

When I was a little girl growing up in Jamaica, there was a drunkard by the name of Mr. Fergie, a short little man with a crushed up face and head of white hair. He seemed old and his face surly. I, to this day, never remembered Mr. Fergie standing up straight. He was always drunk. His best friend was the good old Jamaican White Rum, J Wray and Nephew. There was also another drunk in my community who was a shoe maker, he was called Shoey. At nights when Shoey would stagger on his way home, the younger men…

June 15, 2016 Obara Meji 16Comment

Often times in the middle of the night, or sometimes during the day, you may experience a feeling that is indescribable. Such feeling may be a loss of hearing for almost a second or two, the feeling as if someone threw a punch at you and missed, and just the wind of it caught you and you are left slightly winded. Or at nights, one may experience “duppy hold down” or what is mistakenly referred to by the scientific world as ‘Sleep Paralysis,’ read here. Unbeknownst to you who may have experienced this, many times these are spiritual attacks. Mind you, not all the time,…

June 12, 2014 Obara Meji 151Comment

It is one of the best decisions to make when you decide to take time out for yourself and meditate. It sounds easy, how hard could it be to sit and be silent? While it may be easy for some, others may find it difficult to slow their minds down enough so that they may hear absolutely nothing. The world is a very busy place and as I have written before in a post here on Embracing Spirituality, it is in chaos. We are just too busy! Many people live in countries where there is war, how do they cope? Others…

June 7, 2014 Obara Meji 46Comment

Honoring your ancestors is very important for all of us to do. Contrary to what many may think your ancestors can either be by blood or through spirit. It is also very important for us to know that they, our ancestors are never far away from us. I sometimes make reference to the Bible although I do not practice Christianity, and the reason behind that is, I was born into Christianity and was an anointed Evangelist in the Christian Church and also I have been in love with God ever since I can remember and I first met him through…

May 13, 2014 Obara Meji 89Comment

How to know when you have found your Spiritual Teacher/Guru/God mother/God Father. When the Student is ready the master will appear. I wrote about Mr. Mitchel in the post  The Spiritual Power and Uses Of Salt. I met him through my mother and he was a remarkable man.  Through him I met Mr. Pierre, he was an Haitian Houngan (male priest of Voudon), and in between meeting these men, I met Padrino, an Oriete of the Cuban Lucumi religion. I had three Spiritual mentors while growing up and into my Spirituality. All men, they were all men. They all did not…

May 8, 2014 Obara Meji 97Comment

There are many great spiritual uses of salt. There was a period in my life when I was going through a terrible time with The Wicked Baby Father.  He was just the worst man, and I, as a young girl, strong as I thought I was, was so tired of all the stress and disrespect. His new girlfriend was sending juju (obeah/voodoo) left, right and center at me. Those times were horrible even for me to remember, but as I have told you all before I take comfort looking back at them now because I realize it all happened to put me on…

May 7, 2014 Obara Meji 97Comment

Water is the source of life. Without water we could not survive on this earth, without water there would be no earth. Every living breathing thing needs water to survive, water is life. In our Traditional practice of Ifa Orisha In nature the deity/energy/Orisha owner/ruler of  water, sweet water is called Osun/Oshun. Osun is owner of the sweet waters, the river, streams, brooks and lakes. The Yoruba people says “water has no enemies,” who can be enemy with such a powerful source which we need? The amount of water in the human body ranges from 50-75%. Water is our most precious resource….