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Control your thoughts and you control your world.  Mr. Dixon had just finished his breakfast, which he has thoroughly enjoyed.  He takes up his newspaper for a quiet 15 minutes perusal.  Suddenly he notes that a client has ‘gone smash’.  In consequence this satisfaction brought on by his good breakfast vanishes and he goes to business in an unhappy frame of mind.

            Robinson has not enjoyed his breakfast; it has not been cooked to his satisfaction.  He opens his newspaper morosely and suddenly notes that wheat has gone up 2 points.  In consequence, he forgets his badly prepared breakfast, and goes to business in a happy frame of mind.

            A tourist on a long walking tour is delighted with the fine weather he is having.  The farmers in the district through which he is touring are in despair because of the long drought and its effect upon their crops.

            What can we learn from the above cases?  We can learn this: the world for each of us is what we think it.  There is a correspondence between things we see, hear, touch, taste, and smell when we look at them from different standpoints, from our standpoint.  The world for each of us is our world; it is what we think it is.  Every day, millions of men, women and children look out each morning on their world.  To some it is a glad world, a beautiful world, a happy world; to others it is a sorrowful world, an ugly world, a miserable world.  It is such a world because they think so.  Now you can alter the character of your world, or must you always accept and interpret it in the same way?  You need not; you ought not unless it is the right way; for just as your thought makes the world a miserable world to you, so can your thoughts transform it into a happy world for you.  How is this to be done? you ask.  The reply is by learning to control your thoughts.  The fear-thought need not always make you afraid; the anger-thought need not often make you angry.  Control your thoughts and you control your world.  It is the object of this work to teach you the secret to thought control and mental discipline.

            Thought can turn a brave man into a timid man; a strong man into a weak man; a cheerful man into a sad man; a proud, domineering man into a humble, abject, cringing man.  Thought can change the character of respiration, can impede or assist digestion, can alter the quantity of the secretions of the body, can induce many diseases and banish many diseases.  It can induce nausea and even death itself.  Thought can fill us with hope, or plunge us into despair; can fill us with inspiration or crush all initiative, can make us persevere against all odds, or rise up difficulties to bar our every step.  Your thoughts can make you or unmake you.  Your thoughts can do this, nay, are doing this.  Will you not have a say in the matter?  Will you not see to it that only good thoughts, brave thoughts, inspiring thoughts, hopeful thoughts, and cheerful thoughts shall come from your world? You CAN do this.  Begin from today to encourage such thoughts to dwell with you.  Cast out of your world every thought that tends to rob you of your peace of mind and your hope of success.  You can do this for it is mainly a matter of trying that it is done (From:  The Master Key by: L.W. DeLaurence)



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9 years ago

Yes indeed. Thoughts ARE things

9 years ago

Will take lots of practice and patience to achieve this one, but it can be done

9 years ago

Morning all

9 years ago

Maniac present and in da buildingggg

9 years ago

Morning Obara, i feel you on this one 😉

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