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Everybody has their purpose here on earth, and over time man has tried hard to understand why is  he here. Self realization is important to all but focus is lost because our lives is fueled by the desire to make it. The house and the cars, the moon  and the stars, and then we give one day out of the week to visit a religious institution, whether it be a Church,  Mosque or the Temple. Our destiny has been laid out for us before we came into being, whatever reason we chose to reincarnate has already been set. The bulk of us has no idea or thought about our lifes purpose nor do we care to know, and so we live on until we die only to turn around and do it all over again. I Obara Meji have found my life’s purpose and I will be sharing with you my journey from the beginning until where I am right now. I invite you to journey with me, maybe my story will inspire you to take a minute or two daily out of you own lives to look deeply into your own existence and realize the purpose of your journey. This story is the first of my awakening experience in America since the years that I had migrated from Jamaica as a small child, God had decided to call me to service and here is how it began!.

I left Jamaica at a young tender age, against my will, because my family were migrating and I had no say I had to go. I remember the prayer I said the night before we left, I prayed to God to come with me to America ,and watch over us. I asked God to let me go for a little while and pull me in sometime down the way. Little did I know that God wasn’t busy that night and actually sat and heard my prayer because that is exactly what he did when I was a teenager.  It was about seven o’clock at night and I was on my way home on the bus, from visiting a friend, it had rained earlier, so the evening was nice and cool while the road which was wet glistened. The bus was empty and It was only the driver, myself and one other person on the bus. I sat directly behind the driver.  Five stops away from my own, I heard a gender-less voice say “ring the bell get off and run”. I want you the reader to truly understand how Iheard this voice, it did not sound like a human voice it sounded like a strong presence of thought, and it was so powerful I actually looked at the bus driver expecting him to repeat it again.

It happened again that same gender-less voice repeating the same thing, and I began to fret a little, because I had heard somewhere that when you start hearing voices it meant that you were losing your mind. So I sat and held my ground even though I was panicking inside. How could I, a young green girl, who has not experienced life as yet go mad. Two stops before my own it happened again but still I refused to get off the bus, (Rosa Parks would have been proud). Finally my stop came and I got off and began walking home, heart pounding and scared out of my wits, looking around like someone paranoid. When I got home I went straight to my room and prayed, the thought of loosing my mind was frightening, and I begged God to please spear my mind!!. Little did I know that  this was the first testing of my spiritual hearing. Fear had me in a vice grip, but it had only yet to begin…..

Criticism is easy but it does not create…Yoruba Proverb.


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write A short story
6 years ago

It is the best time to make some plans for the future and it is time to be happy.
I’ve read this post and if I could I want to suggest you some interesting things or suggestions.
Perhaps you can write next articles referring to this
article. I want to read more things about it!

9 years ago


9 years ago

Ase Iya I love you as well for all u are and all you stand for Modupe!
In the instant she told me those things, dots started to connect within me and within the realms…..I HONESTLY felt a shift in the cosmos…..only time will tell what alignment was made…Yes and I even saw you and her together Iya…..

9 years ago

Alafia, Ba Wo Ni all? (peace, how are you) I was talking to my mother who lives in Jamaica yesterday. I sat by my altar and a “voice” told me to ask her certain things from who named me to my dead brother’s real name (which I didn’t know, all this time at my Egun altar I am paying Mojubar to him nick name lol). I was SHOCKED,HAPPY and clear in my thinking after she told me the answers…..”follow yuh mind yuh cyaan go wrong” is a wonderful saying…..I was asking her questions of a spiritual nature. I interjected abruptly… Read more »

9 years ago

How can you distinquish the voice of spirit, than from a mental disorder.? Someone said to me that they were listening to the voices in their head, but I got the impression that it was not of a godlike nature. You have some crazies walking around telling themselves its God.

9 years ago

Obara mi nuh waa fi seem like Miss Nuffy an comment pon ebryting…but should you do everything your mind tells you to? There is a popular saying in Jamaica that ‘if you follow u mine yuh cyaan goh wrong’ and I strongly believe that saying cause truss an believe that whenever I disobey, I find that things go wrong. The other night when I called you to assist me when I got ‘into the spirit’ my mind was telling me to say some things that I had no clue about (I felt like I wanted to speak a different language)… Read more »

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