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This is the great Babatunde Olatunji, a Nigerian African drummer who has already gone on to join his ancestors. I posted Messages In Song yesterday with videos that I felt were deeply spiritual, and it would have been remiss of me not to post a video displaying drumming as it is the heart and root of the African of which I proudly am. Although music does not discriminate and it has no ethnicity, at the core of it all stands the drum, and God made it so and sealed it by making mans life line the beating heart, with its steady rhythm that sounds like a softly beaten drum when you are calm, and heightens when man gets excited. In this particular drumming session Babatunde is invoking the ancestors and inviting them to come in…feel the energy as it shifts from time to time during this invocation. I want you to get a deeper understanding of the messages in music. Come learn with me. Babatunde Olatunji gone but never forgotten!! ase!!

The second video is the Queen her self Miriam Makeba, from South Africa. I remember listening to her as a child in Jamaica on Sundays. Her story is a wonderful one of person triumph. She has also gone on to join her ancestors in the realms, but we can never forget her. Music Immortalizes you, as it has done many. I remember one Saturday while in my Hair salon, the radio was playing Garnett Silk, a Jamaican reggae singer, and as I listened to him sing I said to all who were in earshot, “he does not have long to live,” it was a month later that Garnet died, he was twenty eight years old.

The third is the great Desmond Dekker, he has also crossed over to inspire musicians across the world from another realm. Listen to the honey pouring out of Desmond in  the song. Love it…we miss you Desmond!

He who pursues an innocent chicken always stumbles..Yoruba Proverb


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9 years ago

Obara. Obara. Obara. ~smiles~ my heart and soul sings to you. Great choices. The interesting thing about this is…I know of Garnett Silk. I have a few of his songs. But the others in the videos…I haven’t and I am deeply moved. So beautiful and heart felt music. I can feel it. Thank you Obara. Thank you.

9 years ago

Obaraaaa…..Garnett Silkkkkkkk mi sey when mi hear sey him ded mi bawl living yeye wata an beg God fi mek it not be true…… I met him @UTECH (CAST back then) at our Freshman Fete an mi sey di bwoy have a piece ah voice deh!!!!! Mi tell smaddy whey day yah sey if him neva did dead him wuda prolly be bigga dan Sizzla an Capleton rite nung….

Desmond Dekker woieeeee, Sunday evening skanking….tenk yuh Obara

9 years ago

Hey….helloooo…a wha do u and the music…my father was gonna name zadwa kay makeba…after de Miriam lady…me know she…like u a channel him

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