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Happy New Year everyone! I pray that this 2019 finds all who will read this post in good health and may success and everything good in life be yours. Today I am happy to announce something new here on our Embracing Spirituality. It is the new Shop Embracing Spirituality store!

Oprah Winfrey used to have shows where she would share a few of her “favorite things”. These were things that she believed in and wanted to share with the world. I always thought that was selfless of her and may she be blessed for that. And now with Shop Embracing Spirituality, I am doing just the same. Often times in my posts, when I share my experiences I will allude to or fully say the things I had done to help myself or my children.

For example, in a post I had first written in 2011 called ‘Attachment‘, I tell of being under a heavy spiritual attack by a Mother of a church I was attending. During the attacks, I used a medicine to fend off the spirits that she sent at night to attack me. When she realized that what she sent could not hurt me, she became intrigued by the medicine I was using to conquer her, and so she sent a trickster into my dreams. Read the post for the rest of the story (I updated it 3 years later in 2014 and added more detail).

I now offer this medicine on Shop Embracing Spirituality for anyone else going through what I did or sleep paralysis. And I must tell you, it was a very hard decision for me to sell it. 

I am very sentimental when it comes to the items I am now selling because as you may already know, each of them has a personal story that is attached to my hard spiritual journey and to who I am now. I’ll tell you the truth actually… just writing about this floods my mind with those memories. Not only the medicines and how I learned some of them from my powerful mentors, but also knowing that I give honor to my mentors by mentioning their names and providing their work to this day even though they are no longer with us in this world. Salutations to Mr. Mitchel, Mr. Pierre, and my sweet Padrino.

There is a particular incense for prosperity that is also being offered at Shop Embracing Spirituality. It is unfortunately a limited amount available for sale and when I get to a quarter of the stock, I will not sell anymore as I will pamper it for myself (:D) I have proved this work and I have been using it since 2012. I would love to breakdown the metaphysics of how it works for you, but unfortunately I can not. However, it is powerful and should be viewed as such should you choose to use it.

Spiritual Medicines are important for the human being to use in their everyday life. In Africa (Nigeria to be specific), spiritual work (or akose) are called Medicines because they are prescriptions to solve a problem. Although, for the most part, they are not (always) ingested.

There was a time when I wanted to come to Africa for my initiation and I did not know where the plane fare much less the initiation fee would come from. I was then given a work to do by spirits and I did as instructed. And by the time the 3rd candle of the work was nearly finished, the money (and more) fell into my lap, I can honestly say from out of no where. My life is truly fascinating sometimes.

Since that day, I. Have. Never. Stopped. Using. That. Work. I have proved it.

Readers, let me be completely honest with you: I am a doubtful Thomas. I don’t believe everything and I don’t believe in everything. It has to make sense to me although as a Metaphysician, I do know that some things defy logic. Candle work, however, are a specialty of mine. There was a time when I met High Grade (the ex-husband) when I haughtily decided I would stop doing spiritual work. I wanted to go to Stone Love every night instead. And so, I dismantled my altar and decided I was going to be “normal” and to hell with this spiritual stuff.

High Grade encouraged me, his spliff dangling from the side of his mouth, like the Devil in the wings, but it didn’t take long before everything financially dried up for me. All roads became blocked. I barely made enough money to survive. I worried and begged forgiveness from my spirits for what I had done.

One night I went to bed and had a dream of a particular candle that I must fix with some particular things. It was not told to me why I must fix this candle or use these items to fix it, but I did. It was to be 3 days after that the 7 day candle went out and refused to light again. With me having spiritual sense, I realized that who ever (spirits) was working that candle had done it’s work and had gone. Still, I was curious… wanting to see what would happen.

The Light company was due to cut the lights the next day for a $948 bill. I silently worried. In the middle of the night a long time friend had called. She was ecstatic to get me on the phone because “she had been searching for me” according to her, and through her excitement she voluntarily sent me $1000. I was surprised because I never asked nor did I complain about my worries. The following Monday morning, I used the money and rushed to pay the overdue Con Edison bill.

By Wednesday, she came to visit me in person and brought with her a large manilla envelope with an unbelievable amount of money for me (She’s an Aries like myself and also enormously generous, not to mention she believed in me so much because of the work I had done for her). I was so astonished but I knew the candle and the 3 days that it was lit, had done its job.

From then on, I resurrected my altar, abandoned my Stone Love days (lol), and continued my journey.

Shop Embracing Spirituality is very precious to me and I was hesitant to erect it, but must share, I must encourage, I must enlighten, I must teach, I must assist.

And so here I am, sharing with you the items of Obara Meji’s spiritual history and journey.

There are more items to come but some of the products take a lot of work to prepare and some of them will come from Africa. There are times when I will add a little note on the website letting you know of things to prepare for your ancestors, among other things in time to come.

But for the mean time, shop, experience and enjoy.

May all that you purchase match your body.

I love you all,

Obara Meji

PS: To my NIGERIAN SHOPPERS, to purchase anything from the shop, either contact me or the shop directly at SHOP.EMBRACINGSPIRITUALITY@GMAIL.COM for requests and bank details.

If one head (a person) is blessed, hundreds others will be positively affected….Yoruba Proverb!

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Thomas Tayler
2 years ago

There are two type of people in this world, the first one are those who believe in spirituality and the other one are those who doesn’t believe in spirituality. Spirituality is something which is purely based on people personal belief and doesn’t have any scientific backing. Spirituality provides mental and emotional strength, inspiration and motivation. Therefore many people find comfort in spirituality. Please check the following video on “Manifestation of Magic.”

3 years ago

All things in their time…..congratulations! I love this!!! I am here for it…

3 years ago

Thank you Obara! Like I really needed ANOTHER reason to love your site and what you do??? Excited about my next purchase. Talk soon 🙂

3 years ago

Good night obara congrats on the opening of your shop I thank god far are a blessing on this web site you are a god sent woman

3 years ago

Hey, Congrats on your shop!

Which one of your products do you recommend that I use to get a high pay raise?

3 years ago

Teach congrats on this accomplishment. It’s a dream you always had and it’s finally a reality. I know for a fact that my family and I will surely support you especially my bro *wink wink*

Teach we are all happy for you 🙂

3 years ago

Congratulations and good luck for your shop. Your light can only be brighter and brighter with all of your beautiful contribution to humanity and I am a very satisfied customer. The delivery is superb and the instructions are simple to understand and straigth forward. Thank you. Again keep up the good works om.

3 years ago

WOW ! Thank you sooooo much for sharing !! You are indeed gifted to us by the Universe. Your thoughtfulness, kindness, selflessness and compassion for others is so refreshing, intriguing and I am truly appreciative. I pray all that you will experience exponential blessings and increase in this new year 2019. ASE !!! NB: Bloggers, Peepers, Watchers etc. PLEASE show love and appreciation for this act of love from Obara Meji, by commenting/ posting. I feel strongly that we should send her our positive affirmations through this platform, if we truly view it as a community to foster our own… Read more »

3 years ago

Hi Obara.give thanks to you and you teachings Lookiing back her in America Stone Love is a thing of the past. For me , My husband God rest his soul. always have a spliff in his mouth don’t care about people business parable (Trash me no mash me no count) always busy
Take care Obara

Colour Me
Colour Me
3 years ago

This is long awaited store, we love your generous heart and solidly behind you. Big up.

3 years ago

I’m so happy you opened this store. I’m extremely excited. Big up, Obara!

3 years ago

Let’s go!!! 2019 is off to a great start. I’m intrigued by the prosperity incense.

3 years ago

Yeah! I am so happy for you for opening this shop. Thank you for blessing us even more.

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