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As a child growing up in Kingston Jamaica, I was always afraid, of what, I wasn’t always quite sure, but in the day time I was fine until night began to fall and I would worry about going to sleep especially if my sister who shared the room with me was in the country with our Grandmother and I had to sleep by myself. Something always did not feel right. I felt that there were people around me all the times and I did not know how to explain it.  Jamaican parents insists that their children wash their feet before going to bed at night, of course it didn’t matter if you had taken a shower earlier, you might have walked bare footed at some point, so the feet had to be washed. It was ” Hell and Powder House” ( quite frightening) when it was night and I had to go and wash my feet.  Our bathroom was inside but there were times when we had all Island Black out, (that was when the most duppy/ghost stories were told)  and I had to go alone with a kerosene lamp, my own shadow frightened me.

There was a cherry tree in the back yard, and I would play by myself sometimes, but I remember stones being throw at me from behind the cherry tree but none would hit me, that scared me even more, and when I attempted to tell my parents of these strange happenings they would fan me off or slap me for making up stories. Little did I know that my astral mates and spiritual guides were letting me feel their presence, also the malevolent ones were making mischief, there were preparing me from that young age for who I have become now. I know that there are lots of people out there with similar stories, please share them with me. When I watched the movie.  The Sixth Sense, it brought me back to my child hood and the many thing that I experienced, when I saw the little boys fear in the movie, I knew what he felt and how he felt. It is real, They are real and they are here with us, let us embrace them…. the good ones…. lol!!


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Obara Meji
9 years ago

Sharlenerose.. yes it is quite possible that it was her your aunt that visited you while one on her journey.. sometimes if they are compliant with their guide who is their to accompany them to their new home, they may request to visit certain ppl before they leave and as you know spirit moves quickly and they dont need plane ticket or visas, her energy was very strong when she came so that is probaly why the bed broke, dung!!!

9 years ago

a me fi tell u…like it lick me rass cause me deh pon…yes daddy…daddy…then me seh backside daddy no dead man so a who me coulda a talk to…no sah…twelve o clock a night…me ask everybody if a dem a obeah mi….but hold on so u no know seh me a rent a room…same house…bout three month later me go sleep one night…inna middle night now…me wake up cause is like me get visitation a nighttime….neway de bed foot dem deh pon some stand…u know weh mek de bed higher…me and me two daughter pon de bed a sleep…brap me… Read more »

Obara Meji
9 years ago

lololll, was scary for me though, fraid nuh foot back!!

son of shango
son of shango
9 years ago


This reminded me of life growing up in country. Not a care in the world other than to play with family members and do what grandma say so we dont get any beating. Smile…

Obara Meji
9 years ago

lololol sharlenerose, a peer joke mi ah get pon dah site yah, but on a real, NO, ur nt suppose to answer, as a spiritualist I can tell you that witchcraft can be sent to hurt you and sometime they send the spirit to you looking and sounding like somebody you know, and if the witch or wizard knows dem onion, trust mi yuh fart, ah true nuh ansa!

9 years ago

i know tha feeling. My mind always used to tell me that there were peopling watching us like how we watch time. I always knew in my heart that this was true. I dont really fear anymore but i am in awe as to the manifestations of spirit. I dont see them i hear them and that is scary. What does it mean when voice come and call your name. Is that bad like old time people used to say and you not supposed to answer cause my father voice come call me nine years after him dead. What that… Read more »

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