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Embracing Spirituality is a loving community of metaphysical and spiritual study and discussions, led by spiritualist, metaphysician, and traditionalist Obara Meji. We believe in our duty of assisting the Earth in its shift and the evolution of mankind, as all begin to embrace the spirituality that is them.
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Spirit is the motivating force behind all human beings. We all need spirit to motivate, move, urge us along. Indeed we do!, without the spirit there is no life. If a person decides to become a Doctor, but the reasons is for prestige or money, then they will not be a good Doctor because the motivating force  behind the person is lacking. The spirit of being an excellent Doctor, doing good for the will of mankind is not the driving force behind the person and so  the doctor becomes mechanical, like a machine with no feeling, no emotion. It is spirit who tells you how to live whether good or bad, it is spirit that connects you to your soul mate, it is spirit that connects your children, it is spirits in action and connective forces that drives you to great success. Below is a remarkably true story of Spirits in Operations. See the sequence of how Spirits connect, read with wisdom. Never underestimate the power of Spirit.

Throughout the courses of our individual lives we will meet other people who will come in and out of our lives whether subtly or suddenly.

If you took the time to reflect back onto each individual you have met, you will see that there is a connective force that joined you two together. This force could only be from God! The connection could have been to your child/children connecting and forming from seed in the womb.The force which connects father/mother/husband/ or wife, etc.or it could be connection between you and your job, career, home, adventure, diagnosis, or whatever…
The fact of the matter is that you are connected. Now what? The dynamics between two forces are guaranteed to bring about reaction. What do you take away from the reaction? What lessons have you learned? Have you grown from it? Each meeting of souls are not by happenstance, there is a law of attraction that propels like energy towards each other. The universe is perfect in that it can correct what is wrong if we use the connective forces to the will of goodness.

These meeting of souls happen so often that if you do not take the time and reflect on your relationship with each individual then that, whole experience would be just THAT, an EXPERIENCE, an experience void of a lesson taught nor learnt. There are layers to our existence and we learn of those layers by our relationships with others.

We are like mini planets moving through different phases of our lives. We are being shifted and aligned, so that we can be appropriated in our collective evolution here on earth.

Let me tell you a true story, that will not only show you the roles people play in our lives but will show spirits in operation, and connecting forces:

My aunt Lulu was at one point in her life bored and wanted some extra curricula activity, so she went to real estate school and got her real estate licences. Immediately she started working in a real estate office and was doing very well. Aunty Lulu had a husband and four children the oldest of which was twenty years old; my cousin Tululu. Tululu was a bright and cheerful young lady who was working at the time at B J’s Wholesale as a seasonal employee. It was tough standing on her feet standing up folding clothes for hours until the wee hours of the morning. Tululu’s feet would swell and she would be in great pain. Needless to say my aunt begged Tee (that’s what we called Tululu) to quit, but she said no, because she wanted to work and earn her own money. It bothered my aunt about her daughter’s feet condition but Tee remained stubborn and continued to work. One day while my aunt was at the office, the Broker gave the agents a list of houses to post, my aunt immediately posted hers on a popular website and right away her phone rang. My aunt answered the phone and on the other line was a woman who introduced her name as Mitzy.  Mitzy saw the post of a house for sale that she was interested in. Therefore, Aunty Lulu and her spoke at length about the property and she seemed very interested, after making an appointment to see the property with Mitzy my aunt asked if the name of the company she worked for was a temp agency, (Work Force was the name), she said yes and my aunt told her about Tees condition on her job and expressed to Mitzy her desire to get her another job even with a temp agency. Mitzy told her that things were slow at the moment and there were no jobs but she wanted my aunt to find out what were the yearly taxes on the property and call her back right away. Aunty Lulu said ok and placed a finger on the phone button to end the call, when she released the phone button believing that she would get a dial tone she heard Mitzys voice still on the line talking to a man about a job at a major hospital who was looking for a receptionist/head clerk. Not wanting to eavesdrop further my aunt spoke and Mitzy heard her and asked if she was still on the line. Embarrassed, Aunty Lulu started to explain that she hadn’t disconnected properly, but was only cut off by Mitzy who asked her how old was her daughter, to which Aunt Lulu replied, “she’s twenty one.” Seeming satisfied, Mitzy told aunt Lulu about a temp to perm position that had just come in and that aunt Lulu should bring Tee to the office tomorrow so she could process her for the position which was only going to be for three months but if Tee did well they would hire her permanently.

Tululu began working the very next week, and she was excellent at the job. While there, her co-workers were very impressed by her punctuality, congeniality, professionalism and her overall energy .Tee prayed night and day as the days for the temp position dwindled down to the end that they would hire her permanently. Unfortunately in the end they hired someone new because the hospital would have to pay a percentage of the annual salary they would pay Tee to the temp agency should they decide to keep her. Tee was disheartened by this decision and was depressed. My aunt had consulted me (Obara Meji) spiritually, and asked me if Tee would get the position permanently and when I accessed the world of spirits through my medium abilities, the answer was yes. Needless to say Tululu was disappointed and said she never wanted to hear any more spiritual messages again and that she did not believe because it was evident that the messages were false. I on the other hand did not know how to make her understand that the reality of the message would play it self out. Little did Tee know that the co-workers that she had met, an African-American woman and an Irish woman (who later became the big administrator ) protested the hire of the new girl, and successfully lobby for Tee to come back permanently which happened in less than a month. The new hire was proven to be incompetent.

Tululu has been working there now for three years and in that time has been promoted twice and is making an excellent salary. Mitzy never purchased the property and the temp agency went out of business shortly after Tee got the job. Aunt Lulu’s real estate office closed due to the market crash. So you see clearly the CONNECTIVE FORCES , SPIRITS IN OPERATION.

When my aunt suddenly got up to start a side career as a real estate agent, this was SPIRITS IN OPERATION, she did well and eventually met Mitzsy who worked with a temp agency, who gave Tee the temp position at the hospital, which then turned permanent due to the advocacy of the co-workers she met while working there. This has opened the way for a great career and she is almost a semester away from a bachelor’s degree in biology and anthropology, and is planning to go to medical school. Aunt Lulu’s tale is one example of many in which the connective forces manifests and magnifies the roles people play in our lives. Slow down! Appreciate and learn from each and every connection with another living being, this will no doubt bring us closer to the heart of our creator.

What is your connective story, how did you get you job, meet your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend? meet the parent that gave you up for adoption, or vice versa….do tell!!!

“If a soup is sweet, it is money that cooks it”……Yoruba Proverb

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9 years ago

Good read Obara.

12 years ago

Since ebbrybaddie ah watch BET awards guess mi wii gwaan tawk to misself….. Connective forces….. Alrite, mi ah tawk to mi mad cuz one day…..shi tell mi bout won site…..mi goh pon deh…..deh deh fi couple munts……one tapik jhap whey mi nuh nawmally reed, but sum’n sey mi fi reed it dah day deh….braps! smaddy come pon deh name Obara Meji whey ah tawk di tings….mi sey ‘very interesting’….. anyway, mi get whey inna dat dey discussion (fuss mi eva comment so much time pon a topic)…..ask fi email address an get it…..get cleared ah some bad tings whey did… Read more »

12 years ago

this is so true..connective forces can be bad/negative spirits that leads to destruction (experience)

12 years ago

Excellent read Obara

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