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As I have already written in one of my past posts titled ‘My Grandfather Still Visits’ here is a story of him giving me a message from the realm.  One evening when I was home after work my mother and I had a disagreement on the phone, she said somethings that I did not agree with and I ended up hanging up the phone in her ear.  I was living with the wicked babyfather at that time; night came and we went to bed.  While we slept I found myself in a cave – something like the ones we have in Jamaica, as a matter of fact, it seemed like I was in Jamaica.  I was standing at the entrance of the cave and someone was standing beside me who I could not see.  This person has accompanied me on many of my journeys but I do not know the gender of the person as the voice is genderless.  There was a rectangular table and at the very head of the table there was a man dressed in full white, his head was also wrapped in white, who seemed that he was some sort of reader man (diviner). 

Underneath the table there were many candles/lamps with skulls in between and I could see that there were people, many people who were waiting their turn to be read by the man who sat at the head of the table.  The person who was beside me, the one I couldn’t see, asked if I knew who JONATHAN EDWARDS (not his real name) was, and I said ‘no I do not’.  Then he asked the question again ‘Do You know who JONATHAN EDWARDS is?’ and I again denied it.  This was a lie as I knew exactly who the person was.  The person proceeded to say ‘Jonathan Edwards is your grandfather by your mother’s side.

 You have to call your mother and apologize to her for hanging the phone up or else your grandfather will show himself to you in the worst way possible’.  I jumped up awake and frightened by what I had just dreamt but decided to brush it off as just a dream so I laid back down and prepared myself to go back to sleep when I heard ‘Call your mother’ it sounded as if it was coming from inside my room itself.  Afraid, I snuggled closer to the wicked babyfather but he quickly jumped up as he felt as if something was crawling on the bed.  He looked and saw nothing and so we went back to bed. 

Then came the voice again ‘Call your mother and apologize NOW’ so I did, not sure whether or not she would have answered her phone as it was about 3:30 am.  My mother answered on the first ring which was unusual of her.  I started to tell her about the vision I had just had with her father and the threat of him showing himself to me in a very bad way, possibly to scare the daylight out of me and also that I was given a warning that I should call her and apologize.  After I had finished apologizing to her, she said ‘yes because after you had hung the phone up on me I was very upset and water came to my eyes’.  She said ‘let me tell you something that happened to me when I was 18 years old’.

 My mother told me that when she was 18 years old she was living on her own not too far from her mother, this was in Lucea, Hanover in Jamaica.  She had a pig that she left at her mother’s house and her mother sold the pig behind her back; when she asked her mother about the pig and was told that it was sold she asked for some of the money.  The mother cursed her very badly and ran her out of the yard.  She said she cried all the way home.  Around 12midnight she heard a hard banging on her door and when she opened it, there stood her mother crying tears. 

Frightened, she asked her mother what had happened and her mother took money from her pocket which was from the sale of the pig and gave it to her and apologized to her telling her that ‘your father came to me not too long ago in a vision and threatened me by saying – let mi noe if yuh nuh waan mi dawta so mi can come tek har, u tink mi nuh see how u treating her, mekking har cry all di way home?  Ah caw mi nuh deh dere mek u treating har like dis.  Sey di word and ah will tek har wid mi’.  This shook my grandmother up so badly that she left her house in the middle of the night on the dark country road to go up to my mother’s house and give her the money.

My mother continued to tell me that her father who had died when she was 15 years old had loved her world without end and even though he lived in Montego Bay and she in Hanover, while he lived he would come every weekend to see her and spend time with her or take her to the fair.  She recounted times when they would eat cotton candy together, go fishing as he was a fisherman and when she spoke of him you could hear the love that she had for him; and I remember growing up as a child, even though he was long gone before I came around, that there was not a day that she would not honor his memory by calling him and so we knew him not, but we loved him because he lived with us through her memories and now that I had gotten older and had disrespected her, here came he to defend his child. 

I was scared from seeing him as a ghost which would have frightened me because my own guardian angel had made a deal with him to give me a chance to apologize before that could happen.  Again the dead are not far away from us, they are closer than we think.  They still watch and protect us as we travel along life’s way.  We ought to be careful of whom we offend because we do not know the strength of who walks with them.

Two men quarreling do not share the same seat on a canoe – Yoruba Proverb.

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13 years ago

THIS post is very powerful…shows that the ancestors are real and they do operate on our behalf…i love it…dats why you caan mek some people cry cause you no know whe dem defense is like…don’t

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