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The Unemotional Universe – The Mystery of Spiritual Defense

There is a misconception among most people that God dishes out punishments to “bad” people and blessings to “good” people. Perhaps this comes from Christian or religious programming.

The understanding of what we call God, the Universe, or Spirit, from a literal perspective is limited. Humans are limited, and I have always taught that Beings, Light Beings, come into the world of manifestation (the physical body) to experience limitations and emotions, which (and this sounds like I’m Dj’ing because of the rhyme) is the ruination of mankind.

The human body is riddled – or programmed – with emotion. And so these emotions most often dictate life choices and decisions, how they understand the world, how they react, what they accept and reject, and much more. Hardly does anyone make a decision based on logic or clear rationale. Most people act according to how they feel, and most often these things spoil things that could have been resolved.

I used to be embarrassed to tell people that God does not need any “worship” or praise, because no one understood me. Beings of Higher Intelligence are not emotional and do not need any type of overt expression. What the Universe looks for is how we treat each other, our intentions toward each other. In that, they are pleased. In that is our piety, faithfulness, and true religion.

This is why I love spirituality – when the mind frees itself from dogma and doctrine, and rises above the purely emotional. This is evolution. Different from physical evolution, the awakening process, although jarring, if one is able to make it out, then that person becomes a Giant among men, able to see life as it is, and not as it appears.

I want to tell you a true story that happened to me, although reflecting on the story makes me a little sad because of what I went through. However, I need to show you how the Universe works, and this particular story will give you a glimpse.

There was a time when I lived in my father’s house. I lived on the top floor, and my sister lived on the second floor. There was an argument that occurred between her family and mine, and we stopped speaking.

I went to Africa soon after, and while there, my children would call me and tell me that there was no water in the house. My sister, who was my parents favorite and because of this took charge of the house, began turning the water off at odd times on my children, for no other reason other than to torment them. It was very disturbing for me, because we all need water, so I flew back to America as soon as I could.

When I arrived, the turning off of the water had stopped for about 2 weeks, but then one day we woke up to having no water. My sister had also padlocked the basement door so that we could not enter to turn the water back on. My children had to buy large bottles of water to cook and shower, all of this in New York!

This was distressful to me, so I called my father, whose first words were, “Obara, two bad duppy (ghosts) can not walk” (meaning that because the tormenting plan was masterminded by my sister, but egged on and performed by her husband, my father thought if one of them was wrong, the other should tell them so – but this was not the case with these two).

Now, as you all know, I am a spiritualist and I have knowledge of many things. I could have intervened for all of this to stop instantly, but I wanted life to play out. I understood the Universe. This was not all happening just because, something was awry. Perhaps the reason I encountered these times was so that I could come back and tell you. But obviously, there was something I needed to learn. So I calmed myself and observed the experience – albeit very uncomfortable.

Now I am going to show you how it played out.

For once in history, my father was fair to me and told us to go downstairs and turn it back on, and I told him but she has padlocked the door, he yelled that we should “lick off di padlock! It’s my house!

And we did.

Still, I was uncomfortable about the whole situation, and that she held in her hands control over my comfort or discomfort. I called a friend of mine at the time, he was a Babalawo, and I told him what I was going through. There is a Biblical saying, “Iron sharpens Iron“. There are times when one doctor needs to consult another one.

When I told him what was happening, he decided to consult his Ifa (oracle). He asked me if I had Orisha Ogun (God of iron/war) there in my house. I told him yes. He said that the Ifa advised that I serve that Orisha with a particular ritual, and so I did what was prescribed to me. Afterwards, he consulted Ifa, and the oracle said that what I did was not enough, that I should present more. This went on a few more times until the Deity was “satisfied” and that was it.

The very next day I heard someone banging on my door, when I asked who it was, the person yelled, “Con Edison!” (which is the light company, for Nigerians it would be NEPA). When I opened the door, a tall gangly-looking, white-haired, white-skinned man stood there. He said he needed to have access to the basement, because he was sent here to inspect the house by Con Edison.

