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Did you know? Candle burning is actually uncommon in African spirituality. It is more of a western spiritual practice. Instead, what may be used to achieve a certain desire is “a lamp“. This is also used by the older generations of spiritual people in Jamaica. The lamps are different. They are often made from a clay dish with a small split in the side, a wick or a small piece of cloth is inserted into this split, with lamp oil poured into it and then it is lit. Often, these lamps are used as just lights, but they can also be used in spiritual work to achieve certain desires the same way one would use a candle.

Catholic churches all around the world use candles, and so do all spiritual churches and even some traditional houses. I can tell you from experience being a spiritualist that specially prepared candles WORK!

But what most of us don’t understand is exactly how that is? We just see a candle with a certain aim or desire, maybe some oils, herbs, or powders, and a prayer – a voila, you’re now a witch/wizard!

But there is more to it than that, and this “more” determines whether or not that work will be effective and whether or not that work will affect you negatively (or positively). Even “non-spiritually-prepared” candles will bring about tranquility, peace, confusion and so forth, depending on the color you choose.

Within the universe, colors are extremely important. Every color that exists work with a particular energy and that is why when we wear certain colors (if we just pay attention) we either attract certain people into our lives or we go through a certain experience. We all operate off different vibrations and this is how burning candles work.

For example, if someone comes to me with a problem and I decide to use candles to either obtain the wishes of the client or remove a blockage, because my vibration is very high (due to who I am spiritually) and the fact that this is what I do every single day, quick results will ensue in no time.

The reason for this is I would have already known, through experience which candles to burn to solve the problem, but let me be clear most times it is not one candle that is burnt and also the order is usually burnt in three sets, the order may consist of two or more candles, and also they will have to be washed and dressed properly as to attract the correct spirits who are being invited to work the order. After the candles have been washed and dressed and prayed upon (all things need prayer, read my post “The power of Prayer”), it is ready to be lit. Some practitioners will give the order (set of candles) to the client for them to bring home and burn, but I do not like to do that and the reason is, to quickly achieve success the order has to be in a certain environment, and if the clients environment is argumentative or confusing, and this can mean untidy or cluttered it can affect the desire that is needed to bring about success of this work. Good spirits will not work in an unclean environment.

When the candle is lit, it automatically sends off a signal into the universe that help is being sought and the energies that are assigned to the colors of each candles lit and especially the ones who are assigned to a particular saint comes to help. When they arrive they go to the sacred spot in which the order is set and read it.

How can a candle be “read“?

It is read by how it is prepared by the practitioner. This means that whatever the practitioner has used to prepared the candles (i.e. herbs, oils, perfumes, powders, or natural ingredients) will become a “message” that the spirits will work with. Along with the message is your own vibration of breath or thought, in other words, prayers or incantations.

But… (and this is a big BUT)

Many times the spirits will come to perform the work set by the “order” and when the order is read and it is a negative order placed against another, and depending on that person’s guardian angel if he/she is very strong or not, the order has to be taken in the universe before the council of elders and they determine if the order should be destroyed or pass. This is because the person for whom the order has been set for has a very strong and aggressive guardian angel who has stopped the actions of the spirits who has come to work the order and demand that his human who he protects be judged before the consequences of the order attacks

Sidenote: There are a lot of practitioners who do not know what I am explaining to you know, they know how to do the practical part of spiritual work, but there is no depth to their spiritual knowledge, it is a case of “Monkey see Monkey do”, or what they have read from a book, and I am not giving away any metaphysical secrets by the little that I am sharing, because there is way more to this. So there are times when people go to do work (evil) against someone and it does not go through, the council of elders has blocked it, and YOU the wicked one will have to answer to it when you cross over in Judgement Hall.

However some orders are allowed to pass, but quite often it is to teach the petitioner a lesson when it becomes undone a couple of months down the road.

In this post today I will not go into the many different colors of candles and theirs uses, you can find that all over the internet, but of course you will never find what I just shared with you here today. Candle burning is good, I have proven it many times, but it works best if and only if you know what you are doing. I implore all and everyone NOT to use candles or any other work for evil because the Universal Law of Cause and Effect  will never change. Whatever you do to a person has already been done back to you, this is how the universe works. Also Jamaican people has a very true saying “Parents suck de sour grape and mek de pickney dem teet nedge” (lol as usual my Jamaican people, even when they are being serious de patois mek it funny.)

Obara Meji

 The man who remembers others, remembers also his creator….Yoruba Proverb  


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11 months ago


6 years ago

Greetings, Tamera welcome to the blog. I hope you enjoy and blog with us often…Have a great day!!!

6 years ago

I really like what you guys tend to be up too. This kind of clever
work and reporting! Keep up the superb works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to my personal blogroll.

6 years ago

I’m not sure where you are getting your information, but good topic.
I needs to spend some time learning more or understanding more.
Thanks for fantastic information I was looking for this information for
my mission.

7 years ago

Everything is very open with a really clear description
of the challenges. It was really informative.
Your website is useful. Many thanks for sharing!

7 years ago

Would you say that dressing a candle with an intention is equally as strong as dressing it with oils

9 years ago

I like this post. I’ve also been doing a lot of reading on candles. This is great information. There are people in this world that burn candles just to burn them. But if they learned and educated themselves…maybe there lives would be a lot better if they knew what candles to burn and when.

9 years ago

I like this post, you taught me something i did not know, as far as why when people go do work pon people….it will seem like it work and then couple months later…it pop up again…one lady(obeah woman) tell me seh de people dem come fi tie one another man to woman and woman to man…and you got to keep renewing it…a who coulda bodda wid dat…you and tom deh you tie tom every four months you haffi a work pon tom…no sah

9 years ago

Another good one….Going do mi research on the colors. Won’t try burning any on mi own doe caw mi nuh waan invite nuh ‘bad’ spirit in….uunu noe ow me fraidy fraidy already, but its good to know

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