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I received this message years ago from the Astral realms. It came suddenly to me while I was relaxing and watching television, I was told to write this down and so I did, and now I Obara Meji am sharing this with you.

The seekers of truth and knowledge should search within themselves first, for it is within us that we get the answers that we seek. As with everything in life, this requires true dedication and steadfastness to unlocking the doors that holds many answers. Though it may seem very hard to some depending on how conscious you are it is really quite simple.

Our physical bodies itself can be an obstacle to our self-realization, and an aspirant should take care of the physical vehicle in order to speak to or hear from the spiritual soul. Fasting should be common amongst those that seek to know, because with this you have resisted the temptation of desire and sustenance which in turn is a sacrifice within itself, and with a sacrifice of one thing comes the fulfillment of another.

How can man be remembered when the giant trees in the forest are soon forgotten….Yoruba Proverb


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Carlton Henry
4 years ago

How can I be apart

6 years ago

Came here under the direction of the lovely MTH…

Word, sound, power…

Pray, fast, meditate…

Got it and lov it…

Thanks Obara!!!

7 years ago

all these words are very true i find that truly spiritual people try to apply these actions to their lives and it makes sense as the song goes Lord prepare me to be a sanctuary…

7 years ago

Can you comment on how fasting should be done and if their are certain times that it is good to fast during the day

9 years ago

Deep. I like this. Something to meditate on.

9 years ago

Very deep Obara…the truth lies within

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