This had never happened before.

I had no choice but to call my sister and let her know that Con Edison was here to check the basement (she was at work). The man checked the basement and said he had to shut the gas off because there was danger in the basement of carbon monoxide and that I would need a licensed plumber to come and rectify the situation, and only after then will Con Edison return and turn it back on.

I was forced to call my sister to tell her all that was going on. Of course, she had no money for the plumber, and without gas, there’s no heat or gas to cook – so now the discomfort became for the entire building – not only for me, but now also for her too.

However, this needed to be done. The time was cold. My sister told me that if I paid the money (which was a lot), she would pay me back her half overtime (she never did, and I never asked). This is the first time we had been communicating since the fight that started all of the torment.

I went ahead and paid the plumber who came in and did what he was supposed to do, and called in the work to Con Edison. In about 3 hours, a surly looking dark-skinned man came to turn the gas back on.

That evening, my sister came upstairs and began a conversation with me about the situation, and apologized about not having her half to put in. After that, she became cordial with me and worked her way up to eventually coming into my apartment to sit and speak to me. All was resolved.

Except for her and her husband. These two started to war and eventually divorced. That’s another story!

Now here’s the cap: A month after this, I had to dispute a bill with Con Edison and I called them. Before the conversation was over, I asked them:

“Why wasn’t I alerted that someone would come to my house to check my basement out of the blue? That had never happened to me before.”

The woman was surprised. She said, “We don’t do that. We do not send people out for inspection unless you call in it. And we have never sent anyone to your address.”

I was shocked. I said, “No, no. Someone came here from Con Edison–“

She said, “Ma’am, we do not do that, and there is no note in our system that anyone had been sent out to your address for any inspection.”

In disbelief, I continued to press her, even asking to speak to a supervisor, who, too, assured me that that was not them! They never sent anyone to my house to inspect our basement.

Not wanting to seem more crazy than I already perhaps seemed, I hung up and sat in disbelief.

But I understood… this was all because of Orisha Ogun. Ogun yayyyy!

I questioned Ogun in my mind and said but, why was it that I had to pay this enormous amount of money to rectify a situation that I did not start? And immediately the response came to me, that “This is how the Universe works, not with emotion, but with what works.”

The Universe had given me the upper hand by making me pay the charge that she could not, and she became embarrassed, not only because of her cruel torments towards me and my children, but also because she was now placed in a position where she suffered without gas (as she had suffered us with no water) and I was needed to help her – and I did.

The power she had held over me had been restored to me. Ogun yayyyy!

If you are wondering who those men were who came to my house, they were Ogun’s children. They were in human form, but they were manifestations of the Deity.

People, I try my best to look at different things that I go through as I journey through life and the outcome of the situations because I understand that Spirit, anything that is outside of ourselves of Higher Intelligence, can not and does not think like us.

And so there is the saying of Niccolò Machiavelli: The end justifies the means.

It is the outcome that we should look towards, rather than the journey.

I love you all,

Obara Meji

“The justice of the gods is not the justice of men; the gods, although infinitely just, do certain things which man could not do without [it being] unjust.”


“When you are innocent, your defense is sure!”

Obara Meji
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Jojo Queen
4 months ago

My teacha please forgive me but! what if u didn’t have the money to pay the bill? then how would you have the upper hand?
Also I hear this a few times on my own journey The end justifies the means. But more while when your in it your not able to see, what about people that don’t have someone to help Sharpen their iron to see the bigger picture. I wanna cry because it’s not easy and when people Provoke you and u attack dem say u wicked SMH

Daniel Nsa Oku
4 months ago

I’ve read this article more than twice, and each time I came back to reread what I thought I understood, new light and new discoveries keep me glued to this page, completely submerged in trying to understand better.
I need to find myself.
I’m blank, empty.
I need to understand the essence of life beyond my ordinary knowledge.
Being introduced to this page by Icebeatchillz is the best thing that has happened to my spiritual consciousness this 2024.
Thank you Obara Meji for these deep revelations.

4 months ago

Obara, when you write and tell us your life experience or stories is something to learn from. I am so happy when you said everything work out for you & your children and not your sister and her ex husband. They were really mean to you guys as family members . It show that good thing come to those who wait and be patient. When you wrote at the ending, ” It is the outcome that we should look towards, rather than the journey.” It so true.That what you show in the situation. Thank you for sharing. Nuff Respect and… Read more »

4 months ago

Grand Rising Obara Meji..i just want to say thank you..since coming to your page..I have seen things that have transformed my very existence,this is the second time I will be writing you, before you wrote about the use of garlic this year. The spirit had told me to take a lot of garlic and let go of processed foods for the year 2024, I was beyond stunned when I saw this in your prophecy for the new year. I went ahead to put coarse sea salt in a sachet in front of my door post..and a few days later I… Read more »

Jariah Adele
Jariah Adele
4 months ago

This is pure divine intelligence and knowledge, God bless you for sharing this with us. I really learnt a lot from this. It’s just learning to control our Ego and listen more to the Universe❤️

4 months ago

Thank you Obara for your post I believe that going through challenges make you stronger at the end.

4 months ago

Boy sometimes the lesson so ruff and tuff I can’t help but be emotional. I can’t see the lesson yet but I always know it’s one. Obara you handled this well even though I know it stressed and bothered you especially because it affected your children. You handled it with maturity and grace!

4 months ago

Thank you Ma. This is directly for me to know, understand and use. God bless you and yours, teacher. Mo she Iba, Iya agba.

4 months ago

What a great story and a wonderful lesson. But ma,with due respect, I can’t recount how many times I have had wonderful miracles and countless testimonies all through worshiping God. So many bitter stories have changed whenever I go into a sacred worship. I have seen and experienced God worked mighty and unbelievable miracles all through worship. Worship works ma.

4 months ago

The end of the matter always justifies the means,we might not understand it from the beginning cos the pains might be too much to bear,der are always lessons to learn from ur posts,like a mother guilding her children in the walk of life are u posts.Hugs mama.

4 months ago

But if a consultation, began the resolve, and ended the rift, why endure the pain and wait for an eventual outcome, when one can consult, appease and have peace once and for all?

4 months ago

Thank you for this post, I look forward to diving deeper within the connection and relation to my life.

4 months ago

Hmmmmn thank you Obara meji. This words are soothing to me in personal, I’ve always believed that everything would be better at the end… so we should always be patient and look out for the better end. Thank you once again, I’m patient

4 months ago

There’s this thought that has been coming to my mind, do not be in a haste to overcome a problem but remain calm and go along with the flow. And as I learn to do that I have realized how things fall into place although the experience is overwhelming.
Thank you Obara Meji, posts like these are my number one motivations keep it ooozing.

Last edited 4 months ago by Beeby
4 months ago

Oh man- when you started the story about gas company coming to inspect- I said to myself hmmmm I never heard of that happening before, then reading on you confirmed it when you called customer service- This is a deep story and remind us to always just focus on the end results of a situation though the Journey is what builds character
Blessed Love

@Nick EU
@Nick EU
4 months ago

This is deep as usual…I have read most of your post since I joined ES,I take my time to ponder and contemplate on them. Thank you OM for all you do. Oludumare bless you abundantly.

4 months ago

When you write/post, I am comforted. Each post carries a personal message for me that is validated through an experience I’ve had within hours of your posting. Read some words from Nicolo Machiavelli 2 hours ago ( before reading this post). The post also mirrors my thoughts while in meditation/introspection and prayer yesterday. I know something magical, magnificent and awesome is afoot. I’m here for it.

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